We are being terrorized, threaten intimidated and bullied by CAB Chichester

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We are being terrorized, threaten intimidated and bullied by CAB Chichester Empty We are being terrorized, threaten intimidated and bullied by CAB Chichester

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:37 am

Last week we decided to seek the help of citizen Advice Chichester and signed a legal document - the respective Benchmark and laws covering information you share and discuss with such a body - Also stressed my political position, my respective workings position, experience in the Grass Root Sector of this country some 30 years< NGO , Europe and International.

The issues surround a Working Tax Credit which the Islington Age concern, My Accountant had sorted out with them - that file had been closed. PM Gordon Brown warning watch out the Conservative when they come in Office they will be out to get you. The very many nasty and terrible issue since. { The Work/Pension Minister hate/ homophobic issues about/against my person - yet I helped that he be elected and come to Office}
Suddenly out of the blue I get a threatening letter from an Agency they have been authorized to collect that money.

Because of the nastiness - evilness and criminality of those involved - then they say figure up with the EU Justice system only our depraved English justice system matters and count - I am being terrorized, bullied, threaten and intimidated, Racist overtone by them - involving and their use of that " Satanic rage/rave, antisocial mechanism, racist mechanism". The Police in Chichester have picked up the issues, the Cathedral lot and others. They they comport as if they have the divine right to promote democracy and Justice in the Indian ocean and Africa and the Arab world.

This is the Great English values, when other are terrible mad at them - for the past 30 years what I have done for this country helping to give food, housing and clothing to millions of its inhabitants and those very elite making them very rich. That is not enough.

Take the issues of Richard Bronson - he would never have acquired that Norther Rock if I had not been workings that Tax Credit issues with the Inland Revenue. How they harvest, cream off information and use and abuse them.

We stressed we had gone to Chichester CAB because we did not want the issues to spillover on the Streets of London, because when it does what happens. Those so call very officials of CAB, using/applying satanic rage/rave, mad cow and antisocial comportment against my person and the Sleaze with it. .

Beside all the high profile court cases we have been indirectly involved and help they land in the media and the court or the Parliament or EU Institutions. What about the court case for damage and compensation for Kilburn and the Street explosion and the Canterbury county Court for damages. That they threaten me with death/my family and close relative if I pursue - press ahead this is English Justice.

We Trust other around the world are reading our Facebook will do something.



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