The devastation in our Garden in Kent Saturday 6/8/11

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The devastation in our Garden in Kent Saturday 6/8/11 Empty The devastation in our Garden in Kent Saturday 6/8/11

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:24 am

This wretched Saturday/Sabbath 6th August, 2011

What would any Adventist, Christian, even Muslim - those from the Muslim world, communities in Britain have to say if he/she had to sum up after what has taken place in Kent and what we have written about. "It has not been been an earthquake, death, tragic accident, illness, eviction, repossession, fire - the very long list."

Given the scant info, issues we address in relation to our Interdisciplinary Management High responsibilities, work with our Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius and Indian Ocean Communities in Britain - EU, the very many problematic which over the past 35 years whilst we have been in Europe have affected and touched in one form or another one of those Community - particularly the unstable and volatile situation in the Indian Ocean, Gulf Region, Africa - some of the major incidents which have happened, visited and affected such places. How people and human feel and react.

Given the economic development of last year and the major financial situation - in our work, responsibilities have been underlining that Britain and European societies could have experienced a very worse situation. Meaning - as we look at all the uprooted plants we have been tending from 17 years, the reasons they were planted by others, the previous Family of Dutch, French and British - the death of their son, she landed in a wheel chair. In our case the changing issues of the COMECON, the USSR, the Berlin Wall, Germany Reunification, France prominence change in Europe and the world, changes in the Indian Ocean, the region and the brutal Communist and Cold War issues. Where other buy horses, painting, collect object or old cars or vine etc - we use the garden and plants to underpin, express and help remember those issues we have worked, make input, experience and impacted.

At the same time, we support our communities, the elderly, the children with and through this interaction. It is a science and art. Not to exclude our exile/refugee issues. "There is no better way to help overcome such feeling by getting some earth, digging them, talking to the grubs, worms, insects and the birds - when you do that long enough - some of the bitterness of exile/refugee suffering subside". Remembering the mega exile/refugee exodus right across North Africa and the Gulf Region since situation began to develop early in Spring and that Property importantly involved/cause of those important issues. Those who know/supposed to know - their lies and cover-up. Manipulation. However one cannot forget the image and memory of one's property, Family and close relatives one have lost in Sechelles, Mauritius, Reunion or Africa.

We had visited 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent and talked with several individuals and looked at all the changes - why these changes and development have taken place in comparison to other Village we visit, know - our work, involvement and issues. We had not wanted to say this when you look across Europe, individuals who have done and contributed to outstanding issues in society and the world, the property they have lived, a plate or sign is put to let other know/inform the. and those who buy around such building and village - their many reasons and intentions. The important issues, discipline we worked in relation to Sigmund Freud and the discipline associated at the above address and those who just hated, despised, loath us for it. As such the interpretation of this discipline in Britain in 1986.

We have written a great deal about 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent, leaving - omitting a very great deal of negative issues, why and how they came about. Still the system has/have the capacity to recall those who work in and with such issues. Associated with it given that we had lived and worked there, the issues when we were forced to flee, the very negative reactions - all the media lies, the politicians lies and the policing authorities lies - cover-up. The stupid public left to believe what they have been told - the crap they have been sold.

The same in that Village in Kent for the past 17 years. Knowing the greed of human, looked for a quiet place to live with my/part of my Family so that the rip-off would not be as bad as Kilburn - Brent.

This said, the very many Families, individuals who have worked and busted themselves very hard and loosing everything this year and last year - in several situation suicide and fatal reactions. How this affect, influence and touch one's live, work and capacity to deliver and be objective. {As we are currently working on that SIROP etc., issues in Seychelles, Europe and International}

We need to refer to certain official from both Kent Police and London police who in a few instance had indicated there is the need for me to get a more private and friendlier place to live. It cost money and those who know we/I have tried. Fully aware of the many high responsibilities which is associated.

Among the many issues we have been responsible - from 1986 onward, was the development and deployment of what is "today rave/rage, crack vibe, mad cow phenomena" - this was done at 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent. There had been one or two high institution using this system, we cannot state who they were - because of those from the establishment blocking, manipulating, terrorizing everybody, preventing the development of that SIROP etc exile/refugee program and many important development associated in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the COMECON - as an interdisciplinary executive, the mechanism we had been responsible for putting in place and the complexities of the communication - like the WWW issues, that SIROP etc program hijacked, taken over by force and criminalise, bastadardise or demonise/Satanised - in the case of this communication "demonised/satanised" those involved promoted as the communication, interacting method, human mode of communication in the future - the purpose was to deploy such a system like they had hijacked the WWW issues they could control the world, Europe. They have tried vey hard and the madness which prevails as a results. Call it what you want - we have been involved and played a crucial part in its development - when you get involved in such work, responsibilities and process across time - history what it means. It short term.

Yet unlike the Masonic Establishment - we have been trained to think in term of scientific, they are not methods and technique to control, they are a science to be used, apply in the face of an important challenge, overcoming a grave situation, solving issues. Those from the criminal and political, business, even religious world who see and interpret it differently or the global media and communication. Among some of the reason -,we say some how this communication technique have been integrated, across the world, including the Muslim and many other religion, good and evil group of humans. This has entered the eco system.

On of the biggest problem that resulted, came about - those who knew nothing about Interdisciplinary Management high science, discipline - those who began to experiment, develop their hybrid, other type of working of this communication technique. It is very simple - you give somebody who know nothing about mechanic to work on the latest BMW well - lucky if the car does not explode or catch fire. This is the current state of things.

There are and has been those individuals and group of individuals who have know of these issues in London, Kent and Britain and a number of institutions for some 20 years now.

Hence when we say a retched Saturday/Sabbath what we are implying - included/part of the technique are strong/important Jewish spiritual Science/discipline - values. Had we to live in a Tent or bed and breakfast or whatever when one has/hold this kind of responsibility and experience what it means. We also travel and can compare the environment and society/human function, reaction where we go and make/take due note.

Last Sabbath/Saturday we had taken some time to talk to a former USSR citizen - he him self is involved in property management, garden etc. The large Kindergarten, they hold their Christian function in. Children are about plants, garden, shrubs, fruits - birds and playing. Like all those SDA Sabbath discussion/Class for the past 30 years in Britain and what really come out - the reality. That Saturday/Sabbath discussion - we say this because there had been a function at the SDA Balham Church, it is the largest, modern working entity - but Black, and it took 25 years to build - we had been invited there. The issues we had address about the 25 or more dedication of Church Elders and Deacon/ness. The Church Rule, Undertakings and Values - the Biblical weigh they lend to these Office, society and Family.

We have been addressing very many families, Christian friends, acquaintance our challenges for the past 30 years and in kent 21 years, their reaction and attitudes - the results and outcome. Yet we are call to pray and the deceitfulness of everything afterwards. Recall David Koresh - Waco, the untold issues, like Rev Jones and the Mass suicide and the Temple Solair, suicides and recently - the Scientologist issues. These are issues we have been involved, those who missconcocted things and how they went very wrong. Those who write, debate and preach about end time. {We had been ask to start a Christian movement about 1987 too our refusal and argument.}

This morning as we look at our Old bibles , all the uprooted plants, flowers, shrubs, red and black current we have been making jam for the past 17 years - we have been using in Kent the past 21 years, please, please - in the Bible, Scripture is rich history, civilization, culture, the way human, lived and interact from beginning of mankind to its eventual end. In case those who are block headed, what was pagan practices, human sacrifices, belief of all sorts and kinds. Yet we have written and address very many Christian friends, acquaintance and close relatives their reactions - their negative reactions, let him stew in his mess/cooking. Given the state of things - we very likely will be call to save/salvage what we can and the Family part/seperate. Things will disintegrate - very many things and issues given our complex responsibilities. When this inivetably happen and their impacts and reprecussion, those SDA Christians, those Christians and those Muslims brothers and Sisters, what they will say, what caused what and why. Those experts none Christians, those politicians none Christians, the media.

We ask everybody to remember who are Christian and none believers - that fur Tree in the Village resting place and Church - it nearly split in two. After the night of the uprooting and plant destruction in our garden. Anybody can go and see/take picture of that fur tree/it is a witness. When they say Mass/pray, take Communion this Sunday what will they say the cause and reason.!/photo.php?fbid=10150250747143602&set=a.207346673601.129125.557458601&type=1&theater

Note: We are in touch with aspect of the Polish Kent Community and have exposed/explained our situation to them.


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