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We began addressing the problematic some 25 years ago that, that "Satanic mechanism causes death/kills when in abuse mode or very aggressively" hence have had 25 years monitoring the many impact on vast array of topics, life society and the world. We had written to Lady Thatcher informing her of this situation and Britain/France and Italy Masonic fraternity - those who had hijacked it and corrupted it and today the plague is the biggest enemy of mankind. Why are we saying this.

Thank you for those posting the picture of the three USA elite artists - over the past 27 years many outside our community Seychelles fully expect specially those from Africa when you write and have written a program like SIROP - you become famous, you have money, property and servants, resources - it has been very difficult to explain our experiences - they just do not and cannot comprehend.
From our SIROP link page the brief national and international issues we have address we had to work with that Historic program and their personalities.

This did not stop at politic, economy, diplomacy, science, education and very long list but artists. How back 27 years ago we had began to influence and impact the workings of many world artists/some very famous and some less famous - There is a very big challenge/problematic, in the first place those individual you help /contribute from a nobody to become famous overnight and in the process even if you maintain contacts and they know who you are obviously - the media circus, the so call stardom and the world functioning, you get disconnected and loose that very important aspects which made them in the first place and they find they are alone and have to fight vast array of challenges - in the first place the discipline involved in getting/catapulting the to fame and power.

We have addressed the Killing of Micheal Jackson, and wrote to close friends of his and later Whitney Huston and Prince - the process and mechanism out there to kill others using that infernal machine. We would like to stress beside other leading artists we have worked with and have been killed - the incident with those three leading black star requires attention - why and who are those involved in this infernal activity and why.


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