Family Crest, shield, coat of arms contraversies -our pets, horses, ponies, dogs and cats

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Family Crest, shield, coat of arms contraversies -our pets, horses, ponies, dogs and cats Empty Family Crest, shield, coat of arms contraversies -our pets, horses, ponies, dogs and cats

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Family Crest, shield, coat of arms contraversies

Family Crest, shield, coat of arms contraversies -our pets, horses, ponies, dogs and cats App_full_proxy.php?app=30811702710&v=1&size=p&cksum=41eb3cba4ba98b5c25b38eaac1c478a5&

We woke up his Monday morning to be reminded something was very world with our self, families, friends, world and society, faith. There was a major News discussion on the thousands of Ponies, mistreated, overcrowded, the dreadful trade with them, abuse. That they fetch no more than £20 at Auction. These animal reflect, mirror our human character, specially if they have been around a while. Like our dogs and cat they share our life, happiness, misery, tribulation and everyday. Why are we, have become concern about these animal - their issues. Theyreflect our children, the children of our community and village.

Half term is over for most school in Britain and the week the children spent at home, the economic situation, because they were at home able to absorb, discuss with the families, friends what is going on in the home, family,neighbor , village and Town. The uncertainty of their lives, education, job - purpose of their being in this world. Why they were put their in the first instance. During the whole of last week the higher education issues and economic situation inBritain, EU and the world. For those children fortunate to have a small garden , they can grow - the relationship and at times lack of appreciation. In the current economic situation in EU they have been bundled to school - the feeling of/ as children. Then there those children who will becompel to leave Home and go to Uni or College away from Home. What happens next after 18 19 years being with their parents, cared for.

Just like they were infant, their eyes, hand, mouth had ways and method to communicate, tell us what the like and dislike right along as they grew up. The ability of life to talk to us, guide us all along the road and path of life. How it does this, how is is done.

We have mentioned the issues of Facebook and our absent. Instead of placing a picture we have placed something else. Our reason - particularly our Children, those our families, friends, children of the Seychelles community in EU. Again the state society, education, life and the world. Theissues we are involved, engaged, our work, life, responsibilities.

Over the Charity project of our Community, the efforts, progress and those very prominent in Europe we have address our issues. Including heraldic, heritage issues.

On Friday, Saturday - the Half Term had started, the sudden discovery at the page of Facebook former Regina Mundi Convent students the Admin sporting her Family Crest - shield. The very important implications. Our Seychelles College former students also have aFacebook page - they have not sported their or a family Crest - shield or such a soft wear. What does it tell us.Any half wit will immediately realise, grasp, see the girls, ladies, mothers and grand mothers of former Regina Mundi Convent are challenging us boy, men, father's and grand fathers.

We decided to break our rules and sport the family crest of our name origin. At some time in past history the Surname had one origin and family. Later they split in Germany, Scandinavia, France, Britain and further afield, how they . What this implies. The water that have flowed under the bridge of life the past 800 or 1000 years. In modern heraldic heritage issues the ethic and supposed mode of conduct.

We have made one or two attempts to get together a combine project in France eventually in Kent over the past near 19 years, our efforts to get some land adequate for such purpose and the price of land which havequadruple - speculation. The very many small holding across Kent, the moral, economic situation and fight just to get by. These little creatures, ponies they are by the side of the individuals and families in their daily grind. There is an issues in Britain how they treat their animals in comparison to France and Central Europe. Our neighbours have horses how we have become attached. Not to mention our dog.

We just trust and hope that as we get much older in Europe, those of our community ageing, we are not miss treated, abused and harmed. Again this show that in our Community we achieve very little alone. Our efforts for the past to drive home this fact. We need to take more care of one another. Or make arrangement, contribute to arrangement when we get to old,useless, unwanted - that we get cared for, look after and get some kind of half decent treatment.

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