Good morning NGO/ONG of Sechelles/ Seychelles

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Good morning NGO/ONG of Sechelles/ Seychelles  Empty Good morning NGO/ONG of Sechelles/ Seychelles

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Good morning NGO/ONG of Sechelles/ Seychelles

As you attend this Festival we are going to add four links of our then 1981 Seychelles exile/refugees working in Britain and France in particular, then Cold War and the one party political system in Seychelles -  then UN, Europe, Francophone, Commonwealth and OAU.

Then only Seychelles Refugee organization SEA, registered,  funded by UK and Chaired by Mr Felix Houreau of Swansea, former Councillor and Prison of Seychelles in Exile.

In Britain and France the respective view of our 4/5 political factions beside our older Communities in UK. Three attempted coup d'etat had failed to change Seychelles One  Party System - beside corporate issues we had been involved, that Indian Ocean Industrial Investment research - taken by then parties to form the foundation of the current COI, then Dr M Ferrari and its secretariat in Mauritius. We had already had some 3/4 years contacts with Austrian NGO, France and Italy.

Based upon UN report - upon our being forced to take political asylum in London 1981, in Particularly then Mr Gerard Hoareau - SNM/MPR Leader and had been close to Mr Felix Hoareau - my talk and meeting with Mr Felix Hoareau in Swansea on our overall Community situation - upon his tragic death, his them Family and Mrs Hoareau - began to lobby then many relevant British NGO and other Grass Root and Exile bodies that we do not know exactly how long our community would be in Britain - that we need to plan,  build long term Grass root working, Connectivity and acquire the due expertise and resources. Then Mr Philippe Boulee and Ms Kathlen Pillay in London, This policy was not very welcome - the majority held the view this was distraction from our main objective and dilute our capacity - still we pressed on and laid the foundation for SCA/UKSCA, with the important back bone support, advice and debate/dialogue of those Seychellois families in exile and our older Seychellois Community in Britain, including Mr Paul Gobin  - then Wondsworth Council, the Sir James Mancham resident in Putney - Dodar Rd by the Bridge. Then Councillor Fiona McTagart. Then Refugee Council, Amnesty International, then NCVO with the Queen as Patron and LVSC. Their Ethnic and Grass Root Unit then. (Then Zanzibar Exile Community in Britain)

Very important then,  the Exile/refugee landscape of Britain/London and International and the older Grass Root and Ethnic Communities in London. ( By the Way then Princess Diana -may be just some day when we are very old will share some of the Issues) We later found space for our activities by in the Old Town Hall/next door to the Police Station, then Mr Peter Challum of Mauritius News paper. Then Wondsworth Forum - then President of Ghana. My person had also been a member of SNM/MPR,  later elected for Mahe East until the return of Multi party in Seychelles.

With the help and support of the Latin American exile Community - beside then Solidarnos and other East European underground Community, the Pan African congress in London, then Many Irish communities in London - was helped to get a permanent one bed in BRC property, 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent, then GLC and Mr Ken Livingstone we had gone to meet to explain our vision and politic.

We had also known the Philippine Community Voluntary organisation particularly the Nurse and their Research Center in Kilburn.

On account of thee state of things and violent situation in then London we were adopted by the Irish Community of Kilburn - Brent , one of the biggest in London and the Latin America House. Those who had advocated we develop the right resource with the view/objective including then South Africa, Israel Embassy, Australia and the USA to implant work, toward a very effective implantation of NGO/ONG working in Seychelles beside our Government and the Church. The British/USA,  Intelligence were aware and supported this policy/politic.

On a very human and positive note the families who gave/provided us with warmth, shelter, home cooking and love  all along - including the younger one of our then Community, then Miss Simone Horner who would go out of her way and make apple Cider to cheer us up.  

Very Important the support of Mr and Mrs Hooper and their many advice - recommandations - the Family imput.

The many positive advice of the Stravens Family and in particular Mr Marcel Pothin, them Monthy Family - Mr Olaph Monty and his children .

The Decomarmond Family also very close/special   impute -

We do not want to be brash this morning - former Minister D Joubert and former Minister A Uzice suport and advices.

All those from our North London Community who helped and supported our ideas

We had not wanted to mention this in public - those Seychelles Police and ex army Officers in then exile who knew their police counter part and the constraint of then London their support and help.

What about the expat British communities of Seychelles crazy us - their respective conections and impute. Then Lord Oxford families and many acquaintance - the Princess Diana connection and Princess Magaret.

We do not intend to offend anybody - those who knew old East Africa, the Agha Khan people in East Africa - their very special Center in London and the Agha Khan personal support - those who had played the part and recommandation.

Then President F Mitterrand government - then NGO in France


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