First train from UK to China set to depart from Essex

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First train from UK to China set to depart from Essex

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:30 am

The question we ask of that Seychellois Nation, their National Assembly and politicians is that all they can do after the thread on the three and more Big Banks involved in that SIROP program

For a small nation there is a lot of Drug on that Island the positive and adverse medical and scientific impacts - some would say it is not enough - how big nation during the Cold War used Drugs to influence Local, regional and international politic

Countless time we have addressed and stated/copies to the Leader of the Opposition Sir James Mancham, Later Hon Wavel those who had wanted us to use the same mechanism to influence a mega change in China and our refusal and we informed the Chinese government and their High Officials - we had seen the super mess they had made of USSR. The Chinese never forgot this and they have a better memory than many of the so call Democratic and more advance nations - part of the New Palais de Justice and the National Assembly and other National Projects.

At the same time those in china who had trusted President JA Michel would not only bolster his image and position with all kinds of grand Titles - but continue working the Bigger Economic issues China/that SIROP program linked to China - our mention that in 2016 our EU portal down and China alone lost $900 billion on their Market - Hon Afiff and the little dancing their camtole in the National Assembly.

There have been a number of Seychelles China Bilateral projects/workings - President JA Michel direction of the Blue Economy after he had raided that SIROP program .

Without that SIROP program China, the mighty China would not be where it is today - there are very very many thematic we are not addressing the public - hence our request for the UN and EU help us report on that program and their refusal

In Seychelles and Mauritius and African the Train Projects and Light Railway project the Technology and expertise China have acquired meanwhile - then President Mitterrand and those in Germany the linking topic s of the Ice Train and TGV Technology /purchase and other associated Bilateral issues which took place.

These are thematic which any normal would look forward/put into place parameters to address , supporting resources. Not so that crazy pup up Seychelles.

In China this morning the news of the first direct Train from North of England with Cargo/Container direct to China. ( We are informed President Donald Trump is displeased with my person - we would like to ask/remind him very politely the role of Germany in West Africa, Tanganyika and Zanzibar and the role of the French East Indies in the Indian ocean and Asia our ancestors knowledge and experiences they have amassed and we the Heritage of the Indian Ocean understanding of China./Asia politic and big business and their function in the great world and the region . )

First train from UK to China set to depart from Essex

Thirty containers filled with British produced goods were setting off on the 7,500-mile journey from Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. Whisky, soft drinks, vitamins, pharmaceuticals and baby products are among the items being exported.


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