Hillsborough inquests: Families angry as retired police told 'be proud'BBC News

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Hillsborough inquests: Families angry as retired police told 'be proud'BBC News Empty Hillsborough inquests: Families angry as retired police told 'be proud'BBC News

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Hillsborough inquests: Families angry as retired police told 'be proud'BBC News

We could have posted this thread at/under the CJD/Mad Cow phenomena which formed/was an important part of that incident. We spent the evening listening to the many speeches from Liverpool yesterday evening and debate/ask our self it it was Right to handle/post this topic in view of the very important malpractice/Justice Benchmark and had researched for any mention of this case to the European Court.

We hold little respect for the Forensic Police of Mauritius - however we ask the police in Seychelles to study and think very hard beside we helped introduce build that Forensic Police Unit/department in Seychelles.

We covered this topic briefly in several email and communication to thee UN, European Court, International court from a different prospective - addressing them as collateral fallout. We had been living in Kilburn Brent , 87a Victoria Rd, the Irish communities in Kilburn, the Ken Livingstone, then Police station in Kilburn and then masonic/Commonwealth Lodge entities in London and close by. Then media.

That SIROP program was responsible for may very important dynamic, the government of PM John Major and what the British media write/wrote and those from a scientific prospective who study this process, the European Intelligence communities and academicians - the very many brutal and terrible accidents and incidents. Those in London who applied that infernal satanic mechanism then 1989, the hijacking of that SIROP program and the manner and those involved. We have written to FIFA and many leading sport Institutions how those who knew very well what was going on manipulated the mechanism, the dynamic and synergy to achieve a game win, major cup finals etc. then deny they can act and drive such thematic and the corrupted politicians involved and the media.

In the USA, Germany, Austria, Russia and China today exist science which can be applied to study what really took place and those involved who/triggered this very tragic incidents, including the Commonwealth Masonic entities and the Illuminati. Those who have forgotten why the Blair government opposed that a positive outcome came about the terrible benchmark of Justice.

That SIROP program was not an English/British concoction or Commonwealth or British Masonic cooking - they became embroiled involved because our exile/refugee major workings was in London at the time and they directed/controlled events and developments.

What everybody refuse, fail to state, those who drove by Victoria Road then and Kilburn High Street and by Queen Park applying that infernal satanic mechanism, our protest to the police, the government, the media and the European court the UN and many others - We had written to the USA and Then government officials how very dangerous that mechanism was and the death, killings and destruction then and those who called /labelled it Masonic workings and intervention and communication.

There have been several such incident across Europe involving that mechanism and corrupted benchmark yet the Justice and the many review panel and documents never or mention very little of this terrible phenomena. Hence the corrupted practice continues and get worse and the bad thing about it, continent Europe is sick and fed up of it and preciously because the English/British the way they use and apply this infernal criminal workings are very angry the continental European by majority have seen behind what was going on and they refuse to play ball and those Conservatives enrage and part of the big Britexit motives/excuses.

In Seychelles proper those 250 exiles/refuges who returned our request for a proper review and the like of Sir James covering up and his motives and excuses, the nation need to know what realy took place ex Minister Pat Pillay and a couple of other lack of knowledge on this topic and yet trying to promote and represent those issues - it is outright dishonest and criminal - the people who ought to be addressing and presenting what realy took place are the exile/refugee minority community - the police, the media and the Justice do not what to hear and listen to. Yet all the death and collateral death - the benchmark those endevouring to force down the throat of the Seychelles nation and exile community to adopt and accept. ( The then Homosexual agenda, those many politicians, Institutions and media involvement and the trials in 2015 and outcome what the media have written refusing to state what was really going on the terror those involve with the Homosexual agendas on the ethnic communities and Migrant to force them to accept, adopt their politic, policies and agendas, psychologically control and brainwash them, the those car racing up and down the road terrorizing children woman and families using the CJD mode /practice - they have been linked to many such major accident and part of that accident - the so call pilon/poof, politic and workings)

In UK, have addressed these topic to CAB, Council, Lawyers representing us, NCVO, LVSC, the Church and very many others, we have corresponded to/with including President FA Rene an many in Seychelles. Oh just a reminder then PM John Major endeavor, all the dead police /road bumps build in the communities to slow down those driving by with that infernal satanic/rage/cjd mode and wrecking and causing havoc - sheer hell and the death and accidents.

Opinion:Readers' opinion: We should be looking wider when considering Hillsborough culpability Herald Scotland




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