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 Village Food Factory's video. Empty Village Food Factory's video.

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Village Food Factory's video.
8 mins
One reads daily so much/may wired or normal/half normal issues/events daily and during the week after a while one reaction and behavior - beside the TV and new paper. The reaction to the below thread content.

My favorite topi co how that infernal Satanic rage/rave/CJD/Anti Social mechanism works and impact daily life and function - the many interpretations/explanations. Those whose life are so devastate, messed up , influenced and damage in particular. What they revert to - drug, violence, drink, criminal malfunctioning psychosis. The sufferings, death and traumatic process. This is become human more and more daily reality - example the three spate of killing the past 6 months in London and now this inferno - how the media and politicians play it out and manipulate and con the mass/people. Those affected their fate.

We have en-devoured to tell bluntly to in the first place our Seychelles respective communities, those associated with us - what if we can not could not manage our given responsibilities anymore - are they/you aware of the super messy situation you will find yourself in - because you have been relying on highly abnormal information for your function and existence, Particularly in Britain - those in Seychelles who read our issues, Europe and across the world. Instead some if not many of the posting and social media feed back and reaction we get/respond.

I/We had wanted to visit the Indian Ocean - not Seychelles - so somebody posted the video of Village food Factory - for many across the world who live in concrete Jungle and have to rely upon such media posting to keep them half sane/normal - we grew up in this environment and helped our parents/grand parents and Uncle and Aunt manufacture/produce Coconut products - among them oil - feed pings and fowls, cows. I/we decided to repost this to a number of Facebook acquaintance and spent all day replaying it and thinking of our plight, the situation in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Srilanka and elsewhere.

The process is very simple and when one live in the Tropic other such productive work/process nowadays the media role/function. You/one can loose the objective of what really take place and happens and the why. Another old/rather example is craft work/making form basket weaving, the long list. The point being not just the need to produce a particular commodity for daily existence - the small money one earn or can save and better one life/existence. ( In Kent our situation the past 25 years and those very crooked/utterly dishonest politicians role/function - one is not able to carry out these activities or for this mater in France - then we talk of unemployment)

Here come the wired part - the CJD/Mad cow/Satanic dynamic/symbiosis daily functionality
In Mauritius the three media major drug related thematic will link the articles here.…/drogue-commission-d-enquete-la……/cour-intermediaire-blanchiment……/icac-blanchiment-dargent-eboue……/amar-deerpalsing-federation-de…

In Seychelles equally the drug related article, President Prison visit and Arab Bank issues.

We want to address those Adventist out there from super Priest to simple individual - in as much one need to be pragmatic/adapt in life - it amount to criminality on the part of those who use and abuse that infernal Satanic mechanism daily - the cacophony and super human mess then - we are told go and pray and read you Bible. Pray for end time prepare to meet you savior. We also interact with none Adventist their functionality.


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