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What's in a name
The importance of the new multi-storey car park which has recently opened, has been overshadowed by its own name.
The name Maison Collet has without doubt sparked a few debates in the aftermath of the building’s grand opening in Victoria in late January, for what is simply an unusual name chosen by owners for the new structure.
To those concerned with its opening, the first ever multi-storey parking area in a congested Victoria should have easily dominated proceedings meant to address the importance of much-needed parking space which is in dire need in the town area.
But instead, the name Collet would temporarily steal the limelight from the modern-day parking facility, with the proprietor the Seychelles Pension Fund (SPF), having to spend time to explain the source of the name extensively.
It turned out there was a very simple explanation for the name chosen, SPF’S Marcus Marie told Business TODAY this week, noting that it is in honour of a former Attorney General who was responsible for major tax reform laws undertaken here during his time.
In an ensuing write-up sent to TODAY, it was explained that the gentleman, Charles Evariste Collet, was a brilliant scholar who was first called to the Bar in 1943.
He was known to constantly plead for social reforms and working conditions for the poor, the statement remarked, noting that upon becoming the Attorney-General following his return to Seychelles in 1947, he transformed the country by introducing modern laws reforming the tax system and improving the living conditions of many Seychellois.
The statement stressed that in naming its building after Collet, the Seychelles Pension Fund proves that it is engaged in sharing the noble social cause of Collet, whose primary objective was the welfare of others.
In the case of the SPF, its objective is to ensure that its members retire in basic comfort, the communiqué wrote.
But while the name Maison Collet may have initially stirred the imagination away from a facility otherwise inexistent here, the distraction appears to have faded in the month to pass, with the three level automated pay parking area now taking centre stage.
Speaking in an interview, Mr Marie said regular users of the car park and motorists in general have welcomed the additional parking space available in the town, noting that a total of 54 spaces reserved for tenants have all been taken up.
These parking spaces are available to tenants at a monthly rate of SCR800 he remarked, the same rate being offered to non-tenants who are just looking to secure their vehicle for the day while they attend to their jobs.
“Those just looking to just park their vehicle temporarily while they are in town are also welcome, at a cost of SCR10 after each hour spent at the facility”, he added.
He noted that people have been observed going back and forth at the car park from shopping sprees on multiple occasions, meaning the area is used by all segments of the population.
Despite the facility being fully automated, he said motorists have grasped the concept of the machines rather quickly, and that in cases where they get stuck attendants are available to assist them.
Besides the parking area, Maison Collet houses the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) on its third and fourth floor respectively.
The parking facilities are situated on the first three levels. The first two floors cater for up to 50 cars apiece whilst the third floor provides parking to 54 cars making a total of 154 parking spaces.
The ground floor parking facilities is mostly for public parking and visitors to the building and remains open until 10pm daily.

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