The current Sechelles - Seychelles EU community coat of arms

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The current Sechelles - Seychelles EU community coat of arms Empty The current Sechelles - Seychelles EU community coat of arms

Post  Sirop14 on Fri May 01, 2009 8:42 am


Foremost we take this special occasion to wish our communities across the EU, the nation they have made their Home, their friends, families, co wokers given the state of the world economy a Blessed - happy first of May 2009.

Equally the Seychelles nation of the Indian Ocean, the people of Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar the COI.

We extend this to the many nations of African Union - however and given the state of the world economy they too experience a Blessed and happy first of May.

We now come to the reason we started this thread. By now the many we have sent a copy of that email on the 20th anniversary of Fall - changes in the COMECON, Warsaw Pact and the USSR - the world communist system as we knew it. all those attending the conference this morning - the various feed backs.

In many instance their aprehension, they just cannot understand how such situation could ever have develop, indeed as we have underlined over the past 30 years, the use and involvement of our ancestral French, European archaic/fraternal - christian heritage, mechanism and their relevent disciplines.

It is stated that Sechelles - Seychelles was founded on Christian values, recently the image and web article we have added to the Seychelles EU connection portal taken form the Seychelles government information about the relevancy and role of the Christain faith and belief in our development.

Yet this morning - those in Seychelles around the President, namely the new Secretary of State his Office reaction to the issues we have presented the many parites in Phrag and Bruxelles.
He has been in Office about two weeks and already a number of very negative outcomes and decisions.

The whole world criticize the Somali Pirates - befor that it was the government of Saddam Hussein - we all know where this have landed us. come the situation of the Somali pirates - we address this to President Obama, the State Department, NATO, the relevant UN institutions - the same fish that swim in the Seychelles waters, their sea shores, they come into contact with the Tourist - these fish and all the sea creatures communicate. Their communication system is better than the most advance mobile, other communication system available to the leading powerful nation be they Russia, China, the USA and EU.

These Fish can pick up many of the social, corporate and political issues be they in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion. Should you be on the shores of Pakistan, that of India, that of Phillipine, South Africa, Kenya should you understand and specialize in certain communication can and will pick up collect vital information and knowledges. This applies to Somali. The question we ask is the world policing system, NATO, the Pentagon going to declare all the creature of the Sea Terrorist - because they can communicate and can take information on many given issues - military and other wise and pass is around or on - this goes for the Birds who migrate too.

In relation to the State House and Seychelles government - for too long they have abused, raided, manipulated what we have termed our ancient european archaic/fraternal - Christain heritage, those who have made vast fortune over the past 20 years. The question they ought to be asking themself this morning are they God's - were they involved in the process of evolution or creation - do they control the wisdom and knowledge of the annimal world.

They may control,.the Police, the army, the Judiciary, the financial institutions, the politic, the Ariport and other related national institutions , the radio, TV and press. They do not have control on the science and source of knowledge and wisdom.

This morning on this 1st may 2009, given the very grave economic, financial and social situation in the world - the issues which have started to come out of State House this morning about the Seychelles EU community Coat of arms.

We had a long discusion during th wek about the French past approach to life and currently. The fact that they butcheres all their Kings, nobilities on the road to discover democracy, justice and freedom and what have they achieved really.

In Seychelles those who have French blood in their veins.

For the past 30 years Seychelles, the region and other nations who have benefited importantly form our ancestral archaic/fraternal heritage - particularly those in Seychelles and those representing Seychelles. The decision in 1991 to represent this in a coat of arms for the Sechelles - Seychelles communities in EU.

We do not and will not enter the debate of the Archaic/faternal - Christain institutions involved, responsible to manage, oversee the working of what is Termed Herldic properties and heritages.

The call - rather the buzz that the new Secretary of State and other black leading politicians in Seychelles will take us to Court over this coat of arms - their reasons and arguments.

In the first instance from Communist - extrem socialist who did not believe in all the proterties and values of the above suddely to come forward and become great enthuasiasm of the above is inconcivable. Let alone what they have in Seychelles - the Indian Ocean they do not know how to manage , respect and work with it. The call and challenge that we have no rights to be using this coat of arms.

Our reply and respond is very simple - given that many or rather very few in Seychelles understand what is involve and the powers at play. Those in Europe who have greater knowlede and understanding of such issues - their request and demand way back in 1991 that we design and put our community coat of arms together base on the ancient, royal - French many royalty, kings coat of arms - the reason we did not listen, take the cue and advice.

It is dangerous and bad enough the impacts that this current coat of arms have had in influencing many great political and social direction in the world - including that of Britain. We can debate and argue this in any Civil Court if allowed. You just do not wake up one morning like Idi Amin Dada and other even President robert Mugabe have not taken this road - you want to invent, create a new coat of arms, particualrly if you are dealing with the ancient heritage, archaic/fraternal - christian heritage of EU. The very many institutions in place and maretials, books and documents, archives.

Individuals like Mr Guy Morel, Mr Lionnet and other older Ministers, Mrs Falvie Jackson - who have contributed to this project. Suddenly somebody comes along wh9 knows nothing joined and supported by enmies of the project demand - question the purpose and function of this community coat of arms.

We have decided to address the issues in this forum. There is a mega political battle raging across the world about the values of capitalist values. In spite of this the sign and indicating we may and will be compelled
to concept and design another coat of arms for our Sechelles - Seychelles EU Community - this time it will emboided the ancient royal - many royal Houses and families of France . The impact this will have on the affairs of EU, the world and the Indian ocean.

We ask those who have just that bit of understanding of what we are talking about to think very hard and long. When we go down that road nobody can stop and will stop events which will follow. Not even all the armies of the worl unless they start a world war.

Part and importantly those involved in concepting and putting such works and project - they have to have the ability and capacity to see long term, generation to come the function and purpose of such projects and work.

We have been compelled to explain in public these issues - we trust those involved will take time to study and think very hard what we have addressed here.


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The current Sechelles - Seychelles EU community coat of arms Empty Re: The current Sechelles - Seychelles EU community coat of arms

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:38 am

Mauritius have three or four Universities - beside other important national institutions - they achieved this because they did not have to go through what we did as a nation among the biggest setback was the working s of our Heraldry/Heraldic - how this discipline, science was worked before Independence - because they are deem not good/right to support Communist/Marxist extreme Socialist working for 15 years they were buried, mostly safe what was vital - with that and part of that SIROP program was to reintroduced and re-link and rebuild those busted science and discipline - from our side the Coat of Arms project - the relevancy the Seychelles is 85 % Christian and 75% Catholic there about and the church, faith, belief, christian discipline play a very important function in working Heraldry/Heraldic and Arcadian workings as we prefer to pout it - again that Coat of Arm Project the many giant economic program it has driven and synergized, helped to bring about very famous the Palm Jumeriah Development and most of Britain leading construction companies took part involved and they knew and have known the related issues. This 125 anniversary of the Victoria diocese, Pope John Paul personal impute that we do this project to testify our workings with the Vatican and his Office, the changing of the COMECON and the USSR, current East Europe today and Russia their re engagements in their ancient Heraldic and Heraldry workings and sciences and the head of Christian Heraldic/Heraldic Catholic working is ultimately the Pope - whatever other may argue.


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