Reaction after we posted the obituary thread about Senator Edward Kennedy

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Reaction after we posted the obituary thread about Senator Edward Kennedy

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:07 pm

After the obituary thread we have written across the web on Senator Edward Kennedy death. Those very nasty and corrupted individuals who have been, recking, manipulating, abusing us and the racial issues for the past 25 years.

They have been using us, manipulating our connections, working issues to fleece, con, rip us off – they have been making the big money and we kept in poverty. Then turn round set the police, the council, politicians and mob on us. This is England.

Indeed very many will be asking around the world – if we have such good abilities, as we have written about why are we in constant poverty, disorganized, we do not have a car – the state of our dress/cloth.

In Seychelles alone the intensity of the whole nation anger at the level of Drug abuse. What it does to individual, families, communities, working place and nation.

For the past 20 years we have been protesting at the abuse of “the satanic rave, rage, crack vibes – those who use it to destabilize the lives of others, destroy, control, sleaze the lives of others” this practice use and abuse from one own partners, children close family members, neighbor, village, the army of officials , authorities, media etc who constantly use and abuse this practice.

This phenomena is as bad and in instance far worse than Durgs – because the dimension, complexities of its use and abuses at Education level, Medical system, policing, judiciary, media, church etc. the army and military system and national politic.

We were supposed to catch a bus to go somewhere – instead, because of the above mentioned death decided to harvest the black berry and clean around. Whilst we were doing that all those who drove by with their abusing rave, rage, racist threats and those who control them.

A very great measure of issues about the life and era of the Kennedy family came out and other issues. Those who have used this dreadful method and practice to cause death to others and say they have done nothing wrong. Those neighbor who used our partner to insult and rage/rave at us because of the very many attempts - they have tried to use that particular person to cause the death of close relatives, friends and parents – including my own demise. The number of close friends, relatives, associates they have harmed, killed, destroyed their lives using this practice – it is not enough. I must not intervene – I must not protest – I must let them kill more and do more damage to others. Their relatives, close friends, associates must not suffer, must live long and prosper.

There was a very nasty session about my dirty cloth etc what all those involved, they think because the drive very big cars, live in big house and wear suits they are clean and nice individuals – they do not look at the filth they carry inside them, their evil and terrible private lives – the use and abuse of the above mention practice – on a scale far worse than drugs.

What make the whole issue stink, after they have used one – I do not have a jaguar or the such, I do not have a palace, I do not have an army of staff, I do not have a massive bank account. Still I can do what I do and those who have benefited the past 25 years very importantly and I have gained nothing or very little – then they turn round and throw insults. Look at your dirty cloth, the sort of your life and your place of stay.

Likewise you have cleaned the garden, cleaned the grounds, keep the hedge tidy and a whole bunch of other chores – where other man will sit in a sofa, watch TV, drink beer and smoke. Using their satanic rave rage – with the neighbor involved this is thrown at one. This have been our life and practice in Kent – Kilburn, the past 20 years or more. {Not forgetting all the information, knowledge they have skimmed off, creamed off and passed on to the village and neighbor, their place of work, one the streets, the church members, their friends and families etc}The process to discredit, belittle one person after you one have done the best for others after they have extracted the maximum use and values out of you or a given person. . Very important the backlashes and impacts in the past – such and these individuals who do not have the capacity to remember or plain evil practices.

Like those who go around killing and knifing others – they turn round and accuse you of inventing. They have done nothing wrong – this is the infernal practice in the society and homes, schools, place of work, community.

I/we trust as many of our children, associates, relatives can be pointed this thread.


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