The eight or nine attempted coup in Seychelles until 1989 - the BIOT International resettlement proposed concept - the SIROP program 1987

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The eight or nine attempted coup in Seychelles until 1989 - the BIOT International resettlement proposed concept - the SIROP program 1987 Empty The eight or nine attempted coup in Seychelles until 1989 - the BIOT International resettlement proposed concept - the SIROP program 1987

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The eight or nine attempted coup in Seychelles until 1989 - the BIOT International resettlement proposed concept - the SIROP program 1987

In as much it is a great historic moment to have the visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, political and economic situation development raise the question in the media none of the Opposition are visible or representation of the Seychelles Exile/refugees in the official s photos - not that we have seen or know of. . The History, development Regional  and National which have impacted our Nation  and the nation region under the past five UN Secretary General since the inception of that SIROP program. Not to forget the call of an International review/report. We have decided to add a picture of the serving UN  Secretary General U Thant, prior to Dr Kurt Waldheim, our political process, the political parties formation - those old political entities/colonial era - very important the model those in Seychelles were developing for a Unilateral Independence to avert the mega mess which ensued, the coup d'etat and 15 years one Party system - Communist Regime and Central government - the terrible oppression and sufferings, death. The formation of our exile/refugees politic and movements in exile/across the world - having stated this tragic life experience was not new to our founding fathers - some of them had been forced in exile from France or had gone into self exile, Reunion, Mauritius and Seychelles. ("Why in the first place we had received so much support from the Austrian in writing and researching the Project by UNIDO/World Bank Vienna, later the COI and their important contribution in that SIROP program then President Kurt Waldheim, Chancellor Dr Bruno Kreisky, the Austrian Cardinal beside UNIDO - WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Theresianum, Dr Otto Von Hapsburg - in London those who did not know and adopted a very negative attitude/position. ") Much more important what we have been stressing for the past 15 years those involved who had foreseen the changing role of world geopolitics when the Cold War would end, our nation unique role, much more unlike the USA, whereby the Caribbean nations get their dynamic/drive - the Indian Ocean nations have been driving Africa - unique role to change the OAU to AU and then choice and role of President Qaddafi. Again the Austrian Connection, beside France -Italy - Spain, South Africa, those German entities involvement .Those high officials of Russia, China and supporting high personalities from the EU.  The mega dishonesty by some. ( The very brief above addressed - on this historic occasion to say it very clear to President J A Michel and the SPPF/PL, the Seychellois Nation,  we the exile/refugees sacrificed a very great deal on the Alter for democracy - so that you could become the next Head of state - the resolve this requires,  no Illuminati, Masonic or Christian Institution will ever dare to challenge this statement. It is a prerequisite to enable us to know where we stand  and where we are going.) Talking of Coco de Mer, dear UN Secretary General - Ban Ki-Moon.

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At our SIROP exile/refugee portal have two space with no content or image beneath the article of UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon. What it/does it mean to create such an unfilled space - the anticipation, expectation, inevitable unless he is not the UN Secretary General over the past 27 years and more my personal interrelation and other relation with that world Institutions and those who occupied its Office, discharged their duties. There are limitation to what one can really share with the public. However frustrated, angry and unhappy one is with that world Institution and its Officials. We will simply state UN credibility is at rock bottom.

Associate with events to come have compel us to write/state what we are about to - the proposed UN future Secretary General.

Our small nation, individuals, students, church leaders, police, army doctors - many others do not and may never understand what we are about to say/write. To be simple will use a comparison - the "Moulouk" most of us ate as children, its shape and the ingredient. The person who invented/concocted the first "Moulouk " reciepi. For all you know he /she may have been half mad.

All/most of us have heard of the world " Invention" whilst Mr Gerard Hoareau, leader of the SNM/MPR and many very good diplomats, military experts, intellect look for ways to eliminate the Communist system - we had began to study/ work with the discipline of alternative communication back in Austria - a lot of issues not for the public. We used to spend hours thinking of Freud and some of the best/greatest of his time in the field of psychology, and associated discipline. The many experiments in USSR, the COMECON, the USA, Britain. Israel, China, France, South Africa. The models available then 1980's.

We had also come across few elite in counter intelligence and covert workings. Cross swords.

Having presented in discussion with those diplomats and NGO's in London the outline of that SIROP program, those who demanded to apply what we had learnt in the field of para-science communication to help manage that program - we agreed. They were to be used/applied by only officials and inner circles of those managing that program. We had been invited to join the Commonwealth Masonic Lodge and we declined. What ensued next.

Today most, everybody have heard of the word/terminology hacking - this was/is another kind/dimension of hacking - it require accessing a core discipline in this case para-science communication and introducing abnormal discipline within its working components. The results/consequences, the first application of what we have come to Term the "CJD/Mad cow/Satanic communication/para-science phenomena back in 1987 - greater public.

One/some of the first large/public institution to begin applying this abnormal brand/bastardize communication was the UN. Their High Officials had know been aware of the previous and alternative communication. The big blank beneath its Secretary General Ban Ki -Moon visit, for 25/27 years they have been applying using that "moulouk" of communication to be polite. In the world greater workings when a person, individual become involved in such process what this means - like your window OS and many other software you know very well how the system works and where the faults lies or weakness is. As such how the world have been taken over by this highly abnormal para-science communication propagated, impregnated-

The big question why has it impacted, influenced and engulfed the female minds. That again relate to very complex and deep para-science discipline which were involved 1987.

We come back to our little nation - we have a Female chief Justice, a proposed Presidential candidate and for the first time an Opposition female candidate. There are group of scientist who study and monitor both male and female intellect working/mind, function. etc.
For the past the past 6 years we have had Mr David Pierre as leader of Opposition, the changing political face and workings of Seychelles. How our politic were managed. Mr David Pierre, most of the Ministers were aware of what we are writing and the greater public not shared the details of this process.

Talking of OS and software development - the science, those distinguish female involved in our nation workings must be aware of this. When UN Secretary General Ban ki- Moon took office, he knew very little and the amount of knowledge and information he has been involved in processing. Including the linking issue of the Coco de mer.

The Seychelles Nation have landed themselves over that Presidential election in a super mess.

We are now heading towards a national Assembly election - the female person to replace Mr David Pierre until the outcome. Using/applying the same discipline/methodology that the UN high official would - she must be in a position to know a very very great deal - the small Seychellois nation are not meant to know.

We trust UN Secretary General ban Ki- Moon who is following our debacle will take personal time to note what we have address here - much more important how we had/have stressed those para-science communication was not meant for the greater public use/application in 1987 - the swamp, rock bottom state of the UN today as a result.

Assembly to elect new Leader of the Opposition

New National Assembly opposition leader sworn in after Pierre resigns - See more at:


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