Seychelles-Australia alumni association for more professional development, regional networking

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Seychelles-Australia alumni association for more professional development, regional networking Empty Seychelles-Australia alumni association for more professional development, regional networking

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Seychelles-Australia alumni association for more professional development, regional networking

HC Coles addressing the gatheringOver 100 Seychellois professionals who have studied in Australia over the years met last week to share memories and life experiences during the time they studied and lived in the land down under.
Ministers, members of the National Assembly were among other guests present at the first ‘meet and greet’ event organised by the Seychelles-Australia alumni steering committee put together in July 2014 with a mandate to set up an association.
Since its creation, the steering committee has been working on its constitution and this with the support of the Australian high commission.
Seychellois have been studying in Australia since the 1980s and to date over 300 Seychellois professionals have benefitted from scholarships to study there.
The chairperson of the steering committee is Terence Françoise, the current chief executive of the ANHRD, while the vice-chairperson is Anna Holstein, a lecturer and programme developer.
Mrs Holstein said following this ‘meet and greet’ activity, the committee will meet at the end of April for its first general meeting to formally launch the association.
Mrs Holstein said through the Australian high commissioner Susan Coles, the committee has set up links with already well established Australian alumni associations in the region from which it has learnt a lot.
She said the aim of such an association is “to continue building new life experiences through the one we had while studying in Australia as well as provide a network of opportunities from which alumni would be empowered to further contribute towards national development”.
“I am sure the cohort who studied in the 80s would have completely different things to share,” Mrs Holstein pointed out.
Alumni who are already members of the committee which will soon be formalised have taken part in numerous activities carried out so far in collaboration with the Australian high commission. These include giving a fresh coat of paint to the President’s Village at Port Glaud, putting up a stand in the recent ANHRD careers’ fair to better inform students of available study opportunities in Australia and sharing experiences of living in different countries.
Once officially launched, among its priorities, the association plans to put in place a Facebook page to encourage interaction, networking and engage alumni in national projects as well as come up with an action plan.
“These activities are not only to give back to the community but will help us further develop and build our own capacity and continue to learn from each other,” Mrs Holstein pointed out.
She availed of the opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to Ms Coles for her continued support.
For her part Ms Coles said Seychelles and Australia share strong people to people links with many Seychellois living, studying and working in Australia while an increasing number of Australians are working and living in Seychelles.
In addition to that she noted that interestingly the Seychelles Criminal Code originates from Queensland Australia, thus the two countries also share historical and cultural links.
She remarked that there is an alumni working in all sectors in Seychelles.
She urged the alumni to be members of the association to benefit from a wide range of opportunities being supported by the Australian government and open to Australian alumni networking in the region.


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