Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

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Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles Empty Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

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Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

Peter the Great, A tsar in France. 1717 | Presse - Château de Versailles

Peter the Great's visit to France to be marked by exhibition at Versailles

Putin to get royal welcome from Macron at Versailles despite rift over ...

Première rencontre entre Poutine et Macron pour un dialogue « sans concession »
Le Monde - ‎il y a 2 heures‎
Le président français reçoit, lundi, son homologue russe à Versailles. La relation bilatérale, dégradée, ainsi que l'Ukraine et la Syrie figurent au centre des discussions. LE MONDE | 29.05.2017 à 06h42 • Mis à jour le 29.05.2017 à 09h15 | Par Isabelle ...

Macron et Poutine à Versailles, dans les pas de Pierre Le Grand - La Croix

Wladimir Putin besucht Emmanuel Macron in Frankreich
SPIEGEL ONLINE - ‎vor 21 Minuten‎
Klar, Le Pen wäre ihm lieber gewesen. Das hat Wladimir Putin im französischen Wahlkampf durchblicken lassen. Doch nun ist Emmanuel Macron Präsident - das erste Treffen der beiden dürfte spannend werden. © Saima Altunkaya. Von Christina Hebel ...

Macron trifft Putin in Versailles
In Versailles wird eine Ausstellung über Zar Peter eröffnet. Putin ist dabei - und trifft Frankreichs neuen Staatschef Macron. Themen: Der Syrien- und der Ukrainekonflikt.

Comment -

We would like to remind Europe of event last Monday when the builders in the yard informed us we had two weeks to vacate the Yard where we have been working and our Seychelles EU Community Heraldic and the Sechelles Heritage Trust Project.

We had not check the French media his morning - via France the debacle of President Vladimir Putin at Versailles upon the occasion of 300 year Anniversary of Peter the Great to Versailles.

Way back when President F Mitterrand was alive and Lady Thatcher just as we encountered many challenges with the British government and its institutions concerning/over our greater Europe and ancestral French Heritage in Europe, the world and the Indian Ocean the mega debacle of the Treaty of Rome and  Maastricht Treaty where the/these Rights were given, bequeath to the respective Ethnic communities in Europe - meaning before that Treaty France and its institution had primary high responsibility and Britain .

On account of then Cold War, the standoff between USSR, the Warsaw Pact and the COMECON , Communist world - it was not France or the Francophone who had lead and spear headed the concept of that SIROP program - we/It was decided to review in depth our French and European ancestral workings then Cold War then 1986/87 to apply these mechanism and dynamic to find a solution to the Cold War, Communist stand off between the West and East. All those alive at the time who knew of the issues  and yet then media  and what have later been written as history - the Vatican and then Orthodox Church.

We had studied and had to study Russia ancestral/Arcadian workings heritage along with that of France and ancient Europe and how they can be applied and use to leverage the concept and implementation of that SIROP program .  President Gorbachev and president Yeltsin knew of those issues and many other Russian high officials and the break up of USSR and the many governments and those who became their president and PM knew/knowledge of these topics. yet the so call global media and French media.

In case those in France the current government doubt of the capacity of the Indian Ocean and Europe french ancestral heritage and workings of those nations and their decedents - the history of pre colonization of the Indian Ocean region and India, the statement that in the Indian Ocean their were more powerful Royal workings as in France proper  and later the Revolution, attempt to bring the King back on the throne of France and Bonaparte era. These values and heritage we alone have the Right to work and manage them - the French media views and arguments.  The European agenda and the functioning of EU today and the super mess we have landed in and yet they are supposed to be very knowledgeable. The European and International court.

Given the Yard debacle in Kent - over the past 27 years the issue we have worked with the Russian Heraldry/Heraldic high workings and personalities, their royal families and everybody chose to forget - pretend they never occurred.  This is the abnormal world  and those who know the very unique role and function of that SIROP program , the national media and archive and film makers what they have written and presented as facts. Very important the thematic co the Assassination of the last Tsar Family and the discovery of their graves and the linking issue of the British Royal Families we worked then 1986/87 onward those who ought to know. Then contemporary European families of 1986/7 who knew and were involved in the process and yet the disgusting media their lies and sleazes.

Countless times over the 27 years have addressed the role and importance of that SIROP program in helping driving and synergying the topic of those 250,000 Russian Jews who were allowed to return to Israel and since then Israel media  and the world Jewish media comportment -

The privatization of Russia Economy and Industries - impacted, synergized and driven by that SIROP program then President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin - those who made very vast fortunes in Europe and other parts of the world/the USA form the process then what they wrote as the Truth . Again the knowledge of President James Mancham - involvements on account of that SIROP program.

There have been several major national renovation buildings project in Russia that SIROP program contributed to as such ongoing issues - our Seychelles Italian Arcadian, Illuminati and fraternal workings

In the opening of that 300 year anniversary exhibition/exposition  of Peter the Great to Versailles ask if any of our community representative will be invited , the Russian embassy in Paris and the Russian Officials in Seychelles and Moscow.  The need to say and state  bluntly is it the mismanagement of such high issues and their working that conflicts get created and erupts and come about and yet those world experts and their medias.

By the way in Seychelles the like of President FA Rene and some of the younger Ministers who knew and we had shared some of these topic back then 1986/87. The dum ass Truth Commission and Reconciliation the half bake thinking intellectual approaches and the Seychellois Nation,  the exile and the world taken for a very long ride. High personalities like President Nyerere, Mandela and other old Communist African head of State who knew of those issues , President Fidel Castro, those from South America and those form China. Specially Sir James Mancham knowledge in the books he wrote/legacy some of the issues and important thematic he has shared with the world and us. The issues of the alternative USSR  and the COMECON alternative Economic concept then 1986/7 and the debacle of BRICS we have addressed

Emmanuel Macron et Vladimir Poutine au Château de Versailles


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Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles Empty Re: Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

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Facebook Comment

This is the world we live/function and exist my person ought to have accepted a Count Title back in the 1995/6 from the Russian parties for the contributions we have mentioned, wanting to stay modest/grounded we just get ignored now. ( The madness of the Truth Commission and the madness in the National Assembly they just do not grasp/understand accountability - their own crazy notion. ) That was before President J A Michel started collecting all his titles to get recognition, the ways of the world. Sending President FA Rene our wishes this morning - the Illuminati revenge. We have shared the views of President F Mitterrand over Africa Masonic workings - then Issues among other of Introducing Masonic workings in Russia -that SIROP program In the time we live for the vast many Versailles means very little yet its architectural synergy/dynamic which influenced similar buildings across Europe, politic and society development and science. The importance of this Exhibition and current state of Europe - we were not a mad monster - the very important /underpinning of the Religious Values of then USSR/Russia 1986/7 and then Vatican/Pope John Paul ll - that SIROP program being worked from Britain the conflicting church/Religious values. We had to input into them. In London the French community 200,000 new one to differentiate - and those who have monitored us/my person workings - the development of the Russian Adventist church in London/Britain and the Adventist General conference - the USA monitoring them, others too. They starting for that Ex Jewish synagogue Crawford Place - that Church know/used to know a very great deal about Seychelles USSR/COMECON, I have shared them - in 2008 after the global melt down impacting Russia also the church had prayed and they gave me a Russian Bible to take home as a gift to the Family - it would be good on the part of the curator of our National Museum or Archive to accept that bible as a gift and keep it safe for future posterity. The Adventist do not have an archive project in Seychelles . The French media not once mentioned this Peter the great did not have to work the issue of a global nuclear war with that SIROP program we had to and did .

Entre Poutine et Macron, seulement de «la tolérance», pour la presse russe
Le Figaro - ‎il y a 1 heure‎
REVUE DE PRESSE - Au lendemain de la rencontre entre Vladimir Poutine et Emmanuel Macron, les médias russes relèvent «qu'aucun signe de sentiments chaleureux» n'a été affiché entre les deux hommes. Correspondant à Moscou. La rencontre entre ...

Syrie, Tchétchénie, terrorisme... On vous résume la première rencontre entre Macron et Poutine

Ukraine, Syrie, droits de l'homme : à Versailles, Macron ne ménage pas son invité Poutine Le Monde

Nicht mehr als ein Arbeitsverhältnis Deutsche Welle

Wladimir Putin besucht Emmanuel Macron


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