Donald Trump inauguration LIVE: New U.S. president vows to 'put ...

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Donald Trump inauguration LIVE: New U.S. president vows to 'put ... Empty Donald Trump inauguration LIVE: New U.S. president vows to 'put ...

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:37 pm

A number of high University officials and indeed Austrian officials silence on the death of Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann - those who concluded his mind/brain function had failed such a great genius. Upon learning of this in quiet many time quarried his high responsibilities as the Head of the Faculty of High Interdisciplinary Management - the vast problematic and challenges he had to face. By the way the incoming new President of Austria is very aware of that SIROP program workings.

With due respect we stress with due respect - after tonight historic events in Washington given that he was not a religious person more a scientist and psychologist - should have put into place some kind of new global Cult movement nobody would have accused him .

We ask everybody including the late Sir James Mancham ro refer/reread some 12 forum, Facebook and blogs entries on the UN/Joint White House approach, conclusion at rebuilding that SIROP program particularly to tackle the global refugee/exile catastrophe - Africa Sustainable Development and that of the EU. Stressing all along had they helped that we have a gatherings many aspects of that SIROP program would have been debated and again in light of the current world economic situation, Finance, political background of conflicts rewrite this Program for the next 10 years, taking into situation-the BRICS developments -

We had/have taken good stock of Mrs Clinton economic plans for the USA and the world and so to Mr Bernie Sanders - both of them very aware of that SIROP program from the USA prospective.

At the time of President Donald Trump election London/PM May had not delivered the bombshell news for Europe and the world. She and the many other equally very aware of that SIROP program function.

Just like then Mr Lech Walesa and several others did not know and understand what they were doing which unleashed events which changed Europe and the world - those who would have written an economic program the UN/IMF/World Bank approach.

The great USA Media - have their own peculiarities, one of them to write about the impacts an effects of that SIROP program on many USA very big business, and the very long list including then Mr Donald Trump; Only he alone knows and remember some of the very positive/high point of that program and the very painful and negative moments.  That program is still running and impacting the great US economy and many other institutional working and structures - global workings - whether by accident or some strange spirit tonight he has done what the UN/IMF/World Bank and EU have refused to do for that SIROP program - the very many announcements he made tonight are closely linked/correlated and driven by that SIORP program dynamic and synergy.

In calling for radical approach to workings the USA economy, society, global relation for/to those out there who judge this/his approach is somewhat very unorthodox and highly erratic. They need to take some time to study in depth with knowledgeable and experience person that SIROP program. At this point we are not going to let the cat out of the bag as they say - sufficient to stress we listen and gave great thought to Mrs Clinton and other USA Politicians view of the US and world economic development the next 5/10 years. Indeed over the next 5/10 years as the new US President endeavors to implement his plans and programs - he would have all the experience of that SIORP program to refer and fall back to.

What would Sir James Mancham have concluded - from our knowledge of him there would be his official and Private views. We took to taking more concern over his private views and if only it could be published the Seychellois Nation would be in utter shock - Which mean/compels us to create a page just like the BRICS page to our portal dedicated to President Donald Trump economic plans for the USA.  In Spain the high personalities are not going to be amused, neither those in Monaco or France or Germany - Just like France experience all those terrible carnage and death and had they sponsored and supported a gathering of that /those who wanted to rebuild that SIROP program it would not have occurred and the German refugee super mess - they have only themselves to blame - How would Prog Dr Hofmann and Dr Von hayack and the like of President F Mitterrand, Mr Julio Andreotti, Helmut Schmidt and many others reacted - including chancellor Kreiskey.

In Davos/WEF, all the mighty and powerful gathered, very rich and with vast resources and due respect to Professor Schwartz capacity, this is not what they said or interpreted and we warned/manned everybody two nights ago in a Facebook impute and how them lot as they say in English will harvest and cream information, repackage and say it was their foresight and wisdom.

Donald Trump inauguration LIVE: New U.S. president vows to 'put ...

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Donald Trump inauguration LIVE: New U.S. president vows to 'put ... Empty Re: Donald Trump inauguration LIVE: New U.S. president vows to 'put ...

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:11 pm

On this special Sabbath we listened live the Adventist Church Nusdorfer Str close to the USA Embassy in Vienna- loads of children for the children story - we tried to pick Newbold Adventist church, fully expecting them to have something very special this Sabbath - they did not have a link - tried Strasbourg Adventist church, a young female preached, the link was terrible/sound - and the prayer. Strasbourg is where in 1980 after that eventful Sabbath, they had prayed and their advice that we go/travel to Britain and take up political Asylum there - had we stayed in France the world would have been a very very very different place - the Jewish Synagogue in Strasbourg and the Jewish community there. Israeli Intelligence Services who knew who my person was.

Yesterday at the inauguration of Mr Donald Trump as the 45th US President , first the prayer in the chapel private no camera, the media coverage of President Reagan Bible used for the swearing ceremony. The three pastors/priest their prayers and the three pastors/priests their prayers after and before the main Dinner. Given that the USA Nation such importance to their fate and belief and the use of the Bible President Ronald Reagan used of his inauguration - what the media have written about the mechanism which brought him to office is wrong - the same mechanism which brought Mr Donald Trump to Office. At the time of the SIROP program inception President Ronald Reagan had at some time question that Historic program because he did not have all the information - Today we were reminded of the Fatima Dossier debacles and the Person of Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict - what ensued and the many research and books and documentaries - part of that SIROP program was to bring about countless highly important changes in the USA Church workings - those who wrote and monitored events and the Construction of Opus Dei new HQ. In former USSR and former COMECON, We want to stress given that Mr Donald Trump has been made the 45th US President and the Spiritual values of the American people - the Vatican have not revealed what really happened at the conception of that SIROP program - the death of the Pope within 30 days and the coming to office of Pope John Paul ll unique and global events which the US as leading nation of the world had to accept and readjust to. In Britain those important church leaders and Institutions who knew.became aware and yet again. We cannot stress enough in a modest way - because we do not have the media resources, staffing and expertise to present what took place and have relied upon those with such resources and possibilities and in doing so the many gaps and they have lend to the messy state of global development - Many of our friends and associates, acquaintances will be upset by the link we are going to add here - we/I have had to work those issues before writing that SIROP program and later the availability of information still the position of the Churches today - Vatican had know what took place upon President Reagen election and that Bible they used for his inaguration - given the important function of the Catholic church in the USA and the use of that Bible if they have come to know and realized what took place. While we are commenting on this topic - the mega debacle of the EU high institutions failing to uphold the Church workings and yet creating a Special office/Department for Terror Legislations those who question the many aspects of Terror -


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