Is it too much for our Community to start a motorcycle club

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Is it too much  for our Community to  start a motorcycle club Empty Is it too much for our Community to start a motorcycle club

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:15 pm

Greetings boys and girls, !!!!

Slowly there must be and will be quite a few of us attaining the age of 60. They say this is the right time to relieve one experience as a youth.

We have a few from our community who are handy with repairing cars and the such. We have a few who are fairly good at gardening. It is not healthy to stay in the garden for ever. So how about starting a Sechelles - Seychelles Motorcycling club. If this is a big problem get together to join a club and do what boys do.

What make was your first motorcycle. Ours was a Honda 350 Scrambler Sport. We acquired from a departing German/American PAN AM/Philco ford tracking station worker. We had a lot of fun and many of our school friends who borrowed it too. {Talking of Honda they have the largest motorcycle plant outside Japan in Brazil}

Very unfortunate when we sold it to one of the driver of Beau Vallon Properties - the builders of Coral Strand Hotel, he sold it or lent it to some youngesters - they went and got drunk and one or both got killed. You do not drink and ride.

Anybody got to ride an old army motor bike, BSA and others.

We know that several of you had a Honda to go to school the college or convent.

We would have likie to purchase a KTM 350 0r 450 . A very great deal have changed. would it not be a great idea before we all get to old a few of us to acquire a good second hand motor bike and tour EU. { We would not be starting lll world war}

There are many special places to stay over night, weekend or just break.

In the old days/time gone past they would have done this on horse back.

The great thing about motor bike you can also carry you girl or friend. Some even carry their dog in side car. The ferries have special deals/rates too.

We look forward to your feedbacks.


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