Prince Johann Georg von Hohenzollern Has Died

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Prince Johann Georg von Hohenzollern Has Died

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:16 pm

Prince Johann Georg von Hohenzollern Has Died

The Swedish Royal Court announced a short time ago that Prince Johann Georg von Hohenzollern, the husband of Princess Birgitta, passed away aged 83 today in a Munich hospital.

“I and my family have received with great sadness the news that Princess Birgitta’s husband, Prince Johan Georg von Hohenzollern, has died. Our thoughts are with Princess Birgitta and her family,” a statement from King Carl XVI Gustaf, the Princess’s brother, read.

Prince Johann Georg was born in July 1932, the sixth child of Friedrich, Prince von Hohenzollern and Princess Margarete Karoly of Saxony. He married Swedish Princess Birgitta in May 1961 and the couple had three children: Carl Christian, Desiree and Hubertus. The Prince and Princess separated in 1990, but remained legally married.

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