Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism

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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:29 am

We had spent some time listening to the Canadian Seychelles Internet Radio old broadcast last night - that ex FBI Executive publication World War 3 in 18 days scanning for reaction from the many social media in Seychelles. The eventual scenario is not to be ignored.
This morning there ensued certain " unfriendly buzz from Canada and that Radio moderator . Threats/innuendo of death.Those form our Community who may have eventually pick it up made their contributions.

We are going to use that published picture to share something/repeat and stress - hence we have Prison regime in that Sechelles Seychelles our human attitude as Seychellois irrespective of where and how they are.

Then they dare to use the name/workings of Freemason - that Prison was at Union Vel and my acquaintance with Mr Felix Hoareau in Sechelles Seychelles, Mr Marc Naiken - later in exile in Swansea how we started UKSCA after visiting him and discussion our situation in exile. Those who served on the organisation and those who funded it. Those who choose to forget - the setting up of Half Way House.
It was that SIROP program which required that the Prison moved and we took part in the process form an Interdisciplinary high Management approach/working to Long Island the many debacles. Again thematic associated with those two project we managed the Prison was move to Montagne Posee - my ex property/Hermitte/Seychelles government forcibly acquired by FA Rene/the Military. At the back of that property the Slave/runaway cave/hiding place, the Bailay , the Nageon family and the Hermitte. This property was renamed Dans Gaza - A black witch use to live on that property many years ago.

Under then President Mancham government had been the first Seychellois to apply for a licence to build a 25 bed hotel, Hugh Polkinhorn the architect/Mr Jacque Mounilier and those in Mauritius - Hospitalier Noel and several others acting as adviser given Mauritius advance Tourist Industry - then Mr Roger Lasell and the Mr Bill Henderson/Wife and many others in that Sechelles. The many who inquired where we were going with a German bulldozer in the mountain to build a road connecting to the main road - today in i a proper motorway and the many police involved who had envied and hate my person because of that property - the many debacles.

There is the need to underline what we have written about the great Bill Gate back in 1978 Vienna - IBM others and Microsoft how as a young Interdisciplinary executive under Prof Dr M Hofmann pupil-age we decided to change the landscape of US big/giant Computer politic and workings and over the years and today Bill Gate. We can apply a screwdriver on the global media.

In UK/Europe our contribution to many aspects of Communication, IT and computer technology. Using those knowledge we had wanted to use the France Minitel to link the WWW as special project for Seychelles - beside that Project involvement in CERN. - in Old Seychelles prior to working for Beau Vallon Properties had applied for a job a Seychelles Broadcasting Radio Seychelles then group Captain Pasmore, then Mr Eric Hillier - those who judge we had betrayed certain circle and hen not given the job - we then applied for work at Beau Vallon Property. We also had friends at Cable and Wireless, part contract later, FEBA and the USAF.

Some 15 year ago after the death of Al Fayad and Princess Diana had looked several time at starting an Internet Radio for our EU Community instead worked on that uncompleted portal project with should have included an Internet Radio/
We want to underline/stress to the world/global community of media gurus, experts, super know all - that discipline, communication mode/technology, science you are all using today - it was my person who mapped it, designed and rolled it our the British Commonwealth Masonic Fraternity hijacked it and turned it to what it has become today - those involved in the original discipline the mega muck we have today as a result. The whole fall out because we had been invited/requested to join/become a member of the Commonwealth Masonic Lodge a we we had declined stating we had commitments.

Le Seychellois
6 hrs
Since the race began for the White House in the United State of America (USA), the name Seychelles which most of 322,369,319 Americans have never heard of features prominently in the campaign trail – all for the wrong reason.

The incarceration rate per 100,000 people, Seychelles has more people in jail than any other country in the world in.

According to the Institute for Criminal Policy Research out of the world’s 223 countries, USA has the world’s second-highest incarceration rate: 698 per 100,000, just behind #1 Seychelles, with 799 per 100,000. That’s what’s getting Seychelles the attention.

Even the hermit state, North Korea with its notorious reputation of imprisoning its own people could not beat tiny Seychelles. North Korea is estimates to have 600-800 people incarcerated per 100,000.

Seychelles’ prison population peaked from 2012 to 2014 when an additional of 240 inmates pushed the rate from 707 prisoners per 100,000 population to 868, overtaking the United States.

The current situation is holding the country back as we are spending far too much money keeping people behind bars.

Comment - Facebook

We had decided to address this thread 1 hour ago - the reason we gave/provided greater detail of our life and workings - We read 5 minutes ago of the triple explosion in Bruxelles. We have addressed challenging details of 9/11 when few really knew what had happened, the so call official version. At the triggering of that 9/11 there was a massive use/abuse and application of that "infernal satanic mechanism rage/rave/CJD antisocial " This morning those from Canada Seychelles in international Radio applying using and abusing that infernal satanic mechanism - all those who picked up and followed it { including the officials and authorities in Paris }- what we have been writing the danger of applying and abusing that mechanism - it can trigger earthquake, Tsunami and vast many other terrible incidents - like that Montagne Posee so call riot and there is little that authorities and other can do/ We have studied and worked those thematic, discipline and written about this for some 28/9 years. Meanwhile the public may not know about it there are special centers/capacity for those who study and work this discipline to use forensic science to analyse and study events backwards and verify our statement. In Sechelles Seychelles we request and ask the Police to study our statement and coordinate with the International community - if/should they require more information will provide them.

Comment Facebook
We had wanted to inquire/ask who is/are the parents of the Seychelles Canada International Radio.

Those who blame/accuse SBC of terrible broadcast standard - we know how bad it is using/applying that infernal satanic mechanism, rage/rave CJD what it dose and cause on the populace and the drug and alcohol abuse - the politicians who use and abuse this infernal mechanism. Instead of helping to clean and clear our system and country form that filth that who want o use and abuse for their purpose and they say this is the media benchmark/best practice.

Brussels explosions: Many dead in airport and metro terror attacks

Attacks on Brussels airport, metro station kill around 20: Belgian media Reuters UK

From Belgium:Terrorist attack in Brussels leaves at least 28 dead as explosions hit airport and metro of EU capital New Europe

In-depth:Reports of up to 23 dead, many severely injured, after explosions at Brussels Airport and metro station Irish

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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty Brussels attack: were they revenge for Abdeslam's arrest?

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:42 am

Brussels attack: were they revenge for Abdeslam's arrest?

Revenge strike? Evidence of a new cell and incompetent security services? A sign that the network of Salah Abdeslam, the logistician for last year's Paris attacks who was arrested in Brussels on Friday, is still functioning?

EN DIRECT Série d'attentats à Bruxelles

EN DIRECT - La Belgique déplore deux attentats aveugles, violents et lâchesLe Figaro

Paris - Attentats de Bruxelles: 1.600 policiers et gendarmes supplémentaires

Attentats à Bruxelles : sécurité renforcée en France et liaisons suspendues avec la capitale belgeLes Échos


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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty Live-Ticker zu Anschlägen in Brüssel: Weitere Explosion in der Nähe der U-Bahn ...

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:48 am

Live-Ticker zu Anschlägen in Brüssel: Weitere Explosion in der Nähe der U-Bahn ...

Bei Explosionen in der Abflughalle des Brüsseler Flughafens sind am Dienstag nach Berichten belgischer Medien mehrere Menschen getötet und verletzt worden. Auch in einer U-Bahn-Station hat es eine Explosion gegeben. Es folgt ein Ticker mit den ...

++ Liveticker: Anschlag in Brüssel ++ Deutschland verstärkt Kontrollen an ...DIE WELT

"Körper flogen durch die Luft"

Terror in Brüssel: Krisentreffen in Europas Hauptstädten


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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty Re: Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:10 pm

Facebook comment -

We have request to the Seychelles Judiciary/Seychelles Police - at the time to acceptance of that SIROP program Mr Noelin L Didon had an Office in  Premier building next to today Law Chamber of Pardiwalla, Towmey, Lablache - then President FA Rene Lawyer Mr Bonte, Mr N Didon for a while had a German citizen helping in the office - hence our statement to many in Germany they choose to forget and ignore - she served as Private P/A to Mr Didon - he kept a file on that Program acceptance and some of the terrible debacle and events the then Opposition in Seychelles, the USA and rest of the world posture - the mega lies in Seychelles the police and the Army then, the Arab world then and Africa/OAU and many other world institution who knew, Russia, China, Cuba, South Africa-what the crazy/mad media were writing as history the current Chief Justice of Seychelles ought to be aware of some of these debacle. In Europe/Bruxelles and elsewhere those high parties for some 12 month working on the thematic/contents of that Program and the pubic media do not get to know - what they are writing about the European and world economy/politic . The way/manner those in Europe and elsewhere high official managed/were managing the issues- related incidents. Today across the world all those who know/aware, informed of that program contents, the vast complexities , specially our Opposition, Communities and the bloody minded attitude.

Facebook Comment
Anybody listening to Sky News commentary on President Obama Visit to Cuba their utter negative comments - Seychelles government of FA Rene were great friends, Diplomatic and Military, Economic, Scientific /protocol pact with Cuba it was - the relevancy of that SIROP program which changed and helped change so much in Cuba, then White House and over the years, then Pentagon, CIA, Senate over the years - yet the manure/garbage western media what they have written as history then they wonder. in Cuba their Leadership know of that Program very well and the many impute/contributions we have made. That very strange person of Mr Donald Trump who ought to know too - the USA Public have short memory, Some crazy beast have gotten hold of their minds/heads.

Facebook Comment -
Until our visit to Berlin had refused to even mention, dare address the important aspect of that SIROP program be they then Arab world 1986/7 the many Europe and world high Official who helped concept and put that program together - how they judge and viewed the Arab world, society, economy - we have had 29 years almost to study and work with development and events in the Arab world be they their politic, Belief, Culture - We had wanted the UN/EU or Africa Union to report and debate what took place in line /associated events in the Arab world to/with that SIROP program - because the the awful exile/refugee situation added a few links and brief comments - in that ex FBI article about 18 days to a 3 world war - within that program back in 1986/87 their were very important and fundamental discipline, knowledge and factors which could/would and should have impacted the Arab world very different;y - the Vatican then Pope John Paul ll well aware and then the world - all those the way they have put the exile/refugee politic in Europe they need to radically/fundamentally rethink their politic and the massive resource, Trillion of Euro, they are putting behind their policy/Politic - if they do not know what we are talking about they ought to call on the Vatican ask them for their information/unpublished on this burning topic - there are those who will dislike what we have addressed - the stink is far deeper and need to be address. If Europe and the world is to be saved everybody need to look, study the relation - just as we did the African equation, Latin America then 1987. Today we have a Europe and world with a great deal of information and the large Arab communities in Europe aware, in the know about this program contents and yet the attitude of the European Union, African Union the USA, Canada, Russia, China and Latin America. Time and time have stressed the many Gulf Arab interests in Seychelles are not just for Investments opportunities. There are far far deeper issues/reasons.

Facebook Comment -
Please refer to the above comment - the vast majority in Europe, the USA refuse to note President Saddam Hussein, regime, government which had taken 25 years to build knew a great deal about that SIROP program how he and his government were in the process of aligning/coping with changes they were liquidated, the many very important development and support by the/those Iranian Leaders for that program and some of the changes it helped bring about, those in Lebanon, in the case of Syria Assad and his Father knew a great deal about that program contents how they managed Regime change to cope - in Palestine Arafat knew a great deal about that program and after his death those who en-devoured to develop parallel politic, in Saudi Arabian, Yemen, UAE, the Royal family know a great deal about that program and its impacts, Kuwait, Qatar, then we go to Libya - there are vast many issues the world do not know about Qaddafi involvement and thematic with that program he was liquidated and the situation - the current lot have no clue about that program, the same in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt - safe Morocco where king Hassan had educated his son, like wise Jordan they ought to know a good deal about that program - close home Mauritius, the Muslim Community and Leadership know about that program, in Zanzibar, Comoro, The Muslim Communities in Seychelles and their leaders they supported that program and the changes, the Muslim in Reunion knew about that program and their support. Those in Pakistan who knew the impacts of that program on their country and politic very important. those Muslim countries form Asia who knew and participated yet.


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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty Re: Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:11 am

Facebook Comment -

23/3/2016 - Many - including our respective Communities will say we are commenting as we go along with no fix plan - let me/us remind those of you that we have been writing that form some two years before the last EU election, those form the African Union in Bruxelles and he EU who had wanted to meet up with us/representative of that SIROP program - several threads and comments we have addressed to this effect - those who can read /follow such thematic and other Community, nation working. The mass communication with the Pan European Movement some of the original parties behind that program and efforts to meet with some of them to talk/share our thoughts. We have been taking time to study/monitor the economic situation is respective Europe Capital and their government position towards rebuilding/getting together the due participant to formulate how best we can/could go forward with that Program - We had been looking at Government change in Sechelels Seychelles the impact on that Program and those who would have been prepared to join/partake in such debate/discussion. As it did not materialize, the need to take into account Seychelles government and the ruling party those who work and supported them attitude/approach - how they have brutally abused the Rights of those 25,000 exile/refugees and never mentioning they existed or that they build that Seychelles prior to the take over and the coup d'etat - instead President J A Michel and many in the Opposition supporting a Homosexual Rights Bill. Along with countless other minor Rights issues compared to the paramount situation /problematic of the Seychelles exile/refugees. This situation for those who refuse to see and stay focus the mega North Africa and Middle East exile/refugee influx into Europe have over shadowed our thematic - those content only to abuse us for their own ends. After the December Presidential election we have invited some of the Opposition in Seychelles to join us in Europe first to talk about the overall situation and then help/enable us to plan the envisaged gathering/conference. None have reacted positively - we have followed and those well aware we have followed the Constitutional Court proceedings closely - there is/must be something fundamentally wrong with the workings/support of the 25,000 exile/refugees in Seychelles - their home country. We have studied Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa Economic situation, beside Europe, Russia terrible economic and social situation - because importantly it is about rebuilding the economy of Seychelles and regional nations and thereby benefiting a differently thought out program concept for those 25,000 exile/refugees. We had been looking at a January 2016 Calendar - events in Britain the Referendum war and the impact on the public and the nastiness of those British politicians. Just wanting to use and abuse us like the have done the Chagossain/Illois for the past 40 years. We are now March 2016 the deadline as far as our calendar is concern - those in Bruxelles/Strasbourg and Paris. In case those have failed to notice - some of the associated thematic be they in Berlin, Bruxelles and elsewhere/Vienna - on Facebook in particular - the manner those who can put together a crowd to present online business model- we have extended connections and those who have come back to us to nudge us and spurn us on. We want o remind the International community of events of 1988 - those who had judge it a great idea to hijack that Program and the conference in Munich, the outcome - we trust they/you would have learnt your lesson. " Mr Ralph Hoareau have been urging the Opposition in Seychelles to comport as a Government in Waiting yet the situation" Admittedly the hoggish/terrible benchmark instead of diminishing it is on the increase. The question after the terrible incidents in Paris and now Bruxelles where would it be most suitable to host/hold such gathering/conference. We are NGO/Voluntary sector workings, the way these thing are done unlike Government or the EU. If we choose Berlin or Vienna we would require the close support of the government and politicians other institutions. Eventually Rome - requiring the same support. To make matters more pressing the publish article by that ex senior FBI executive - the world have only 18 Days before a 3rd world War. How had all those involved/concerned worked on a concrete plan for a gathering/conference on that SIROP Program - events in Germany, Bruxelles, Paris and the Economic/mega budget debacle in London very different.


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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty We want to ask the EU/UN Institution - why the refused to help report on that SIROP program

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:09 pm

We want to ask the EU/UN Institution - why the refused to help report on that SIROP program - In Britain the important impacts on the ethnic communities - Muslim communities and other Asians/Arab communities - we have been monitoring development in the ethnic , Arab and Muslim communities in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands - forget those mad humans in Seychelles you help liberate them and what they turn out to become.  In Britain many ethnic communities, Muslim had taken part, contributed to the process - forget the media garbage the other reality - before the global meltdown to realize the terrible situation of those communities in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany - We helped develop  a unique accounting concept  in Britain  and initiated b y the ethnic communities - how much they contribute to building the real economy  and the need to constantly monitor and work the issue - not what the garbage press writes.  From this prospective will add a couple of today's press on the situation in Belgium - in those ethnic communities specially the death of the Textile sector in France and Belgium the process and the new economy. Not to overlook we had been urged to take up work/set office in Bruxelles to work the thematic of that SIROP program from NGO sector and President Obama come for a strong NGO sector. We were requested by the new Team Europe to help with the Budget we did - in reworking that SIROP program given the many psotive aspects - the need to introduce a new accounting discipline into the working of the NGO with the EU Institution can use to formulate their policy - they would be very surprise at the outcome and the re gearing of the EU Economy. If it was not because of the fear of misinterpretation - instead of going to the African Union tough to lobby the many ethnic communities/minorities in EU particularly France, Belgium , Holland Germany that we use/apply some of the positive aspects of that SIROP working for the ethnic communities in Britain and help rebuilding their communities and society. Teh need to remind the very many the so call phenomena of France many ethnic communities on fire/burning under President Sarkozy and Chirac could be traced to the SIROP program - those who judge they were being marginalized and the politic of exclusion when those who were using that SIROP program to drive, gear/leverage big economic thematic of Europe and making very vast fortunes.

Teh vast many with all your great experts still refuse to listen - how can one moment a program have the capacity to leverage not just Euro 315 billion  - subsequent injections. Why are we saying this - in Britain under PM Blair the many Muslims banking thematic, disciplines and products being made available the why's that SIROP program played an important part. The associated problematic - we had helped/drove and synergized many of these topics and then the Muslim communities turned round and comported like the White christian with their banking approach - what happened/ensued as they say "the dogs came in". They were made to suffer the same fate as the christian Bankers.

There are very many out there how have not clue/notion of what was really going on - talk/inquire of the leading/head of Gulf Families how their original Sovereign Fund was/were set up, they were importantly linked with that SIROP program, the economic boom and Financial boom - we had to manage those issues, investments and portfolios, we had to help with those appointed to manage them - again like the christian Bankers the attitude/dreadful benchmark they developed and what ensued in instance they lost one their of their fortune/wealth - much more important that SIROP program worked thematic of future energy from conception what was going to happen to the oil revenue and wealth of those Gulf nations - we were not alone in thinking and managing those developments. The very big Surprise, Mr Donald Trump knew - knowledge how he acquired these knowledge - Mr Bernard Madoff would be a good witness. There are very vast issues that never came out of the Trials.

The Molenbeek myth
Europe’s jihad crisis is not a problem of its Muslim communities but the outcome of cultural dislocations.

Brussels attacks fuel debate on migrant issue in Europe


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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty Yesterday morning a Forensic Police car drove by at high speed

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:06 am

This morning we red that "Bosnie: Karadzic, jugé pour génocide, en attente du verdict du TPIY" again we say Facebook and many others thank you for your existence - the criminal and corrupted/perverted so call official and international media. How the work function.

Former Yugoslavia had been a role model for FA Rene government then  Communist global working and one party system. For the West under Tito it was considered the better of all the Communist/socialist working.  We had studied in depth with the eventuality of encouraging that other Communist COMECON countries adopt their system - today that thing have changed in Seychelles the vast majority refuse to use their brain/heads and think how terrible thing were and any little improvement was a big welcome. Specially those mad media - their approach.  We had also been involved from an Interdisciplinary Management prospective to contribute to that country workings in London, the Masonic establishment how knew, the government and many officials of lady Thatcher. This statement made - it requires much more to be able to work and impute in a given economy or country. The Court/Justice Officials should/ought to have inquired the then Seychelles exile/refugees what propaganda and manipulation took place and played out their involvements - hence our insistence that UN or EU do a review help to review that SIROP program their resources.

President Gorbachev was very aware that we there were those who were encouraging hi government to go towards a more liberal system like the Yugoslav system - this is what we term an eventual BRICS to replace the  Communist COMECON Economic system and their satellite. We were not alone and then socialist government of France President F Mitterrand - France intelligence Service - you do not do these things without their knowledge and notice. Whether they make written note or not. So call Masonic and Illuminati workings of Europe and others. Then Seychelles Italian masonic and Illuminati workings.

To write that SIROP program for Seychelles government, the Madagascar, then Zanzibar and Tanzania, those Communist/One party Arab countries who supported worked with Seychelles government - some of the unique aspects of Yugoslavia we extracted to build in that program. In the USA those who knew and in London.

The then dynamic/synergy surrounding many of Europe important developments - those in London who wanted to control everything - it is a crying shame the Russian are scared to talk/explain what they know - manipulating that program which had started in 1986 to influence and impact USSR and countries that supported worked with them - what then they write a history.  The many we had worked that SIROP program form the Communist/COMECON/USSR when were for keeping Yugoslavia as one Nation after Tito death.  London/British Politicians used that program to create chaos as they have done with the so call North African Spring to destabilize that country what ensued and the dirty politic both national and international they played - the incident they triggered, the mass killing machine - the vast majority of what we are writing is available in archive. The they brought in NATO all hell broke loss - just as they did in Africa, in India, in Asia, in Afghanistan, in the Arab world play one leadership and person against another - the blood bath and carnage.  We had know and worked with some of those Yugoslav leadership - hence we wrote to the ICC offering our person as Witness - it was from this prospective we lobbied that the ICC go set up not to try just those General and politician but to try also the British politician/media,  who had been involved and caused much of the death and carnage. In Many instance using that "Satanic mechanism, CJD, Mad cow/rage/rave" then they deny and lie.

A great deal have changed - events in Europe and progress in Europe integration. Under the old British/English Justice system they judge they have/reserve the sole right to create and cause hell across the world and only their Justice count/is relevant.

We want o address those Judges and Justice passing sentence today - all those who have followed event and the case - you cannot sentence a person on only parties and one sided information.  This is why society and the world is descending to the state we are and it will get worse if/unless those who are responsible and represent justice they respect and manage their responsibilities properly.

We ask all those who will read this thread to note since we started writing under this /forum in France the first case of CJD discovered - in policing science what this imply and mean - had we not been writing and publishing those thematic under this forum - that CJD incident in France would not have been discovered.

Bosnie: Karadzic, jugé pour génocide, en attente du verdict du TPIY

Le Parisien

Ardennes : un cas de vache folle confirmé dans un élevage


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Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism  Empty Re: Seychelles Canada International Radio use and abuse of that infernal satanic mechanism

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