North Korea test-fires missile, apparently challenging Trump

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North Korea test-fires missile, apparently challenging Trump Empty North Korea test-fires missile, apparently challenging Trump

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:09 pm

We addressed a post three days ago about the Nuclear accident off the tip[ of Normandy the Channel Islands - we had refrained form making any comment we buzzes a couple of individuals that they were due to abnormal aggressive synergy/rage, Satan rage - in France those who picked up the issues specially the Minister in question -France PM/former Interior Minister and President Holland office

I/we addressed the death of those 400 wales in New Zealand stating those involved again in applying aggressive to be blunt Masonic mechanism working that Brit exit - requesting that PM May rein in the parties involved all those who picked the issues - those raging we will see when Britexit come if you/those refuse to bow and bend their knees to our Masonic discipline will see what will happen to them.

The last time I/we watched on a carry on Police was withe my late Aunt in Kingston and the husband was an avid Conservative Lady @thatcher supporter - there was a lady Mrs May and she was supposed to be highly connected to the Home office and kept landing in the cell for being drunk - last night the abuse and rage and rave would not stop - the many instance such mechanism have triggered Nuclear topics and Tests and yet what the media and so call experts write - this morning in the news North Korea Test we have worked Mr Donald Trump debacle for some 35 years and we are not in the business of selling Manure.


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