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Secret out - as children we sang in the choir SDA Church/School later in Europe Austria learn /developed an intense knowledge and appreciation or excellent music when performed/we come across. Just in case those who quarry because of the Godfather topic - we are unique that we can understand have been trained to work those thematic. Those in USA and he White House who forgets the 6 International Classical festivals of Music on Seychelles - the formulation of that project and what it took to help manage once it started, the mega political and democratic benefits - we will call a spade a spade and then those in Seychelles establishment reacted and today they did /started everything by themselves. Our mouth can be dirtier than John McEnroe if we have too - "not half baked potatoes but rotten breadfruit you cannot cook" - then Panama lot and other lots and other lots - the greater emphasis behind that International Seychelles Classical Festival of Music was to drive the Offshore and Stock Market project of Seychelles, the Conservative we said then and will say in future you think you understand and know great music and its disciplines - today everything in Britain is loaded with Satanic verses/CJD and they call this great classical music - waiting for anybody to react. The court case and bloody disgrace and them pooffig Agenda, on the continent it is very very very different that is why Britain wants out of EU. So then cam reinvent all the Classical music loaded with all the CJD and mad cows. {" Those High Parties in the USA concern about our outburst in particular the God Father topic - When we drafted/initiated entered the many negotiation for that SIROP program and three years later the WWW connectivity beside our training and working experience with world bank/iMF other UN institution our responsibility among other to study and note the impact of the Family business syndicated and others across the world, this included Italy /Europe, Russia and they knew what we were doing and all those involved and today everybody pretends it never happened - we need some ice cream good one or we will throw in it you faces. "}


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