The mega bust up - affectiing the garden

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The mega bust up - affectiing the garden Empty The mega bust up - affectiing the garden

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:41 pm

We addressed those interested last week about the situation - where by those in Kent Village who for the past 15 years every year have found or must find a reason to make our life bitter and very difficult.

The terrible economic situation and the political EU Lisabon Treaty the large quantity of sprouts we had planted and the fun of it.

After the terrible events and personal experience went back to Kent to see and experience total madness in the garden with all the seedling almost dead and everything overgorwn.

Against what many may say better judgement decided to save waht one could, culd the hedge and redug the beds and planted a large bed of beet somebeetroots, and some sprouts. the beans have survived the ordeals.

We read in the news that the SPUP/SPPF had changed their name and the 46 Party convention and the link we will add here. We have also inetiated the Sechelles Heritage Trust at Seven Oaks.
The mega bust up - affectiing the garden Dsci0410

24th SPPF National Congress decides on change of name


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