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The Seychelles Connection
June 24, 2010
Something is going on between the President of Seychelles, the former Governor General of the Central Bank of Seychelles, ex Irish army officers, and serving Irish army officers, former Taioseach Garret Fitzgerald and former Irish minister for justice Michael McDowell. Explosive revelations brought courageously to our attention by
Paranoid Presidential incumbent, James Michel, contracted CIA Athlone in 2005/06 to find security leaks within his Government. The Athlone based private security firm used former and serving Irish army officers, contracted to CIA Athlone, as personnel for the job and they took six months leave to go and work on the contract. It is worth noting that everything is legal up to this point. At some stage during 2006 the Irish officers dumped CIA Athlone and transferred the Seychelles job to Aver International taking over the security contract worth €25m (at the time). CIA Athlone took legal proceedings (Irish High Court 2009/2845 P) and felt it necessary to hire law society heavyweight Michael McDowell as solicitor for the breach of contract case.


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