Family reunion in Sechelles Seychelles, cousins and many others

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Family reunion in Sechelles Seychelles, cousins and many others  Empty Family reunion in Sechelles Seychelles, cousins and many others

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39 years ago we left Seychelles as the second exile for Austria with my family - the first then was Dr Hossen, the then politic of President JR Mancham, FA Rene SPUP and Dr Stevenson Delhomme. Then Cold War raging turning brothers against bothers and sisters against sisters and family against family and friends against friends. Including church members/Christians.

Prior to that colonial life in Seychelles and the region.

The police practice and Benchmark

The discussions and talk we/i had with the close relatives, Friends and official before deciding to leave Seychelles and my young daughter behind. Beside prayers.

This 29/June 2015 most of the Family decided to get together - meanwhile things have turned full circle, we have some kind of democracy/freedom and the long list.

Much more important we have the WWW and the telephone and Social platform - yet the state of thing, society, faith, work, education - we have a university.

Praslin have been connected to the WWW - we are supposed to have a modern health system/care.

Yet the Drug phenomena as in Mauritius and Reunion, Madagascar.

We decide to dig up a very important and interesting connection - we have tired a few time, that of Dr Larchner then Salzburg before the coup D'etat in Seychelles and afterwards. Those Austrian who had investments in Seychelles, worked and visited. 39 years after our Indipendence all those who attended this year events and the participating nations and the President J A Michel speech.

I/my family had wanted to go into the health business what made us decide to to to Vienna and events.

The communist mind control mechanism/system and today " Satanic mechanism, Satanic rage/rave/mad cow and antisocial and the state of mankind and society and Seychelles is no exception - terrible impacts/consequences "

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