The clinical/sanitary way the politician present our Nation workings and event.

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The clinical/sanitary way the politician present our Nation workings  and event.  Empty The clinical/sanitary way the politician present our Nation workings and event.

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The clinical/sanitary way the politician present our Nation workings  and event.

Another good example the content of President J A Michel interview his statement he founded the Seychelles University - this debacle have been going on during our exile, had their been a successful counter coup d'etat and the SIROP program - it take years, vast complexities of associated topics, mock attempts, insult and tirade, sharing of ideas, external impute until one say go for it/let us do it. The manner and approach of president J A Michel,  indeed past government working.  Those calling for several Committee to look and study the past.

Time and time have written that - that coup d'etat in Seychelles could have been different, then Salzburg, Vienna, Europe and the then Cold War  and Italy, Britain, France, South Africa, the USA - the greater world working then.

I had acquired a good deal of my earlier understanding of those working the East Africa politic and events and I used them a bench mark of High Interdisciplinary management functionality.   Then came Judge EJ Stiven with his significant knowledge and understanding of British Colonial Administration, East Africa and Zanzibar, beside Jamaica his native country and Scotland - all those who served in the colonial service - vast complex issue leading to events of East Africa and in Particular Zanzibar Revolution. To this day a good deal still unwritten/publish. Resulting how the world and those who study the matter come to pursive and understand that so call history.

Then Seychelles before our independence very many who had participated and contributed all one read J R Mancham did this and that - very likely he even went to milk cows and deliver milk or turned manure and cut grass for the cows on all the events then.  Or that was out daily on the fishing boat. The stevedore on the Docks or worked on the many estates then.  There were very many personalities in and out of Seychelles affecting and impacting our small nation working and yet all they wrote and did write - for instance them Christians and God fearing people their daily prayer as many until our independence  and after - the Trepidation, those who believe in prayer and the many churches in that Seychelles - for those who write what president and ministers do it is irrelevant - yet it/they form part of the many mechanism and functionality necessary to make thing work progress or slow down or ceased to function.

We have criticized the African for their approach and thinking this approach is very inadequate also. It create and develop dysfunction people an citizen, it impair and cause mal function in their competitiveness when compare with other nation  of the world with different approach tending  to looking at a much broader functionality of the state, citizens and politician activities and their functionality. The result of corruption - other do the dirty work and they collect the credit and this is written in history books and those who know, well aware then abuse it.

Between August 15 1976, beside what he had published or his diary - other world, outside influence impacting Seychelles our small nation working then system. Over the time have noted/observed a number of mismatched, meaning they do not equate.  Taking into account our French and British heritage, how they function  and work then what the corrupted media write - again my reason for engaging in the WWW project. Those who scream about encroaching upon Illuminati working, must not talk and write about. Some special discipline  and special government working again must not be written or shared with the public, how it they work or why.

Between August 1976 to that fateful June 1977, those so call strange incidents in Europe and the world - now that we have a Wikipedia even they or the materials to study and research in-depth.  Why an event or incident may have taken place and the motives and the Wikileaks and others.  The Seychelles paper would just print their sanitary version or then le seychelloi or the Catholic paper. What would be discussed in clubs or private meetings. By the way this was another motive for becoming an Interdisciplinary Management Executive.

We say over the year some of the events and incidents have appeared in the archives and photos and they do not match.  Prior to going to live in salzburg the Family had been debating and discussion we take over a small hotel or run the Family business. The many who visited then Village of Tirol and Mayerhofen. Their inter reaction  and my inter reaction  and impact and some of the consequences - for instance we had a record historic snow fall that year and the manner the Austrian and weather authorities explained this phenomena - other incidents or strange events and at least in Austria, German and Europe people get to explain and share their thought and views not just a few elite and control freaks.  This form and is part of greater European heritage and intellectual working and knowledge as against British/Anglo phone phenomena.

In the new TV, Radio and written pre - event in East Africa south Africa, srilanka, Mauritius, India, Pakistan and the Gulf region  and those in Seychelles with their strange system/method of reporting and information - we could listen to BBC, Fiba and French station radio.

Salzburg or Vienna have their own very unique dynamic and very many complex interlink mechanism, functionality leading/lending to how they and why they work a certain way or not.  We/I had to travel to the Town of Insbruck quite often It is quite a long time time ago as I got use to that town and building and people and their functionality how it impacted and influence my working and strange little events and development and in instant special one.  We would make mental note. This would extend towards the lake district of Italy which we had visited and the family visited for holiday.

By contrast the Tirol Folk are much robust and hardy in comparison to the Salzburg folks and their culture, music and folklore and so to their thinking and education institutions.  Having written that we knew, was well aware within one year there would be  coup d'etat, some kind of bust up in that  then Seychelles - all those who knew  and wherever we traveled carried these thoughts and thought of those we  had left behind their fate and situation. Again impacting how we function and worked in Tirol and decision process - the question, we would have like to ask  an FA Rene and his people and like wise President Mancham, what if we had not gone on to Salzburg and supposedly elite society and international visitors and affluence, then Cold war - had we stayed in Tirol and had to commute and link our function with the Town of Innsbruck, south Tirol and the lake district of Italy, Germany, Switzerland how would that 5th June 1977 have played out.  They those involved may not have waited for all those attending a Conference to act  and had they doe this the very messy outcome.  Much wore than the 5th June coup d'etat/.  Just a note, the then Red Brigade incident and those in Germany  and then close link with those in Seychelles to them  - we knew about it and later event/development.

Just like President J A Michel addressed how the Seychelles University was started, the precedent set by President Mancham and their officials and associates and experts, it will be /is being/adopted taken up by ex Minister Pat Pillay and Hon Wavel Wankalawan  and associates, the so call media of our nation/their benchmark - those German and Austrian families and individual with then, stake and interest in Seychelles and we knew them all.  What if that coup d'etat had taken place i/we were not in Salzburg but Tirol, the Ziller Valley, Innsbruck and other small town, the dolomite, south Tirol and the Italian Lake districts, beside Switzerland and Germany.

One person who was aware of our/my abilities was the late Israel PM Simon Peres, events over the years and that SIROP historic program other leading Jewish politician and later. Then chancellor Dr Bruno Kreisky his associates and officials.

Napoleon, Andreas Hofer und die Folgen

Tiroler Volksaufstand

Andreas Hofer

Red Brigades

Red Army Faction

Silvius Magnago

« L’homme d’Etat est celui qui bâtit les fondements de la nation et des institutions »

Shimon Peres - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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