Charlotte is 30 years old today. Happy Birthday Charlotte

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Charlotte is 30 years old today. Happy Birthday Charlotte Empty Charlotte is 30 years old today. Happy Birthday Charlotte

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:14 pm

03 August 2016
Charlotte is 30 years old today. Happy Birthday Charlotte

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30 years ago our Community in Britain 1986 - the world and the media forget far to fast. Jut may be F A Rene Remember.

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We want to address Mr Jean Claude Junker, Mr Martin Shult and Mr Donald Tusk, President Obama and the new British EU Commissioner for Anti Terrorist - with all the EU and USA resource - in Monaco Princess Charlotte turned 30 year old - then prince Rainier, our Seychelles Italian elite Community /connection in Monaco beside the USA , then Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci - 1986 was the year Seychelles turned its back of violence, using Military force/mean to change the system and politic. Get one of the super Dog to take a bunch of flower to her, Please say thank you to heal our world and planet, then Cold War - our Templar and EU wide Illuminati connections, those In Paris and Rome. Again to all those who choose to forget by 1986 - the important exile working in London we had linked our working to the cause of the Royal exile working of Europe - the why, Lady Thatcher wanted our skin for this - upon Princess Charlotte 30th Birthday - we celebrate the Norman 950 year, the Tyrel and close related to then William the Invader - the true name of Sechelles -

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Having addressed the above had simply wanted to post a picture of Mr Adna Kashogi - Nabila, instead. The unwritten of Cold War Seychelles, three failed attempts and that COI mega debacle when we arrived in London 1981, a good deal of the Marco debacles - that when his problem really Started - the utter lies of the British media -hence when called upon by our exile/refugee Community strong supportor of Mr Gerard Hoareau - our view and decision, again vast issue of the Cold War untold and unwritten - we opted for that SIROP program . Mr Kashogi did not know much of our issue, in Monaco/Italy/Rome/Paris those who knew, the garbage US and International media have written reason for his down fall - load of lies. How on the back of that SiROP program he manged a modest comeback. Those who made really very big fortune.


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