Honorary consuls’ conference

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Honorary consuls’ conference Empty Honorary consuls’ conference

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Oct 25, 2016 1:39 pm

Honorary consuls’ conference

‘Seychelles must seize chances to advance her own agenda’

“To be a winner in a globalised world order, Seychelles will have to seize opportunities coming its wayPresident Faure addressing the gathering and take initiatives to advance her own agenda in a win-win context with other countries, regional bodies or international organisations.”
President Danny Faure said this in his keynote address during yesterday morning’s opening ceremony of the honorary consuls’ conference at the Savoy Resort & Spa, Beau Vallon. The conference, which ends tomorrow, is being attended by 63 of the 91 honorary consuls and 12 consuls general.
Discussions will focus on the national development strategy, championing of the Blue economy, exploration of Seychelles' role on climate change, human trafficking, challenges of small and medium enterprises, fisheries and tourism.
Describing the honorary consuls as “foot soldiers of Seychelles foreign service”, President Faure told them they are duty-bound to scout for these opportunities and advise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on initiatives it can take.
“We can achieve that ambitious goal provided we are smart and forward looking,” said President Faure who expressed gratitude to all our honorary consuls and consuls general who are doing a sterling job at protecting the interests of Seychellois nationals and promoting Seychelles in their respective consular jurisdictions across the globe.
“Through your active presence you have not only made a difference in the lives of Seychellois nationals and provided greater traction to our country’s foreign policy, but you have, above all, portrayed the real image of the type of society that Seychelles is,” he said, adding that “by being there in the hours of need of Seychellois nationals, whether they are residents or visitors, you demonstrate that Seychelles is a caring society which leaves none of its citizens behind, no matter where they may be.



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Honorary consuls’ conference Empty Ambassador Dick Esparon was before the National Assembly answering questions as to his suitability to become a Minister of State.

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:26 pm

Ambassador Dick Esparon, Ambassador in UAE - in the first place the recording available which can be used in a judicial process or Commission of inquiry.

From our high responsibility we began working with UAE 30 years ago and in particular in London - having worked with the father of the Current Emire of UAE and Qatar. Then President FA Rene.

With form that SIROP program, the setting of the Gulf financial and economic development and their massive Sovereign Fund. In London and in particular Europe those who know.

The USA high officials, well aware of those relation -

There was a good reason for his Appointment as Ambassador those who know of the appointment. In the National Assembly the MNA refusal to inquire deeper.

Our high responsibilities and working in Europe not a Seychelles government as Seychelles Diaspora and exile the many high complex economic thematic we have worked and in Seychelles their practice of exclusion, elbowing, intimidation and bullying. Then using criminal, utterly corrupted person operative to cream of what others have worked and this have degrade in instance into the military situation we have in the gulf and elsewhere.

Was Mr Dick Esparon in Europe could have been prosecuted in an effort to find justice. Now he talk of Network This is corruption and one of the important reason instead of reverting to tearing the country apart - have battled and fought that the EU intervene and the outcome, break up of the PPF/PL and LDS and the outcome of Assembly election and President JA Michel stepping down.

Every civilized country will look at many facet of it nation working and relation - the current trend for the past 7 years in Seychelles - Africa where by for the expediency of funds, like drug money illegal they agree to jettison and sacrifice important national value in this case christian and the outcome - in time to come this will lend/result in the mess of Africa and civil war and strife.

We have know of MNS Dick Esparon from Point Larue and the President FA Rene. Again these are important issue for inquiry.

Just a note - the current situation in the Gulf Region - Russia well aware our Seychelles European working, the important good will in helping to manage development in that region and Ambassador Esparon with the Communist/dictatorial /one party politic in mind/approach, how he present his politic and arguments. They are far from democratic.

We are aware that the official in UAE, Qatar monitor and follow our contribution on the social media from the first debacle of the First Gulf War/the President Saddam Hussein - in the USA, Britain and France aware. Whatever the media have written. He has been used by President JA Michel and now all this is going to his Head they say in English.

( With the last intervention of MNA Hon Wankalawan he has landed in a terrible me - we have worked that SIROP program with Latin America and like in Africa the capacity to influence government, politic and police and the Venezuelan event anybody interested to find out - talk with many in London then PM Blair government. )


Comment -
We are adding this article here - the Emir have massive resources and capacity to inquire into this posting and the why - the debate for once in the Seychelles National Assembly.


Adding this picture we are not being disrespectful / un diplomatic those who know great European value http://geekfence.com/wp.../uploads/2016/03/DubaiOpera4.jpg


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