Death of Chancellor Helmut Kohl

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Death of Chancellor Helmut Kohl  Empty Death of Chancellor Helmut Kohl

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:34 pm

For some 30 years in Britain followed the yearly 1st and second world war commemorations and those older personalities of our communities back 30 years ago the supposed serenity ,. seriousness and importance those in Britain purport they respect and value they pay upon such occasion.
At our Forum and SIROP portal update events surrounding former Chancellor Helmut Kohl funeral in Berlin, Strasbourg and his Home town. What we have written - in 1980/s our training and high responsibilities Europe and world wide the capacity to decided the Officiation of a Head of State and other such High officials and Chancellor Kohl was such a person those who know other world workings and then say we must not talk and write about it - given the current development and situation we are force to write about it .
Excuse us the millions of Facebook users what you did not know and suddenly think believe you know everything in this world functionality. The benchmark you believe you have the Rights to demand/Call for -
The British Nation have move from the Christian belief they had many years ago when those where negotiating Britain entry into Europe - today's British belief and values impacts on the Britexit major debate and arguments . They cannot get away with the facts that every system you depend to work high multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary high science they have system of accountability and reporting. Science and capacity to dig very deep and discover malfunctions and many often terrible benchmark in the process - including extreme para-science practices.
Over the past 25 years have addressed several threads and forum issues of our involvement in the Trilogy of the Ring and the Trilogy of the Hobbits - not wishing to enter greater arguments. To have the capacity to influence any aspect or greater aspect of such issues require in itself special knowledge, understanding and capacities. The younger generations how they interpret this. Linked /related to these two topics have been many important world events and happening yet the so call experts out there and the politicians their so call approach and explanations - In spite of this the British attitudes - I prefer to refer to the section of our Forum on Mad cow, CJD , Rage and such high abnormal mental /mind workings and human interaction going back to 1984/5, then Lady Thatcher's government -
We had wanted to visit the Indian Ocean last week instead we had prayed and decided to spend some time around the places of the battle fields of the first world war and some of the strange events taking place in Europe and the world - as a results and yet the media reporting. We had wanted to visit/go close to two major monument and the motives and reasons we had stayed away - fearing triggering incidents which could not be manageable. Individual with such high responsibilities are trained to be very mindful of their abilities and capacities even if the media write garbage, half baked knowledge on their functionality.
In particular President F Holland Ring dedicated 2014 to all those who died in the first world war the Sarkozy era and then Europe/World, the politic and the path/parameters laid for the Second world war - confronted if one is any/at all serious as a politician requirement to ask oneself/account to those who has helped/contribute that one come to office and impute in one Office over the period. Sir James Mancham is dead and his knowledge and understanding of world workings and world function and yet - he could /should have been alive with us. Events in ~Seychelles those crummy little politicians and the crappy Facebook pumping and feeding their corrupted egos. They forget and lie to the nations how they came to office and the changing political landscape over the past two years, (The names of my ancestors are on the wall of this Monument)
We are going to link a Wikipedia article here and given the information on the web anybody can do a search - what anybody searching ought to bear in mind the Ring dynamic first existence from human beginnings - its functions and dynamics - Chancellor Kohl did not/ have not told the world everything about the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany. The Nuclear confrontation of the West and East which we faced then and currently -
Over the past 25 years in Kent, the project of the Channel Tunnel and the Nord pas de Calais development those who believe they were are just whimsy thematic, the European media houses, TV and the lot the crap they spread and promote 24 hours a day - the global meltdown of 2007/8
The question we have to ask do humanity really want a global confrontation -


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