Nice truck attack leaves 84 dead and France in shock

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Nice truck attack leaves 84 dead and France in shock Empty Nice truck attack leaves 84 dead and France in shock

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:37 am

For the pat 15 years since the Terrorist legislation was enacted in EU and USA have been writing that the high EU institution need to find a remedy/solution to that cause/root and source of that CJD/MAD cow, satanic mechanism. Instead the many leading politicians media who use and abuse them and those who infer this is English culture/part of of it.

This morning we address all the EU high institution, we began monitoring this phenomena back in 1986, during Mr thatcher her application of this mechanism and the very many terrible fallout and death - how the media chose to explain, the so call expert and what they attribute them to - we explained for many years that some Universities have taken time and devoted special attention researching into this working and their conclusion.

There is the important need to be very careful and constant look out under the new government in Britain those who will use and apply this infernal mechanism in association with their daily politic and when terrible things began to occurred what they will say/blame and attribute them to. The Church are the biggest culprit they should have know of this major defect for a very long time and opposed and done something about it/stop it propagation and today this is a core working element of real Terrorist/Terrorism. The program nerd and those who program then and abuse this mechanism.

Since the government change in Britain, the change of that satanic mechanism impacting and working politic , big business, the media  everything and the new political Team in London - the satanic synergy/dynamic  affecting that police massacre   in Dallas, the Train accident in Italy and not the lorry incident in Nice. The media and the o call global expert who refused to note/explain what took place after the Blair/Brown government ended and the new /Coalition and the same mechanism destabilizing   north Africa and  the great expert their argument - we had feared this  what super cackup/mega manure this  new change would again bring and the media total lie and super con.

strangely our laptop key pad is still not working

Nice truck attack leaves 84 dead and France in shock

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