It was with great sadness and profound shock that I learnt of the brutal attack that struck Manchester.

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It was with great sadness and profound shock that I learnt of the brutal attack that struck Manchester. Empty It was with great sadness and profound shock that I learnt of the brutal attack that struck Manchester.

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Jean-Claude Juncker
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It was with great sadness and profound shock that I learnt of the brutal attack that struck Manchester.
It breaks my heart to think that, once again, terrorism has sought to instil fear where there should be joy, to sow division where young people and families should be coming together in celebration.
I would like to convey my deepest sympathies to Prime Minister May and to the British people.
Today we mourn with you. Tomorrow we will work side by side with you to fight back against those who seek to destroy our way of life. They underestimate ours and your resilience – these cowardly attacks will only strengthen our commitment to work together to defeat the perpetrators of such vile acts.…/press-release_STATEMENT-17-1434_en.htm

Mr ............................. it is people like you who should be sent to Guantanamo Bay - dishonest, corrupted and conning human - You work involved with a system abusing and exploiting - with all. of Seychelles so call benchmarks of preparing for the unexpected the amount of money you all get and salaries and yet the very people you have robbed and are robbing, defrauding what you say and write about. The the Justice write of the Truth Commission and Anti corruption Commission is a perception - Other Nations situation when you get such massive abuses and thieving. I( had wanted to post last night that Sir James Mancham is dead as very dead - the reason he died. He knew was aware of what I have been publishing and protesting for the past 30 years and yet - all the money him and his associates were making. Those who treat our post as Spam -
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Shila Barrett Ledbrook
Shila Barrett Ledbrook Listened too much to farage .what you have written today is contemptible

Mitchel J Edmond For 30 years I have spent the many emails to the UN/UNHCR, the International court of Justice , European court - the practice what you read in the paper and listen on the TV is contemptible ( the massive application of that infernal satanic/rage while broadcasting to control and terrorize the mass ) - just because a person or group of person do not/lack the capacity to use good lawyers/law firm to write for them and support them by the above mentioned Like Judge Ben Chataway of Dauhaty Chamber where Amal Clooey wife works, the long years Ben Chatawy worked for Hopkin, Murrey , Beskin solicitors - the we slip in the despotic practices - we can and will do anything to you nobody is going to come and help and do anything to /prevent us. The EU know of this practices, first those who is being terrorized for 30 years must die, their children and many others from the affected issues, even them just may be somebody in EU/UN will follow up and meanwhile the garbage of the Paper and TV. Is/was PM Gordon Brown telling lies when he warned my person to get out fast before the next Conservative government come in what they will do to my person - the French government and their many agencies, the information they have on my person are they telling lies. My battle for the past 5 years to get my political asylum transferred under UNHCR charter to France - ( Cannot scroll upward to edit) My place in Islington is next to the Polish Catholic church and ST Peter Church as the priests and the church workers and those who attend church what really goes on then come and share what you get to know and told here.

Edek Toczyński Hey Juncker, forget Manchester. Your real problem is democracy in Poland. Today you have to talk about attack, but in a week you can get back to worrying about democracy in Poland and Hungary.

This shows what your politics reallly mean....See More

Nicholas Farmer If there was ever a need to look after our own borders it is now. Being part of the of the EU's open border policy and rules was the biggest mistake Great Britain ever made 👊

Luis Andrés Mariño How many more attacks before you start doing something? Sympathy is needed but it won't be enough to beat terrorists. EU needs a new commissioner, you're a joke

Jhang Schintgen Fundamentalist ISLAM is the ENEMY! Sorry for all moderate muslim hypocrites who's feelings have been hurt. And just so you know, the Lord Jesus Christ is my Saviour, you may kill me! But I know where I'm going. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ

David Hyldkrog Who has imported half the Middle East into Europe and who will continue importing people from there? So who has a big responsibility in all the terror attacks that happen in Europe? It has the politicians who stand for that policy and the voters who vote for them.

Marcin Szymek pardon me, your RESILENCE!??? an innocent people are getting KILLED every week (due to YOUR STUPID POLITICS!) and You are talking about Your RESILENCE and STRENGHT!!???? You CANT even NAME the attackers because your brains have been eaten by political correctness, and instead of resolving a REAL problems YOU (stupid union bureaucrats!) are to busy to "defend polish democracy!" guess what!??? stop drinking!

Manoj Kumar sir please reverse open border migration policies, these people hate western christian civilization, europe should stop granting nationality and citizenship numbered in in ten and thousands , legal migration should be curbed or stopped. instead you help the islamic countries develop their own economies through financial aid and technology transfer, let them build their own world

Bogusław Gębusia Manchester ? There is no difference between you and the Islamic murderers... you alkoholic.

Stine Rosenkilde Nilsson Hurra for Poland and Hungary they are doing it right, we will have moore of this

Shila Barrett Ledbrook Today i am not going to dignify your poison with a reply. We have not got an open border.

Sofica Mihai Liverpool Street attack of 2005 still fresh în my MIND. WHAT about the Spanish one în the Atocha Station ? Bad memories în Europe.

Wawrzek Iwański and what - you will send there more crayons, organize another silent walk... ? wow.... what an attitude for action...

Edek Toczyński How you're going to defeat the perpetrators? With chalk and flowers? Or maybe by appealing to EU values?

Matt Hart The EU has been the biggest help to ISIS helping them flourish in Europe with the open borders, as the many terrorist attacks have shown. The sooner we leave the EU the better and this irrelevant little man does not feel he has the right to ruin our country any more than he has ruined Europe by treating a continent like his own personal country

Matt Rees Try vetting boarders, this would be one small step to stop poison spreading

Paul Stephen Nutter Thank you, Europe stands together against terrorism.

Bódis Kata Stop pampering terrorism-suspects.

Nigel Franks Looks like the trolls are up early today.

Shila Barrett Ledbrook Thank you junker

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Ramadan Elnamach feeling sad about
‪Félicitations Emmanuel Macron ! Heureux que les Français aient choisi un avenir européen. Ensemble pour une Europe plus forte et plus juste‬

Sebastian Gardner Congratulations 👏👏👏 to Angela Merkel supported by Jean Claude Juncker and the EU for winning the French presidential election.

Othmar Vohringer The EU made sure France will remain a EU slave. There was so much hope that LePen would lead France into freedom and return France to a sovereign nation state, like England did with Brexit. Poor France, I hope the people will remember by the next terror attacks whom they have to blame. Wink
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