Hans Dietrich Genscher ist tot

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Hans Dietrich Genscher ist tot

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Hans Dietrich Genscher ist tot

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Hans Dietrich Genscher ist tot
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Deutschlands "immerwährende Außenminister", manche nannten ihn sogar "Mister Bundesrepublik", ist gestorben. Ein Platz ist dem Liberalen und hoch geachteten Staatsmann in den Geschichtsbüchern sicher. Nicht nur weil "Genschman" einer der am längsten dienenden Außenminister der Welt überhaupt war, sondern weil er ein Liberaler und Europäer war - ein Politiker bis zum letzten Atemzug.
Er war so lange Deutschlands Außenminister und Vizekanzler wie keiner sonst - über 18 Jahre hinweg. Manche nannten ihn sogar "Mister Bundesrepublik". Jetzt ist Hans-Dietrich Genscher mit 89 Jahren gestorben.


"Genschman" - der Mann mit dem gelben Pullunder

Europa verbeugt sich, Hans-Dietrich Genscher Kurier

Aus Deutschland:Genscher-Nachruf: Er schlug den ersten Stein aus der Mauer tagesschau.de

Nachruf von Frank-Walter Steinmeier: Genscher war eine Legende - als Politiker und Mensch

Hans-Dietrich Genscher Wikipedia

Comment - There was an important reason for the Wikipedia project yet a great deal very important material/events leading/compelling such politicians like/as Hans-Dietrich Genscher to act and react yet how they write supposed facts and those who enshrine them as history. Hence after the demise of such personality be they British, French, American, Italian, the Vatican - then Russia, who having know some of the issued/aspects they do not maintain the respect due and develop a unique line of information and the end result.  ( For Instance President FA Rene of Seychelles, President F Mitterrand of France and PM Andreotti were/have been compelled to react to many such events and their politic and national policies - yet the manner and approach these things are written down for posterity)

The year 1992 was a very very important years no just for the Indian Ocean, Sechelles Seychelles then terrible Mauritius politician with all their universities and great experts - they forgot that we had driven their thematic leading them to a Republic, the force, energy behind such thematic, likewise the Russia, the German Reunification politic, in Britain, Italy, USA, the Gulf Region that was the year our core exile/refugee go changed/transferred from London/Europe to the Indian ocean  - Seychelles those who talk of great Illuminati /masonic, Archaic workings, disciplines, the Templar different entities, the Churches and christian institutions and the Muslims other religion and practices. Those who practice Voodoo and Black Magic - Satanic cults,  "the feuy that flew", in Yugoslavia,  those who talked of bridges being destroyed because the manner and ways the Seychelles exile had been engaged in  Europe with many important politic and economic thematic. "The deboulage was/were terrible"- it took seven years to try and rebuild the busted system in Britain and Europe and meanwhile the impact on respective politic and economic debacles - events in South Africa in East Europe on the same scale, those leading Illuminati/Masonic entities who traveled visited Seychelles to lend their support, events in the Vatican. The Duke of Kent is still alive even if he dislike our person  - the Duchess of Kent Traveled with senior Conservative, then PM John Major people and our ultra Conservative lots.  On the Streets the people go to cacked up they were in rage and in Ireland what took place-what they attributed it to the demented so and so. . They have been made to pay for their utter dishonesty  and they will pay more.

We have addressed, communicated and blogged many aspects and email to many   officials and authorities, personable,    they are there online for those who want to know and research. Form that incident the many leading Nations involved their institutions who began to put in place sophisticated management resource to prevent future fallout and  and such deboulage,   the reality  and what the media write.


Zum Tode von Hans-Dietrich Genscher - Architekt der



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