A small Calais Center/charity shop/coffee - 15/9/16

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A small Calais  Center/charity shop/coffee  - 15/9/16 Empty A small Calais Center/charity shop/coffee - 15/9/16

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A small Calais  Center/charity shop/coffee  - 15/9/16

Mr Alan Decomarmond jogged our thought with the posting of the new Restaurant in Botanical garden, images.

I Seychelles the furor, anger, bitterns, acrimony - many Facebook posting about the 4  months waiting before President J A Michel eventually call the national Assembly and whether the current speaker stay in Office until the new Assembly.

Prior to the presidential election,  the many accusation of corruption and money, land and strange business deals and the Offshore.  The amount of money which changed hands,  were paid for the presidential election and gifts to encourage voters to vote for a particular presidential candidate. The outcome.

Our argument,  posting what if the Presidential election had gone very different - the outcome, the impact on our Seychelles working through out Europe and rest of the world.  All those who helped and were involved out of Seychelles.

We have also had the election for the National Assembly 8/9/10 - 9- 16, the massive political campaign by the two main parties LDS, LP and the two ex British Seychelles exile political parties beside Mrs A Amsbury.  The money spent before, the many rally.  Then finally the day of the election what was taking place. The gifts  and payments.

We came to Seychelles in 2009, beside attempting to meet with President FA Rene, others we did get to meet among one person was Mr Pat Pillay, others in the government office, Mr Christopher Savy had been/come to Seychelles too, all those aware,  informed of our,  meetings and attempts to meet.  - the conclusion he was being posted a High Commissioner and when/once in London would be able to attend and discuss the matter/topic properly.

We will post below three published article/events -  The point being we never to go meet Mr Pat Pilllay and was never invited to meet him or any of his function - those who know/remember very well the process of nomination and appointment in Seychelles including state house, the Police, the Diplomatic service, the Justice and the National Assembly.  Upon High Commissioner Pat Pillay return to Seychelles,  what ensued and the political landscape, mega break out and accusation - Mr Christopher Gill Party, the boycott, the media coverage 2011. Mr Ralph Volcer political party and position.  

We decided to press EU, beside others  for some kind of action/intervention in Seychelles political working, the corrupt, abusive  practices by the government, the many appointed person to use and abuse our EU working for their advantage and rip off, cream off, abuse and thread on the Rights of the Exile community and the Diaspora community.  Leading to development in the PL and Breakup beside many other issues.

We also contributed in the cementing of the political platform/personalities
and their politic.

Remember it was in 2009 I had this meeting in Seychelles with then Minister Pat Pillay.  I have not stop to try and get various support from the many in Calais, Paris and Europe to set up not a big project in Calais, Center/charity shop/coffee.  
Minister Pat Pillay did not make it to state House,  he will now be a member for the National Assembly, beside other responsibilities.  

I now call on him to remind him of the discussion, his reaction - this is not supposed, meant to be a government project, it is meant to be a small Community initiative as against our diplomatic working etc.

In the national Assembly we also have other political affiliation and individual interest including Mr Philippe Boulle.  Just as like many of you have you special little business undertaking/venture - the many years effort to set up a small center etc in Calais.

Britain is going through a very difficult process and so too our communities. We have supported and helped you not just the past 5 years but for some 30 years - when  one look at the 10,000 exile/refugees in the Calais jungle, the modest resource and how they go about setting themselves up, several Charity/GO have offered their support   - would be be asking too much for all the big talk and diplomatic debacle for the combined LDS to support our project in Calais, they do not have to wait the 4 months from the National Assembly to be called.  Many years ago Mr Frichot and Mr Amede Esparon had offered to support by way of expertise and experience.

Seychelles reopens high commission in London

Seychelles is back in the UK

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