Microsoft will das Yahoo-Suchmaschinengeschäft weiterhin kaufen.

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Microsoft will das Yahoo-Suchmaschinengeschäft weiterhin kaufen.

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Dec 07, 2008 8:17 pm

Greetings AKS members and visitors,

We/I have noted nobody have given the point of view on the Google issue. May we ask are you concern that your account will be cancelled if Google or somebody rat on your ID.

There are very many forums out there full of bitter critism of google and their dreaded practice. I/we believe a time will come when the Seychelles Forum discussion will be able to taken any world topic and debate, comment on it like they do in France, Germany or Britain - what is discussed will count and have its impact not just in Seychelles or the Indian ocean.

We did not have an Offshore Industry those who lampooned the idea. Most of you know what it take to compete against other nations Offshore Industry and Free Economic Zone.

We read constantly of the many young Executives and Managers acquiring a given degree from SIM. Part of the purpose is for them to be able to stand, debate and be counted.

How many recall the issues of FA Rene getting involved in Seychelles having its own Satelite - the business men involved. The work and progress. The only things this would have been another of FA Rene involvement in Big business - not the Seychellois. ( SIROP14 was importantly involved and influenging some of the issues. Because FA Rene and those international Associate he worked with , consulted him what was going in the world and where specially about the Seychelles EU Community. FA Rene was fully aware of the inetial development of Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo beside others. Those were some of the reasons he was prompted advice to go for the idea of a Satelite for Seychelles - the Iranian)

As the Head of a government he would have been failing it he had not been aware and Seychelles is not some country in Jupiter even if we have only 95,000 pupulation. He was fully aware of the issues which led to Atlas starting their unique business for the Seychelles. (The reason we are and were bitter that they sold it to Cable and Wireless because communicating and debating with Cable and Wireless is like taking with Grubi)

Having said the above in Seychelles there are very many experience and talented IT, Telecon, computer other specialist. We trust some of them will be pointed to our thread. About the same time FA Rene had wanted to start that business venture - in Mauritius those who had another idea of starting large supporting platfrom leading to the Project of Cyber City.

The bitterness here and the sadness like we/it was a Seychellois who researched the concept for COI and Mauritius got the Secretariat. Equaly it was a Seychellois who made the most dynamic in pute that the RIM Association is initiated (particularly given the world economic state - the process that was used then) Mauritius go the Secretariat. Now that we have a few dozens young Executive who can understand what we are talking baout - not rely soly on the politicians to say we are talking intellegently or rubbish. It is because of these issues to put in very midly that Mauritius have build their economy and we are lagging behind.

My/the question why are the young Executive not fighting challenging this state of things, debating and demanding some dialague across the many social Forums.

In EU in spite of the many rights for Minority supported by the EU Parliament, the EU Council, the EU Court - for the past five years the situation is becoming more difficult for Minority communities to address or work with any of the above - the Many Anti Terror Legislations in Place - particularly working from Britain. Those who have been using this legislation to really crush and opress Minority communities - ideas.

We have said and very many are aware in EU by those EU High Institutions - that Portal project of our community, along with Seynews and AKS project have and is contributing to Seychelles development in positive manner./ways.

For this reason we are encourage to address more important issues to the greater public and our forums. Because of what we know and we are going to add an articel in German from the " Welt Online" about Microsoft renewed interest in Yahoo. We trust those young talented IT scientist in Seychelles have not forgotten that the concepting of Google and Yahoo was related to the issues of "Blue verses the Red" Red being Yahoo - the international politic associated with its concepting too. Those who have lost the overview because of the $ billions.

We have added three thread of Seychelles IT to our larger Community forum - the one the destroyed and we have been trying to rebuild - under the heading our Seychelles EU community contribution to setting up the WWW and the reasong they destroyed that Forum.

We want to ask and put it to all those of you involved in the IT and computer technology field in Seychelles. Does it make wisdon when you have a sitution an individual from Seychelles have stopped twice Microsoft from acquiring Yahoo. Given the money, international politic and power isseus involved. Those who know in EU and the USA. ( At least FA Rene started a Satelite project)

With the battle for Microsoft to acquire Yahoo - how we cannot understand Microsoft with the $billions , their connection and knowledge - have refused to respond directly to any comunication from us - yet they are happy that we make "interventions" when the making of big deals and big development" it stinks. For this reason we used our ability and blocked their acquisition of Yahoo. Among other issues.

We are getting on in age like Bill Gate - we have explained how when we were in our 27 years how we are full of adventure for business, scientific issues and other interest. Having said what we have above we want some of you young specialist in Seychelles take the information we have provided here - communicate it to Microsoft, Yahoo or some other project of your choice - but remember your Country - serve it well and you will have pleasent memories. Do not even dream of some scam - the system we work with will discover it sooner or later and you will regret it. Even if you became a terribly rich man.

Nobody shared this kind of information with us - we are sharing it with you in the spirit of things way back 1979 when we decided to contribute to make Microsoft and Bill Gate what they are today - our reasons.

In the past we would have gone to FA Rene with such issues and ideas. Experience have proved this is not possible with President JA Michel Office.

The German Article:
Microsoft will weiterhin Yahoo-Suchgeschäft kaufen
Microsoft will das Yahoo-Suchmaschinengeschäft weiterhin kaufen.


New York (dpa) - Microsoft ist weiterhin am Suchmaschinengeschäft des Internet-Konzerns Yahoo interessiert. Der Windows-Hersteller wolle einen solchen Deal «lieber früher als später», sagte Microsoft-Chef Steve Ballmer dem «Wall Street Journal».

Gespräche gebe es derzeit nicht. Nach Informationen der Zeitung ist der Yahoo-Verwaltungsrat unentschlossen, ob er auf das Microsoft-Angebot eingehen soll.

Yahoo versucht gerade erneut, sein Geschäft mit Anzeigen im Umfeld von Suchanfragen anzukurbeln. Der Konzern ist bei der Internet-Suche die Nummer zwei - weit abgeschlagen hinter Google, aber immer noch deutlich vor Microsoft. Marktanteil spielt in dem Geschäft eine Schlüsselrolle: Je mehr Nutzer die Suchmaschine hat, desto mehr wird auf Anzeigen neben den Suchergebnissen geklickt. Das steigert die Einnahmen des Suchmaschinen-Anbieters und lockt wiederum noch mehr Werbung an. Google macht den Großteil seines Gewinns mit den kleinen Anzeigen neben Suchergebnissen.

Von Yahoo bliebe ohne den Kernbereich nicht mehr viel übrig - vor allem wenig, womit das Unternehmen Geld verdienen kann. Das war auch der Grund, warum das Unternehmen sich schon im Sommer dagegen sperrte, das Suchanzeigen-Geschäft an Microsoft zu verkaufen. Dem «Wall Street Journal» zufolge hatte der Windows-Riese damals eine Milliarde Dollar sofort plus fünf jährliche Zahlungen von jeweils 2,3 Milliarden geboten. Zuvor hatte Yahoo Microsofts Versuch abgewehrt, den ganzen Konzern für bis zu 47,5 Milliarden Dollar zu übernehmen.

Microsoft versucht seit Jahren, im Suchgeschäft Fuß zu fassen, konnte aber hoher Investitionen bisher nicht an Google herankommen. Vor einigen Tagen ernannte Microsoft einen neuen Chef für sein Internet-Geschäft: Qi Lu, der bis August ein führender Entwickler von Suchtechnologien bei Yahoo war. Lu sei nicht speziell dafür engagiert worden, um das Yahoo-Suchmaschinengeschäft nach einem Kauf besser integrieren zu können, sagte Ballmer in dem Interview.


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