Comesa educates members on Court of Justice role

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Comesa educates members on Court of Justice role Empty Comesa educates members on Court of Justice role

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:01 pm

Comesa educates members on Court of Justice role
Judges and guests have learned about the provision and application of the Comesa treaty and the remedies the Comesa Court of Justice can afford to give in an effort to promote trade development pertaining to the region.

This was during a seminar yesterday afternoon at the Supreme Court auditorium at Ile du Port. Seychelles becomes the sixth of the 18 Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) countries to hold the session after Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, Sudan and Zambia.

The Comesa Court of Justice is a court which ensures the maintenance of the rule of law within the common market through the just resolution of disputes, thereby easing and strengthening economic integration.

Seychelles’ Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planning Peter Larose officially opened the seminar.

Also present were the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Pillay, deputy Speaker Nicholas Prea, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Wavel Ramkalawan, Acting Attorney General David Esparon, MNAs, members of the local judiciary and other dignitaries.

The seminar presented to stakeholders and users of the court what the Comesa Court of Justice is about.

It is the first such seminar held in Seychelles, which is a member and forms part of a process of holding similar seminars in all member states of the Comesa.
The Comesa Court of Justice has two divisions – the First Instance Division which comprises seven judges and the Appellate Division made up of five judges.
The publicity seminar was attended by judges from Zambia, Sudan, Malawi, Mauritius, Egypt, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Seychelles, Burundi and Rwanda. Zimbabwe was not present though it has a judge in the First Instance Division.

Led by the Lady Justice President Lombe Chibesakunda from Zambia, the 11-member delegation earlier in the day paid courtesy calls on both Speaker Pillay at his office at Ile du Port and Court of Appeal president, Justice Francis MacGregor atSpeaker Pillay accepting copies of the book ‘Comesa Rules of Procedure 2016’ from Lady Justice Chibesakunda the Palais de Justice.

The judges briefed Mr Pillay on the purpose of their visit here and he was also presented with copies of the book titled ‘Comesa Rules of Procedure 2016’.
“We are happy to have you here as we have one of our own among you,” said Mr Pillay, referring to Bernard Georges who is a Justice First Instance Division.
The delegation then called on Justice MacGregor at the Palais de Justice and also present were acting Chief Justice Seegobin Nunkoo and judge Anthony Fernando.

Members of the Comesa Court of Justice also presented books on the function of the court to Justice MacGregor and interacted with him and the other members of the local judiciary.

In his opening remarks at the seminar, Lady Justice Chibesakunda said “the aim of the seminar is to sensitise member states on the provision and application of the Comesa Treaty and the remedies the court can afford to give in an effort to promote trade development pertaining to the region”.
She said these interactions with the public afford the court a unique opportunity to evaluate and adopt new strategies while clarifying that the Comesa Court of Justice is committed to impartiality.

Thanking President Danny Faure for supporting the seminar being held in Seychelles and Mr Pillay for his support, Minister Larose described the event as a “historical moment for Seychelles due to the number of distinguished judges under one roof”.

Minister Larose said the seminar is an opportunity for us to learn from some of the best legal brains and walk away from the seminar enriched with a better understanding of the role and of the rules of arbitration of the Comesa Court of Justice.

He noted that as each country is different it can select the policy instrument that best fits its needs.

“In our case Comesa Court of Justice has an important role to play in arriving at a speedy and mutual settlement of a dispute when a situation arises between member states, investors and the host country in our region,” he said.

The minister noted that as a small country we continue to attract direct foreign investments but we need to modernise our trade policies and it is time for our institutions to be more conscious of our justice system in order to make progress and in the process minimise the number of commercial disputes.

He added that we must align ourselves with good governance principles and fine-tune our investment laws if we want to attract quality investments on our shores, laws which contain protections and guarantees about the legal treatment of investments in our country.

Minister Larose also pointed out that this policy will place investors in a stronger position as they will be free to seek for a neutral forum outside the host country to resolve their dispute.

“It is this kind of policy which will turn Seychelles into a competitive investment destination,” the minister said.

The Judges of the COMESA Court of Justice in a Souvenir Photo with the Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Patrick Pillay.

Seychelles lawyer Bernard Georges appointed judge in COMESA Court of Justice

COMESA Court of Justice | Ensuring Economic intergration by ...

East African Court of Justice
The COMESA Court of Justice is the judicial organ of a regional economic community, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and is ...

COMESA Court Of Justice Of The Common Market For Eastern And Southern Africa

African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights - Wikipedia We ask at time why we bother and yet those who work Africa Benchmarks in Institutions Management - 1987, the mega impacting issues of that SIROP program in USSR, the former COMECON, Latin america, the UN, the Gulf Region, North Africa and Asia - the above body was put into place driven/synergized/impulsed by the contents and ongoing dynamic and developments of that SIROP program When such a process takes place the greater/major implication  and its =Management - Hoe those/the Justice in /Sechelles/Seychelles , Mauritius, African Union, COMESA, SADC have responded to the Rights of those 25,000 exiles/refugees from Seychelles for the past 25 years and ongoing, Seychelles government, the NGO, the church, the Bar Association and very poor Media Benchmark

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

Comment Facebook
Now we had not read Seychelles Nation when working the above thread - the link article of the COMESA Court and the Jurisdiction as briefly explained - we have been writing among other to them form the past years - the last Chief Justice form Uganda his effort/Challenge at setting an Arbitration vehicle were eventually we could have come and address the many abusive issues relating to that SIROP program in Seychelles , the Region and Africa, our request for a proper Reporting procedure and revamping that program the Truth Commission, the anti corruption and still no official reaction and now the COMESA court of justice either those from Europe will smile first or those from the COMESA Court of Justice. The Opposition LDS in the National Assembly which we had helped/contributed , the issues we have addressed in several instances and EU role regarding that SIROP program and the Justice/Legal Benchmark in Seychelles

13/7/17 we are still chewing the cud over the above visit of COMESA Court of Justice visit to Seychelles, second day pondering and researching available information on the web/archives,  to note the African Human right issues of 1987 and yet after some 30 year the state of things in Africa and in Seychelles the fate of those 25,000 exile/refugees and the promises and undertaking of  that Institutions

With the creation of the Human Rights Court and the mergers in 2004 of the two institutions and still situation in Africa and Seychelles, lending/giving energy to the politicians for their corrupted function and those institutions they control and what they publish and the reality

With the creation of the Truth commission and the Anti Corruption commission in Seychelles, the many topic of the Regional court position, the COMESA Court of Justice and other such bodies overruling the national court and such bodies as the Anti Corruption and the Truth Commission and the Constitutional court.

In many publication the statement that the COMESA Court of Justice is a blue print of the European court of Justice and yet - the issues of lack of funds to manage and take on cases, the Benchmark of Seychelles Bar Association and other Law and legal Advice bodies in Seychelles, 30 years on and still no progress and headway made on behalf of those 25,000 exiles and refugees from Seychelles.

Again referring to the Human rights of those 25,000 exiles/refugees the practices in Latin america and the US and the same in Europe we have been battling for 30 years addressing the many Institutions and yet their reaction and approaches/respond. How does on address the mega disparity between the Intellectual debate/presentation/informative material, Forums, Bodies, NGO's, Societies  on the web  and the reality on the ground,  this include Seychelles

Taking not 30 years is a very long time and the older generation affected/impacted mostly dead and their children - the pragmatic approach we have taken in instances, using/reverting to other methodology, management discipline and approach to help resolve and find solution to this situation - the mega abuses and corruption we face in finding solution and moving forward.

With the availability of #social platforms and Free Forum other members of our Community inability, refusal to make use of the available information and undertake their own individual presentation and seek solution - in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa  


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Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:19 pm

Facebook covering article and photos

Facebook article of the Court visit to State House


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Comesa educates members on Court of Justice role Empty Re: Comesa educates members on Court of Justice role

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:03 am

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Pillay met with a delegation of judges of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Court of Justice earlier this week at Ile du Port.

The COMESA Court of Justice delegation was in the country as part of their Advocacy Tour.

The delegation led by Judge President Honourable Justice Lombe Chibesakunda also called on State House meeting with Danny Faure as President and held a ‘Publicity Seminar’ at the Supreme Court Auditorium at Ile Du Port.


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Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:00 pm

Saturday 15/7/17, the Day after the Historic Bastille day as President Donald Trump puts it , the visit of the King of Spain to Britain again History last time 31 years ago - not overlooking Princess Victoria of Sweden 40th Birthday this is our fourth day still very unsettled about the visiting article of the COMESA court of Justice to Sechelles Seychelles. We began voicing our concern should/what will happen after an eventual demise of Sir James Mancham the International Community, the world and Africa treatment of those less informed, able, knowledgeable in the corrupted world working and the backlashes. One of the big challenge is the statement both High Institutions of COMESA is a Blue print of Europe Institutions yet the parameters in Africa and the associated disciplines from the poorest to the richest, the less educated to the educated. The visit emphasis was about Investments and recourse in the events of Parties coming into conflicts and agreements failing. The question on our mind when reading the article the first time - how much do there high officials/Judges and Justice know of that SIROP program its gross worth in Seychelles at $4.5 billion for a small nation this is/ought to be paramount demand the immediate attention of such High Officials, Judges.Justice and the Court. Obviously nobody brought it to their attention and the question we ask is why, what kind of mega criminality is going on being brewed by the many parties. Stressing their Official Statement both Institutions is a duplicate/blue print of Europe Institutions. If they are not prepared to look at the many high important Economic, Financial and Democratic major contributions, driving forces and synergistic capabilities of that program who then is and will. We have referred to the last Ugandan chief Justice efforts as against Justice Matilda. In Africa unlike Europe the relation of wealth, money to individual and society - over the past 5 years those who started/initiated that you tube broadcast where individuals came forward and talked/addressed issues of corruption and abuses in Seychelles. The debate in that National Assembly the past one year still the cover up by all the MNA over that SIROP program -the presentation we have made at the Truth Commission and the anti Corruption commission. Are they taking the line/cue for African Union Body the statement that OAU influenced President FA Rene to change the One Party System and what forced the OAU to take that line/stance if not that SIROP program, The public did not have the amount of information at the time of implementing that program and those who are educated and knowledgeable to conclude something has gone very wrong. Question need to be asked and answer given. Until the recent visit of the COMESA Court of Justice to Seychelles after the amount of protest, and the terrible collateral fallout on account of those protests and many communities and other nations impute - major loss of lives in Africa, Concluded those officials are not interested to find out what really happened, they are about protecting their African interests. Because of the many contradicting issues about that Program and Africa and what have been published - hence/underline going back some 15 years those from Africa leading personalities and politicians and business entities they started making us aware of how Africa resolve such issues - the many scam concept of Money Inheritance, contracts, Banks, developments and Financial Transactions, Government Tender and Transaction . The USA official of the Clinton Administration, the Bush and Obama Administration the British police authorities and others monitoring our correspondence. Meanwhile this in itself in Africa have become an Industry/economic important Vehicle along with other major Type of Crime/Criminal activities.

( It look like/As if the ECOWAS Court of Justice do not have due/adequate knowledge and information and we would like to refresh those who minds/memory have been forested or turn into deserts or other Human malfunction - the greater West/USA Strategy/White House politic then 1986/87, the Indian ocean Region, the Gulf, North African Nations, Southern and East Africa - among the big arguments that then President Reagan personally and his Staff/CIA and Pentagon, those from then UN and OAU opted for that SIROP program was after due briefing in London, we had leading Constitutional and Justice experts and other legal officials, then British and other European and African Intelligence Services and authorities involved - those form the many African exile/refugees and underground movement like Pan African Congress then in London of the capacity of that Program to impact and influence vast number of complex then geopolitics workings as against direct Military interventions and other Political tools and Mechanism/methods. From any serious conflict management this lent/made this Program and its approach very unique ans previous approach and outcome. This said all the old and former Heads of States in North Africa, Sudan, Somali, Ethiopia who knew a very great deal about that SIROP working complex mechanism and methodology. Hence our statement those in Europe who used an d abused the mechanism knowing what they knew to create and cause the so call North African Spring and what ensued. Part of that SIROP program was the approach to information and knowledge management where those in Africa would expect all the information and knowledge about this program would be available in one place - this is not the case we /the decision to use /store and spread the information and knowledge management in place and system , platform that were safe the information could be retrieved and adequately managed - there are those in Sudan today who still hold and have a great deal of knowledge of events form 1987 to date and what impacted them and not the politic and economy , the Wars and the separation and the Country today. Those and the media who have spin in their way and the politicians their agenda, Wikipedia is one such project and place where a great deal of information is available and cross references as against the available information until Wikipedia project was initiated. ) Should we add then Masonic workings across Europe, the world, Africa, the USA, the Templar and the Church - what they knew and how they worked.


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