National grief on Monday 8.09.08

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National grief on Monday 8.09.08

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:33 am

Forum and visitors alike good morning on this Monday 8/9/08

There are many close families, relatives, close associate and religious person who have been deeply affected by the death of Mrs Flavie Jackson or Tante Flavie. This include use – we thank those in Seychelles who have reminded us that in spite and in the face of such great personal or national loss , tragedy, pain and grief – one must carry one responsibility or responsibilities, life goes on, the living must be cared for.

Today we live in a society of mass communication – including written communication. There is heavy emphasis in Seychelles to put in place better health system and care – the need for the nation health – including the mind and soul. The church likewise emphasis the importance of a healthy body, mind and soul – one of the possible therapy communication.

This Monday morning there is a special and very great need to communicate with our communities, nation, friends and relatives. Most important the Officials, politicians and church leaders. This on behalf of the Seychelles Nation.

For the past 15 years we have wasted or invested a great deal of time and energy – trying to explain to those who are uneducated, or they think they are educated and well informed how in EU, from Britain our Nation politic, economy, social, health, religious and even death is being manipulated and control. In turn the politic and many other aspects of the Indian Ocean, African Union, Arab Region vast complex working – those involved and their interests. The vast number of abnormal happenings as results.

We have explained who they are, how they are doing this and how we are involved. We have been asking the world and those able to help change this. Most important help me/us get out of this Britain – obviously they are content and happy with what is going on. Yet their anger at the Russian involvement in Georgia, President Mugabe stand and very many other burning issues. Specially those in France with their vast possibilities.

We hear and come across such comments we cannot get involved because of our job, work and responsibilities – what a terrible attitude and position to take. Yet others are given their lives, lively hood, have given their blood, time and life that they live, prosper, benefit and live a good, normal life under the sun. Particularly in Seychelles.

In spite of the “strange events” affecting the world – those who “take drug and drink a great deal” those from the gutter press who hear the buzz what terrible events and things are going on in the world specially those affecting Seychelles.

For a Small nation and given all the rhetoric about building the nation witnessed the death of several leading personalities form our society since January 2008. It does not send the alarm bell ringing.

Most important after the death those who are alive – the nation or what is left of it, the national economy and life.

This morning we address the SPPF government, the National Assembly, President JA Michel, our National media and those institutions supposedly their to make or assist the working and existence of Seychellois nation. Most important the state of our nation and the state of national corruption.

In Seychelles there are individuals who have been involved with our politic for some 50 years and very well aware of the working of regional and international politic – when we say and have been saying form the past 25 years those from Britain who manipulate and control our community, to influence, bring about the direction of what they want and those same individual s in Seychelles turn round and say we are a small nation with limited resource is no excuse – they ought not to be forgiven. They form part of the corruption and corruptive, infested system.

We have stated often enough our work and involvement in the greater world affairs, economic, politic, church etc. We have a fairly good picture – knowledge of Seychelles place and role in the world or Regional affairs.

Very specifically we have explained recently how and who those are who have taken to targeting not just my personal life, the issues of Seychelles EU community, that portal project, IOIMF and several, projects we are involved and responsible to create major upheaval or chaos and their objective and interest – purpose. These same people then turn round and advocate Rule of Law and Order, the need for more draconian laws, personal restrictions, human rights and locking up anybody at the slightest opportunity.

They do not care how many get killed in the process and who get killed where. What chaos this their action start or unleashed as long as they are in control.

We decided to join our communities to address the thread is Seychelles going bankrupt on AKS started by that former East German national “Grubi” IMF to run Seychelles Central Bank and economy.

Please refer to the paragraph we started this thread – the need for our nation to communicate this Monday Morning. We have read the article at Seychelles Nation Saturday – the Officials of IMF in Seychelles, their purpose.

We have addressed the disgusting corrupted practice in the world specially those of us in Exile who know Britain, European and world politic. When we state in public the role our nation played in bringing changes in former COMECON, East Germany – German reunification, changes in USSR, in OAU and the Indian Ocean we know the risk of being drag before a national or international court. We do not have the means and resource to prove everything – we can support and substantiate our claims.

Having said this – the shoddy treatment by the leading world nations, their institutions, media, including the world Bank and IMF. This situation , failing for those so call world and international institution failing to acknowledge what took place is causing very grave danger to world peace and human existence. Because out there two mechanism are at work – who is controlling what and by whom.

We have attended several church service in Kent and London since the announcement of this situation in Seychelles, our threads and those leading personalities from Seychelles who have died. The prayers said. In the face of all these development we knew and had expected some kind of national grief to strike/befall Seychelles – not the death of Mrs Flavie Jackson.

For those who know and recall the death of Minister Daniel D'offay then Minister – her death. The issues involved then.

Beside what we have been addressing on the forums and what the officials may have picked from our email communication and telephone, since January 2008 some five important business, project we have presented to lawyers, friends, accountants, government officials and banks in Seychelles. The role/involvement of the SDA Seychelles church members in these issues. Those from the same community who have been involved in our national politic, large business, institutions building the past 30 years. ( We sate this with out guilt or enmity – those for the SDA Seychelles community who are either grossly failing, ignore or refuse to acknowledgment in our National affairs – simply happy to cash in and benefit – when others are dying and bing killed in their place. There are those who know what we have been complaining about and the extent we have been engaged in our national affairs, the complexities and as everybody need money to live or survive who and how much we are owned – why. )

Had only one or two of those issues we have presented in Seychelles gone ahead – that mega Housing crash in the USA would not have occurred, that Oil shock would not have happened, Seychelles would not be in the mess it is in and the IMF would have had no reason to come to Seychelles or intervene. (They were happy to use us that China got to host the 2008 Olympic game, their prestige and whatever they got – we got nothing in the process)

We had stated in our AKS thread about the “ice cream” incident in Germany, the forum members blunt comment – this was threat. The fact remains that we have shown the EU institutions the mega political machine of EU and Germany that we are not spinning stories – 2the very few in Germany, eventually France, Italy and Britain who know and will know our community involvement which led to the very nasty and unpredicted result of change at the Leadership of the SDP and future German politic.

We had written plainly on the AKS forum to our East German friend that our EU community have the capacity to make/contribute to very important German national, EU or international issues – his insults and disbelief.

There is a very great deal we could have written associated with the death of Mrs Flavie Jackson, the collasp of Seychelles economy/state of things and World Bank/IMF in Seychelles since Saturday.

The issues here do not involve the standard management practice our graduate and other have acquired at SIM or some of the Universities they have graduated. There are more powerful issues and force at work here.

The politicians, the media and the diplomatic service in Seychelles ought to make it clear to the IMF officials – we they small Sechelles – Seychellois nation know what is at work here, why and what is making it work. Even if they shut us out within the greater working of world NGO we have rights, responsibilities, regulatory responsibilities and can confront and challenge even institutions like the IMF and World Bank or the UN.

Further more we are not new, inexperience in those and such confrontations again with the IMF or world Bank or the UN what have resulted in such past confrontations – the past 30 years.

For those in Seychelles who are uneducated or do not have the knowledge – we are not selling we are sharing the knowledge with you. Those from the IMF, world Bank and UN who have been monitoring our activities the past 25 years and their reason that we live and work like zombie in London/Britain, the methods use and in use and the massive corruption involved and those involved and the practices.

Incidently those who have noticed we have started an Italian and German page to our portal project, “Grubi” the Italian community in Islington and the issues of Mrs Flavie Jackson death.


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