Souls of Seychelles – a new book by Micheal Adams launched

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Souls of Seychelles – a new book by Micheal Adams launched Empty Souls of Seychelles – a new book by Micheal Adams launched

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Souls of Seychelles – a new book by Micheal Adams launched

From left to right: Ms Adams, Mrs Lane, Mr Adams, Minister St Ange and Mr Inch
A new book – Souls of Seychelles – featuring mostly black and white photographs of drawings of people and portraits of friends drawn by famous painter Michael Adams was launched officially on Wednesday afternoon at La Plaine St André.
Present at the event to celebrate Mr Adams’ work were several long-time friends he made over the years, as well as new ones and they included Seychelles founding President James Mancham, British high commissioner Caron Röhsler, Bishop French Chang Him. Also present were several ministers and officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.
Mark Inch, a close friend of Michael and Heather Adams, came up with the idea for the book and is also its publisher. He said the publication is a credit to Michael’s work.
Congratulating Mr Adams for the excellent piece of work, Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange said he dedicated his life to his passion which is painting interesting people, sceneries and vegetation of a country – Seychelles – he adopted many years ago, made his home and worked tirelessly for.
“We say thank you to you for this novel idea. It is the first time we have a book about an artist and it is the first time we recognise the artist for the work that he has done,” Minister St Age said, adding that the department of culture appreciates this initiative.
“Michael is a Seychellois at heart and he really lives it, becoming friends with everybody and being there for people who need advice and want to discuss art and want to be inspired. We really appreciate your presence among us and the excellent qualities you have,” Minister St Ange said.
Minister St Ange also congratulated Mrs Anne Lane who has been honoured to be chosen to feature on the cover of the book.
Mrs Lane, 83, is among the first long-time friends and neighbours of the Adams family.
“We chose Mrs Lane to be on the cover of the book because she is very important to us, she is our best friend, a fantastic person with a wonderful personality,” Mrs Heather Adams said.
Mrs Adams described the book as “really interesting and a fascinating insight of different Seychellois personalities from all walks of life.”
But how did the book really come about?
Mrs Adams explains: “Michael has always drawn people of Seychelles since 1972 when we came Mrs Laine, whose picture features on the cover, proudly holds a copy of the bookhere. Some are friends, some work for us and others are people with interesting faces. He never sells these drawings but keeps them for use in his paintings and just to remember the people.
“It is all thanks to Mark Inch who was looking at Michael’s studio last year and was amazed to see all the portraits pinned up rather carelessly and he immediately said how he wants others to be able to see them too and he decided to make a book. He has made a really beautiful hand-crafted book and sent professional photographer Michele Panzeri and designer Golnar Roshan to work on the book with Michael."
Full of emotions Mr Adams could only express heartfelt gratitude to all his close friends who had turned up for the event.
Mr Inch said the book, a great work of art, will be on sale at R1,500 in a number of shops like Jouel, Kenwyn House, and big hotels here as well as in Paris and London.
“The book has been printed in a special way, hence the high price,” Mr Inch said.
Guests at the event received copies of the book signed by the author at the ceremony.
Meanwhile, people who want to obtain a copy of the book can send their request to:


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