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Viaduct Renovation

Your Aunt have been to Folkestone with the people she works for and talked about the start of work on the Sea Front - when you and your parent, Elijah and brother was here the visit to the seafront - what I told your brother about that heraldic coat of arms project the Library, the many development is impacting in Folkestone because this is where I put the project together before you jump you gun it take many years to understand and study how they/it works you will have to rely on you gut feeling that I am not lying to you - This project is where your picture is in the Yard and a small property in France to house/store it how /France would benefit and yet those in France - may be we should cut a deal with some Arab let him/them in on it and get them to help with the money. -

Folkestone hit by ‘gentrification’ row over Saga tycoon’s harbour plan
Seaside town’s social problems are being ignored, say critics, who fear expensive new homes, shops and restaurants risk polarising community

Folkestone seafront redevelopment to start this year says Folkestone Harbour Company

Folkestone Harbour Company announces seafront regeneration work start date

Folkestone Seafront development: New plans for Folkestone Harbour Station revealed


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