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Seriously Strong Cheddar's photo herd of cow - Seychelles exile/refugee community Hounslow  Empty Seriously Strong Cheddar's photo herd of cow - Seychelles exile/refugee community Hounslow

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:12 am

After the 4th Republic of Seychelles President B R Faure album we created 17/1016 late last night was thinking aloud surely there must be/will/need be some reaction - yes there were from State House until very late Seychelles time 2/3 AM - this morning in UK, Hounlow those using the same mechanism, excessive vibe the issue of a Branch office in Hounlow and their various arguments and reason. In the first place those Families for many years after event of 1992/3, the main Leadership of our exile/refugees having returned home against our strong advice to leave a serious Bridge behind - they refused too listen and the fiasco and mess - the amount of insults we were confronted with from countless Grass root, refugee communities - including the armed aspect of the Irish Communities if they can get this in their head - the meaning and implication who had helped and contribute and from the LVSC and NCVO. What it took to try and sort out the terrible situation and those in Seychelles who by our standard having a good time.

Those families who stayed behind their anger/frustrations and exasperation, they had relied and trusted our Leadership.

They were rewarded and blessed in that when the economic meltdown of 2008 came they had learnt to believe and have faith in that SIROP program and our greater community workings - they were family, community, individual moral booster. Very many other communities were and have been aware of this situation and many high officials.

Forget event in Seychelles under President Michel the past 12 years, they have not been what we had wanted, the meager progress we made collectively and as families. The betrayal by the UN and African Union, Commonwealth.

We now have a Britexit politic they are not amusing regarding refugee and exile or ethnic communities workings.

One Family in particular was stressing using that communication mechanism they want to host a sub office in Hounlow - the is currently some new Housing project going on and other major building - this program role/dynamic and synergy. Over the pat 25 years those who have acted and handled very irresponsibly toward our community. For such a development there will have to be a general meeting, the topic debated/discussed and vote taken and accountability mechanism put into place. The due Authorities informed.

Just/while the debacle was ongoing somebody posted this picture on our Facebook - the reminder in Kent the farmer who during all the buildup to the Referendum they kept piling manure in the field until it was big mountain and events - from my own prospective the manure of Judge EJ Stiven at Point Larue were SPUP quasi had their main economic and social workings and the Airport construction debacle and later the second property boarding the Bailey/Hermitte properties the cows and the manure their, events of our independence, the coup d'etat and many events.

( I we have a request, we politely request to the parties in question refrain from threatening our elderly parent and relative, member of our community with death, they will be killed using that satanic, CJD and antisocial mechanism - in the first place it is a crime - secondly they will unleashed a war/phenomena with backlash they will not like. Others can and will be just as ruthless and brutal irrelevant of the consequence and fall outs)

We are monitored by many authorities and bodies in Europe, the USA, Africa, Gulf Region Russia and China.


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