Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted The Guardian

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Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted The Guardian Empty Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted The Guardian

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:59 pm

Little wonder our Ambassador get away with everything - EU workings, and the Council of Europe - one moment they know and the next they do not - yet the real resources of the EU high Institutions.

We have tried/politely en-devoured to share including the EU high officials the crises - linkage with Northern Ireland vast strand we do not mention and write in public, the large crowd who attend that historic Church Service for Mr Martin Mc Guinness they know of the capacity, power and core issues of that SIROP program, they did not have to yell and shout in their eyes - Mr Martin Mc Guinness role and many in Ireland their part. President Bill Clinton and many at that historic function who know aware.

When such is the case and you research and study the way EU and Council of Europe resources are impute you ask yourself and others ask them self including Mr Nigel Farge are these people and official normal, Serious. Because if you do not know how to look after and manage what is very precious and important to your system and overall function you will get mega crap/problematic - yet. That SIROP program was not for them 95,000 little people/inhabitant of the Indian ocean only - precisely we had studied and review the workings and history of East Africa and the Indian Ocean, the let down and the betrayal and the dishonesty in putting together that program how we went about it -

To all the European media crapping and conning - the Spanish Royal Family where that portal is hosted their royal resources and capacity beside all the EU Royal workings - had that program not existed/been put into place there would not be the Europe we have today, the Europe they are going to Rome to celebrate its 60 year anniversary - ask all the Masonic, Illuminati, Templar and Church Fraternal bodies and personalities - yet this morning as they gather that program very special connections and relation to Vatican and the Italian nation their workings -do they want us/my person to break the rules and publish what ought not to be. The affront and insult to the former Russian Nation and the people of the former COMECON

The EU have had several years, data and harvesting of information from the Nations of the Indian Oceanus, Regional Africa - that program was not written by the OAU or the Commonwealth as many would like others to believe -

Divisions on the road to Rome

After a terror attack on London, the mood will be sombre in Rome tomorrow when EU leaders gather for a special summit to mark the 60th anniversary of the bloc's founding treaty.

Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted The Guardian

Gentiloni says no to divided EU before anniversary ANSA med


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