Seychelles, 5th June 1977

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Seychelles, 5th June 1977 Empty Seychelles, 5th June 1977

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Seychelles, 5th June 1977

June 5th 1977

On the 5th June 1977, the world went about its business of turning around. Individual countries, nations, societies, tribes, clans, organisations and groups did their thing, none of which seemed to have been worthy enough to grab international news headlines.


Dear Mr Paul Chow in the first place wishing you a great Sunday like we had as Children - trust the sea/surf and Sun will be nice. (Given today's synergy the moment you connect to the Internet with Seychelles you pick up the buzz/vibe at Beau Vallon where the landing station is - in Europe, beside Africa and Latin America how children play - did you think as children we would get a landing station for Broadband on the site we used to play and swim. From Europe we immediately think of Calais where the Factory of Alcatel is - why those 10,000 refugee set up camp their, new President ~Danny Faure and the SDA school Bel Eau , the Fire started recently, the Association of the Calais families and many other old families from Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion their resting place in Calais, how during President FA Rene, President Michel and our exile things were managed linked and associated, we helped developed many infrastructures, Housing, Tourist and the mega debacle of Britain Boarder in France I/we were importantly involved inquire of those who ought to know. The Emphasis on Alcatel and French Intelligence service. - next week the demolition will begin - these are very painful thoughts - specially if one have been involved it the core issue, forget the mad media we get them to write any garbage- ) You belong to those few blessed with the high responsibility to remind and bring forth some of our Nation travails. Don' you think it is about time you stand aside and share with those who were not their, did not know the real state of that country - For a group of well educated, some government official, some police, merchants, to want to go down the road of Unilateral Independence is very very serious. They were not thugs, criminal or mad just individual who have been educated and were petrified of what was to come - they form part of those 25,000 exile refuge everybody is scared to mention and talk about be it our National Assembly or the media. Their children and grand children today. In that terrible National Assembly built by the Chinese those calling for accountability and their Benchmark - whose accountability and benchmark - just wait when that Camp is dismantle, the muck/super mess, Judge EJ Stiven and Lefevre Manure that will fly.


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