VIMENTIS holds second sales and business seminar

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VIMENTIS holds second sales and business seminar Empty VIMENTIS holds second sales and business seminar

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VIMENTIS holds second sales and business seminar

(From left to right): Messrs Lespoir, Laporte Godorn and Arndt
For the second year running, the VIMENTIS group Seychelles organised its sales and business seminar on August 5 and 6 at the AVANI Hotel, Barbarons.
VIMENTIS is a sales and marketing company based in Sweden, with Michel Laporte Godorn as its founder and chief executive.
VIMENTIS Seychelles branch opened last year, with Mr Laporte Godorn as founder and Christopher Lespoir, a Seychellois entrepreneur himself, as country manager.
This partnership is another beautiful example of Seychellois from abroad and in Seychelles connecting and making it happen for Seychelles and the people of Seychelles.
The VIMENTIS team explained that this year they kept their promise made last year – they made it “bigger and better”, whereby they brought in one of the top business coaches from Scandanavia, Mikael Arndt, who is also the founder of Arndt’s Business Club.
Mr Lespoir explained that this year, it was not just about giving out training, but it was also very much about VIMENTIS and delegates doing business too, whereby the VIMENTIS team along with Mr Arndt held a number of meetings with key partners in Seychelles to discuss future ventures.
Delegates equally had the chance to do business with each other, now that they are all members of the VIMENTIS network of Seychelles.
The two-day training covered a number of key innovative aspects of business and sales, placing much focus on Story Selling and Social Selling. Those were two aspects which most of the delegates claimed they enjoyed the most as it is innovative and fitting for the business they do here in Seychelles.
The delegates were also introduced to a business digital platform designed by the VIMENTIS group, which can be used to further develop one’s business skills and business.
The training gathered 40 delegates which is twice the number it had last year. The delegates came from a number of organisations including Seychelles Tourism Academy, BODCO, LPA Structures, Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, Ikando Entertainment, Seychelles Tourism Board, Seychelles Investment Bureau, Energy Solutions Seychelles, Seychelles Post Office, Ideal Group, SACOS, University of Seychelles, Kreolad, SITE, SBSA, SIAD, SIAH, SIT, NIHSS, alongside other business enthusiasts.
Messrs Godorn and Lespoir explained that the second seminar was also a social experiment whereby firstly they only used networking and social media to promote and sell the programme. They also opted to use their own organisational skills in order to host the event and the result spoke for itself.
On his first visit to Seychelles, Mr Arndt had this to say about the event:
“One of my most fun seminars ever. I am so touched by all the fantastic response I got. I found a new place in the world to put deep in my heart. Fantastic people and I urge everybody to come with me next year because I will be back!!”
The delegates expressed their sincere appreciation for the knowledge gathered over the two days, and they surely felt that this seminar was one with a difference which they will surely join again.
Plans for next year’s seminar are already underway, says Mr Godorn. The team expressed their thanks to all the delegates who came and took part actively over the two days, to Mr Arndt who agreed to make the trip, to local partners and also to AVANI hotel who for the second time hosted them.
The event is now set to be an annual one in Seychelles, and Mr Lespoir says that anyone interested to know more about the VIMENTIS network in Seychelles and join can contact him on the following email address:


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