Those who con/distort and write untrue history

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Those who con/distort and write untrue history Empty Those who con/distort and write untrue history

Post  Sirop14 on Sat May 28, 2016 7:15 pm

Those who con/distort and write untrue history

We have read the history publish by Nation of the slave Pompee - we have discovered a little interesting aspect of history - the Econome he assassinated/killed was a Mr Hinard - research the Inard family, when did the name change take place.
Between 1968 to 1973/4 then Judge E J Stiven Estate ex Hermitte family/de La Fontaine, a corporal Inard was station at Anse Aux Pins police station, when we had some difficulties would go to him and other for advice -
What the good story do not say not Judge E J Stiven , my person had acquired the mountain part of the Hermitte family property to join with Judge E J Stiven to form the company for the Hotel project - to construct a 25 Bed hotel and the licences given By Sir James Mancham - a further document to lease from the Crown 1/2 acres for a golf project and the lease for 99 years. On the said property was a burial place and story goes a witch use to leave there/Black - further at the back of the property is a famous cave where the slaves of the Dr Lanier ran away and took refuge and they used the small Nageon/Hermitte brook to get water. That property today is know as Dans Gaza - we cut a road from Montagne Pose to it over 1 to two miles. The German Construction company who helped.
One of the big attraction was a project to highlight the story and history of Slave Mr Roger Lasell then Tourist director strongly encouraged - leaflets would have been printed and the trail build to the cave.


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Those who con/distort and write untrue history Empty Celebrating 40 years of nationhood

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:15 am

Celebrating 40 years of nationhood


Today Seychelles celebrates the 40th anniversary of its independence, the day the country ceased to be a colony of Great Britain. Independence Day on June 29, 1976 was the realisation of a dream of a group of Seychellois men and women who believed the country's destiny was the responsibility of the Seychellois people. The pioneers of the struggle for independence believed that it was the responsibility of Seychellois to ensure that one day all Seychellois would be able to live in dignity. They also believed that we as Seychellois knew what was best for our country, the aspirations of our people, and who were better placed to guide our development.

Seychelles independent from Britain … 40 years on

Interview with Seychelles’ Founding President James R. Mancham

History of the Seychelles NATION newspaper

‘Ti en moman lespwar pour lavenir, mon paran ti rakont mwan’

‘Nou ti kontan Sesel ti’n vin endepandan’

Sa ki ti la i rapel … sa ki’n antann koz lo la i reflesir

‘Ti annan lafreyer parmi serten kous popilasyon’

‘Sa swar nou ti ganny nou idantite konman en pep’

Independence Day - The struggle of a people

The band that orchestrated ‘En Avant’


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