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Dr Maime Ferrari  revelation/interview  Empty Dr Maime Ferrari revelation/interview

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:03 pm

ANNOU KOZE with Dr Maxime Ferrari courtesy of Alexander Pierre and team. Remarkable testimony - will this be another step towards bringing closure but importantly justice to those suffering families? I hope so. Great work.


Comment -
Obviously this video has been in circulation and the book - having written about the time the Treaty of Rome was signed 60 years ago and the 5 years prior to the Treaty then Dr/Mrs Stevenson Delhomme as Chair Person of Victoria District Council, Mr Delhomme as pro Consul -then Seychelles , we had advocated instead of Seychelles being aligned to the USA, Britain, France or Russia - to develop special relation with the emerging EU entity. Events of the past 20 years in Seychelles and the Indian ocean - those who had vehemently opposed this from our exile and Seychelles upon the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the pictures we have publish at the SIROP portal this interview by MNA Flory Larue and the contents of the Interview. Our very important Sechelles Seychelles Italian Illuminati workings in the Indian Ocean and Europe and the world - we have posted the interview at our Forum -


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Dr Maime Ferrari  revelation/interview  Empty Re: Dr Maime Ferrari revelation/interview

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:11 pm


Thank you Alexander Pierre and Flory Larue for that revealing and groundbreaking interview with Dr. Maxime Ferrari. Alexander, may I add that Gerard would have been extremely proud of you, as I know that he was very close to you and your parents. This has been a sterling piece of work by Flory and you.
We would also like to thank Dr. Ferrari for his revelations. Whether or not Dr. Ferrari has revealed the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whether he has revealed entirely all that he knows or was aware of, is open to debate. It certainly seems that at times he was trying hard to absolve himself of blame by claiming that he was not aware of Albert Rene’s intentions on some of the atrocities that occurred. He was at pains to distance himself from the brutality of the regime in which he was the number two at the time. This seems to be in contradiction to some of his behaviour at the time, an example being his energetic crusade to raise money globally for the regime after the Mike Hoare liberation attempt of the 25th November 1981 and where he extolled the virtues of the great socialist regime of F.A. Rene to the world. At the time he blamed the destruction that occurred on the mercenaries when he knew full well that it was their own army who caused it when they opened up indiscriminately with artillery fire on the airport. The mercenaries had only assault rifles and had no heavy weapons of any sort to cause the heavy damage that resulted. However, the veracity of what was individual responsibility and what was collective responsibility within the Rene regime leadership at the time can only be established when all the parties make their revelations and the truth can then be established through correlation of the facts.

This interview has also established and confirmed our long held assertion that France Albert Rene bears full responsibility for all those political crimes that occurred during his one party state era, including the assassination of our beloved Gerard on foreign ground. France Albert Rene is indeed a butcher and murderer along with those that he ordered to carry out those atrocities on his behalf. What we now need to establish is the level of responsibility of others that formed part of the leadership of his regime and their roles in those heinous crimes. In order to know that, Rene will, sooner rather than later, need to be hauled before some sort of authority to answer to justice. Ferrari’s revelations have provided enough evidence to warrant this. If Danny Faure fails to act, he must be deemed guilty by association, and like Richard Nixon he should be impeached for a cover up. It is sad and extremely concerning to know that there are murderers walking free in our society and where in fact many are living the high life.

If as expected, Danny Faure fails to act and bearing in mind Dr. Ferrari’s revelations, it is also high time that all the families of the victims should consider collectively looking at the possibility of bringing charges of crimes against humanity against Albert Rene at the International Court of Justice at the Hague as the party ultimately responsible for this. It is a long shot but worth consideration.

Regardless, the revelations of Dr. Ferrari must be welcomed with the spirit that it has set the wheels in motion for the truth to be told and he has set the example that others should follow. Dr. Ferrari has laid the first piece of the truth puzzle on the table and there are still many more pieces to come.
It looks as if this interview is the start of the much-awaited Truth Commission. Interesting times lie ahead.

Ralph Hoarau


Andre Uzice Well said Ralph!!! I would like to add, what about the injections that was administered by the doctor, was that revealed?

Andre Uzice I have not had the opportunity to listen because it would cost to much on a dongal, but hoping the revelations will be published in full by the news papers.

Andre Uzice LDS has no right to tell the opposition supporters or family members that no one will go to prison or be prosecuted when it's not their family that have been tortured and brutally killed in some cases in the most evil form. 32/33 bullets was a message, did it mean one bullet represented each of the 33 who took part in the coup?

Andre Uzice Where would we all be now if these greedy vile evil people had not brought such brutality to our peaceful paradise?.....the most beautiful unspoiled islands in the world!!

Yvonne Maria nice words hun those criminals should pay for all the crimes they have commited... it's not a witch hunt but justice.. for our beloved heroes

Andre Uzice My father and the many who have passed must be turning in their graves to think the opposition would allow these thieves and murderers to get away scot-free for all their evil deeds and ruining our beautiful country and people, and to make it worse, while they are still practicing the EK NOU PA EK NOU POLICY. How many of them were like brothers and sisters in this small community? I heard so many stories of the close community back then. Rene and his accomplices brought so much chaos and suffering and to be told by LDS, who many at that time were SPUP sympathizers, that not even land can be taken back let alone the audacity from Wavel Ramkalawan to suggest no one can be sent to prison after his party members making the exact opposite claims in the run up to elections is absurd!!!


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Dr Maime Ferrari  revelation/interview  Empty Re: Dr Maime Ferrari revelation/interview

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:22 pm

‎Daniel Cesar‎ to One Seychelles
8 hrs ·
James Alix Michel and Ogilvy Berlouis
According to Dr Maxime Ferrari, the coup was led byJames Alix Michel and Ogilvy Berlouis! Should they explain the 40 years of tyranny in Seychelles? A must see Annou Koze with Dr Ferrari.

Carlette Ball I keep praying Paul that the day will come when that eye witness will have the gut to relieve his conscience and let us know what really happen, as we need to know, Hassan being a gentleman, who has helped a lot of seychellois,, specially you now in th...See More

Parvez Udwadia Bonnelame remember sickness or suicide kills before it is too late.

Mohammad Jafar I believe that this so-called truth & reconciliation committee is a concoction between parti lepep & Lds which is trying to rid themselves of the responsibility of bringing those responsible for all those atrocities to justice. We need international ju...See More

France Maria Mohammad Jafar, I personally feel the softly softly approach is not doing Justice to what the People are demanding. Killing someone is a crime in any Country and it should be treated as such.

Ted Agathe Mohammad Jafar I fear there cld b some sad truth in wat u saying... Anyway the people will judge....

Carlette Ball Please Mohammad Jafar, let us help our LDS leaders and stop criticising them before they even start. Thank you.

Mohammad Jafar They've been in office for the last five to six months & all they've voted on is to give the lepep ex-Mna's & themselves a fat pay cheque at the age of 55 years. Now they don't even want their own Mna's to talk about the gross misapropriation of state land which is our people's land while thousands of our people are still without a home.

Nirvad Vidot Mohammad it's because of LDS that all these revelations are coming to light

Farida Rose Fanchette Mohamed Jafar is right!

Marie-France Sophie The reason why we will never know the whole truth is because some of us are too quick to judge instead of exercising patience to fish for some more information.

Paul B Chow You will not know the whole truth because it was misguided blind ambition for power that compelled Ferrari to join Rene in 1967 and to be his willing accomplice in the destruction of our nascent democracy.

Juliana Betsy Totally agree with you Paul. You must also remember the meeting in Germany by Dr. Shelly, where he wanted Mancham & others to endorse Dr Ferrari to become the opposition leader. You & others know what happened.

Juliette de Baun You are wrong Paul. Maxine Ferrari was not involved in politics for a long time. It was my dad Henry Ferrari ( en SPUP araze on Praslin at that time) who kept pestering him to join SPUP. You shouldn't make assumptions.

Farida Rose Fanchette The truth will never come out, akoz.i anan.Pou lav zot lanmen pareil pilat, ,e osi i pou anan, ki pou tap kalot ladan,,ler pou ariv devan.Lasanble! Bokou Pou gayne proteze pareil Labitid!

Monmemmonsa Oupeanut I got kicked of UNITED SEYCHELLES DAILY for saying less about Maxime Ferrari. Larue Pips. I still haven't been offered any justification for your action.

Farida Rose Fanchette Unbelievable!

Farida Rose Fanchette Zis get la,,deza i anan pe komans soutir Dr Ferrari! Ler ou comment montre Dr Ferrari i anan.ki pa kontan! Sa mem sa mon dir, ki lazistis sesel, ,pa pou zanmen anan! Tro bokou laisse fer, dan tou Le de kote parti!

Payette Jean At least Dr ferrari has balls even he is trying to save his skin, can we see others come forth? I bet you he is sleeping better than a lot of others.

Farida Rose Fanchette Yes, nw he maybe Will sleep better than others,,akoz in lav son lanmen pareil Pilat!

Payette Jean At least in lav son lamen , pou mwan i ase pou tir li lo mon lalis. mon pe esper lezot osi pou lav lanmen.

Farida Rose Fanchette Jean Payet,, si ou pe Adler la zistis sesel, pou kondan sa ban dimoun,, mon kroir ou a asper lontan!

Farida Rose Fanchette Pe esper!

Marie-France Sophie Farida dear, I know where you're coming from and what you mean. Nou tou nou annan defo, napa dimounn parfe lor sa later. Mwan mon kwar dan pardon e rekonsilyasyon. Si en dimounn ti abitye fer en serten pese, e apre i repantir e arrete e demann pardon, nou annan tou dwa pou pardonn li.

Payette Jean mon pa pe esper sa mwan, mon le zis zot vin devan e dir zot rol ki zot in zwe, setou. laziztis a fer son lovraz.

Farida Rose Fanchette Marie France sophie, I know that nobody's perfect,,I don't need u to tell me that! Bon Dieu ki Pardonen! Pa mon ek ou!

Marie-France Sophie Be lekel ki dir ou I pann demann pardon ek bon Dye e Bon Dye in pardon li? Sa ki Bon Dye in pardonn en, nou napa dwa kondannen. Sa se parol Bon Dye.

Farida Rose Fanchette Soutire men ou!

Monmemmonsa Oupeanut Payette jean .. fine if that is what it will take for you to forgive him but unfortunately for the sons, daughters and parents who have lost their loved ones i think it will take a little bit more than just an interview. An interview that was for better part orchestrated to exonerate himself.

Fazal Tall Economical with the truth....that's my humble opinion

Payette Jean Excuse me? this is my opinion not yours or any party, I have the right to choose who I forgive and who I don't, the other victims i leave it to their parents not me to decide, forgiveness is NOT a national obligation it is a personal obligation, I forgive for what I have been tru not what for others.

Monmemmonsa Oupeanut That's exactly what i said. "Who feels it knows it". Peace bro.

Hatim Tall What does Marise have to say about this then?
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Dr Maime Ferrari  revelation/interview  Empty Re: Dr Maime Ferrari revelation/interview

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:42 am

Today in Seychelles with Flory Larue.

2 hrs ·
Interview with Flory Larue, Proportionally
Elected Member for LDS in the National Assembly

"A group of 20 people own the wealth of this country"

Two recent events have turned the spotlight on Flory Larue. First, she has put on record a witness, Dr. Maxime Ferrari, who gives a first-hand account of the sombre period of our history. Second, her extensive efforts in investigating the numerous land scandals in the country have started to pay off. In this interview, she gives us an insight into the underlying motivations for her actions.

by R. Meetarbhan

A major battle, that you fought together with Alexander Pierre, just ended in a victory. You caused ten plots of land to be returned to the state.

I would not call what happened a victory. Danny Faure made arrangements with the owner of Sarah Ltd. to return the property and this is commendable. But this is not the issue. This case was only one example of the abuse that the people of Seychelles had to tolerate during the 40-year reign of Parti Lepep. Now if Danny Faure is serious about change, he has to make accountable those who made this and other land transactions.

You also made headlines after the interview that Dr. Maxime Ferrari gave you. He talks about the killings and mysterious disappearances of the past. How was this project born?

5 June 1977 is a date in our history that is very significant. Many things come from there: political changes, disturbances, emotional contradictions. This date is very much present in the history of Seychelles, yet we know nothing about it. We do not learn about it in schools and the events are not completely recorded in books. The ruling party celebrates that date whereas, from my perspective, it is associated with painful and negative events that have to be told. For that reason, the interview with Maxime Ferrari has always been on
the cards to give a version of what was untold.

Why did you choose to interview him in particular?

Mr. Ferrari would have been one of the persons closest to Albert René like James Michel and Ogilvy Berlouis. This interview had to happen. His version of what happened deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. It was just the timing that remained to be decided. This is not to override the Truth and Reconciliation Committee but to keep a record archived on video for future generations. We have to remember that he is 87 years old.

The purpose was to understand what happened after 5 June 1977?

To start with, we had to know what happened on 5 June 1977, how
it came about. Why did 5 June 1977 have to happen when we had already gone through a democratic process and there was a coalition government in power? The people involved have to explain all this. Then, we, the People will decide whether we accept that it happened, forgive and move on. We, as a nation, can also decide whether we are prepared to bring the perpetrators to task. Should they be tried? We can at least ask them for the truth so that history can be set right for future generations.

Are you satisfied that you achieved your objective through that interview?

Whatever Maxime Ferrari said in the interview, he already said in a
book written 18 years ago, in 1999, "Sunshine and Shadows". But the information was not well-disseminated. I have used a form of communication that allows more people to have access to it. We reached a large audience. The video has had over 10,000 views since it was uploaded on 26 March 2017.

Ferrari gives a first-hand account of horrible events. Were you shocked?

I was emotional when conducting it. I have watched the interview several times since and each time it has moved me emotionally. The things you hear from Ferrari have always been hidden from my generation. People do not talk about that over dinner nor admit in public that these things did happen. I was emotional because I knew it was going out to the whole of the country and to the community of Seychellois who lives abroad, those who left because of what happened.

l grew up in the UK, a country where freedom of expression exists. I came back to Seychelles at the age of 20 where I discovered that people were unable to openly express views, opinions and thoughts. Even established people who have had a prestigious career are afraid to express their views openly.

This is no longer the case, I presume.

Many are still hesitant to express their real opinion. They hold back.
There are others whose wives or parents fear for their safety.

Today, they would be afraid of whom?

The fear lingers on. They are indoctrinated to be faithful. It has been
part of their system for 40 years. You had to show that you are loyal to get access to something as basic as higher education. It was the same thing for getting land, getting a job or progressing in your career. Today, some parents still warn their children to stay away from political conversations, from politically affiliated persons and from movements that say controversial things against government.
People often put aside principles and ethics just to get ahead.

During the René era, was loyalty so important a qualification?

René picked Michel as his successor. Why? Was he the most able man for the job or was he rewarded for his loyalty on 5 June? You see, you were rewarded for loyalty in those times. During Michel's presidency, the country was ruled under the directives and influence of Albert René. He had to please René.

After October 2016, does René still wield much political influence?

I believe Danny Faure was earmarked by Albert René to be president after James Michel. Do not forget that before the elections, we could see Danny Faure still using a very aggressive language. He sticks to the spirit of the revolution and bears allegiance to the party where he comes from.

But at the same time, he is the one who removed the 5 June as a
public holiday.

Because he had no choice. He had to do this to survive. James Michel resigned less than a year after his election. He was not sick, so why did he resign? I believe that was down to the pressure of the times. The change was inevitable. People were angry. With changes in the political landscape and the victory of LDS, he would have been unable to perform, to do business as usual, to run the country. He would not have survived politically, he had to cede power to somebody who could protect and regenerate the party. Danny Faure does not have a fresh slate with the presidency but comes from the same pack of wolves, so he inherits the works of his predecessors. He comes from the group who ruled this country. If he claims he was unable to do anything then he reinforces and confirms that the country was run as a dictatorship all along and it was a ‘Do as I say‘

But after assuming the presidency, he liberated himself from the wolves...

Your statement is debatable. Would he be able to liberate himself
completely? Does he believe there was no corruption in this country? In a way, he helped put it in place. What did he do as a minister to defend this country? He has been a part of them, condoning or tolerating all the mess.

How do you judge Faure's actions after October 2016?

I can have sympathy or understanding for what he is doing, but
sometimes it is a little too late. This country is not rotting but is rotten. You have let it rot and now you come out and say it is rotten! You were there all along.

Would you agree that what the current president is doing at least on the subject of national unity is positive?

The change had to come. He had to take that direction, he did not have the choice. If he had chosen a different course, his life would not have been easy.

If Michel had stayed on would we as a country have made the
progress that we just made?

No, we would not. Even though anyone would have been obliged to
bring changes, with Michel the pace would have been much slower.

Danny Faure is open to suggestions. Do you give him the credit of
listening to citizens and to the Opposition?

Danny Faure belongs to a party that is losing its relevance. It has
no identity. Remember that Danny Faure has not made any statement to give his stance with respect to the party. Yes, he is listening and adapting to what people are asking. He could be playing a game. If he feels that bringing change is a winning game, he will act the way he is doing. There may be some genuineness in
that but some questions have to be put. Is he prepared to bring to task the corrupt ministers of his party? Will he prosecute the authors of the coup d'état for treason against the republic?

This cannot be done overnight. Would you agree that he has taken
his distance from the hardliners of SPPF?

If you are talking from a party angle, then let me tell you that it was
already a broken party since a long time ago. I do not think Danny Faure was part of the James Michel team. There are rumours that he was not very relevant even then and that he was the choice of René, not Michel. The split with the Michel team had been there for a long time.

A split that is deepening due to his progressist policies.

When I see Charles De Commarmond and Basil Hoareau, I find it obvious that they do not like the man. These are Michelists and of course there are always rumours that fuel these speculations.

When Danny Faure came on TV and said I am removing 5 June, did
you say: Wow, that's a great man!

No. 5 June was the darkest day in our history. We turned into a fearful and backward country. I come from a party that has called for the removal of 5 June as a celebration. We have been campaigning for that to happen. 5 June had to go. It was not a matter of choice. Already, Zonm Lib was moved by Michel. It is part of a cycle. Danny Faure just happened to be the president when the removal of 5 June happened.

Danny Faure has said that he will have no tolerance for corruption.
LDS is pushing in the same direction. Can we expect to see corrupt people behind bars soon?

Change occurred only six months ago. The opposition is asking questions and committees have been set up to find answers. Ministers, in the eyes of the public, are expected to be accountable to the public. Let us see what will happen to the minister and PS of land who was responsible in 2008 for the sale of 11 plots of land in Beau Vallon in one single day to a naturalised Seychellois. In a country where there a one man - one plot of land policy and where 9,000 people are waiting for a plot of land, one guy gets 11 pieces in one day! And he was naturalised one year before setting up his company, Sarah Ltd. The president needs to defend the land assets
of Seychelles. He needs to bring this case to court. We need to know who is responsible.

You are saying that the President should bring the case to court. But there are other institutions that have the responsibility to investigate and prosecute. They are not doing their jobs?

No, they are not doing their jobs yet. The President must walk the
talk. Is he prepared to file a case against a minister suspected of corruption? If government is serious, it should appoint a committee which will go to the Registrar and see who has obtained more than one plot of land. We must know who benefitted from the system. In this particular example of the 11 plots given to Suliman, the offence of corruption is committed not by this businessman but by the person who signs the documents granting the 11 pieces of land to this man. I gave the evidence to the President. It is up to him to decide how he wishes to proceed to define who is responsible.

Would you say that things have changed in terms of corruption after
October 2016?

Yes, people are more hesitant, more apprehensive when it comes to favours or bribes, they know that many people are watching and they are more alert now. With the new Access to Information Act, things will get still better.

What is the ultimate objective of your investigations? Sending people to jail?

There are two aspects to this issue. The first one is the unveiling part, the second is the consequences that the perpetrators may face. The unveiling aspect is necessary because you cannot move forward by denying your past. The acts committed have to be looked at and exposed. We can then take a broader view about the consequences and consider mitigating the actions that should be taken. Whether the consequences will follow the letter of the law or the guilty people are given an amnesty, this has to be decided but the records have to be set straight and the acts exposed.

You are known as a staunch environmental activist. Why do you
feel so strongly on the Grand Police issue?

The Grand Police development is about a 320-room hotel project. There is a land issue there in addition to an environmental issue. The land was sold outright to a company which is now registered in the British Virgin Islands. Can you imagine this? This pristine site was sold to a ghost! This is acquired land which was seized in the national interest then sold to a ghost company.

What is the way forward concerning that project?

The promoter submitted his project in 2006 and the land sold to him one year later. Now we have to find out how it all happened. There is ambiguity in the process. It hints at corruption.

From a legal perspective, what is wrong with the sale of the state lands in this case?

When you sell State lands, you have to know to whom you are selling. Can we sell to Al Qaida or ISIS, for example? Now, was the process OK by law? There were no tenders nor auction but a sale done under the carpet to an offshore company in British Virgin Islands. It was seized in the national interest, but can this project be considered to be in the national interest?

Which one of the following three would you say have harmed Seychelles' interests most: the Arab dominance, the Irish Scandal
or the Russian influence?

The Arabs came in through one person, James Michel. The Irish came in large numbers under James Michel. He brought them in because he was afraid of his shadow. As to the Russian influence and their involvement through the Savoy, it all happened because of James Michel. I will not look at each group separately because there is only one source for those who came in and gained privileges.

The authorities have often denied the persistence of sizeable pockets of poverty arguing that Seychelles is classified as a high income country. What is your take on that subject?

During the electoral campaign, I visited people's homes and realised
how much the country is in a dire state. We have to acknowledge that people struggle a lot in this country. For over 40 years, a handful of people benefitted from the riches and resources of this country. They manipulated it in such a way that the wealth remains within that group. It is a small group. There are about 20 of them. They rule everything.

A socialist state redistributes wealth, tt does not concentrate wealth in a few hands! If we were a socialist state, the party in power would not own 40 pieces of state lands totalling 80,000 sq. metres, officially registered in their name. Socialist? If they gave 40 plots to themselves as a party, what did they give to themselves as individuals?

Comment -
We command MNA Larue - would like to remind her if she grew up in Britain and left at the age of 20 years old she it not telling the nation everything - she is being very reserved. Why is she scared to talk about that SIROP program - does she know of the workings of Pan African congress and similar entity in Africa during the cold war - had we gone to the UN with an Official request their reaction over that SIROP program we had to find our own solution for our people and region - let us talk about it.


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