Climate development in France the past three weeks -

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Climate development in France the past three weeks -

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:33 pm

We do not have a specific page for that SIROP program, hence will address the issues here.

We have very important respects for France scientists - however we have 35 years experience in the field and science of High Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary where those would have specialize instead our person approach.

In the French news for the past three weeks about the fires devastating France -it is being attributed to global warming and Climate change. The forecast of /For France the next 25 years, the situation so severe that French entities have began cultivating/planting vineyards in England.

In spite of the facts that we did not get the UN to officially endorse that SIROP program which would have been futile, their benchmark and best practice. They would never have agreed to the approach intended to be applied. Those their high office were informed and kept abreast of very many development.

We had foretasted and stated then that, that program would be impacting global dynamic/synergy importantly what we had then termed/coin global dynamic and synergy changing and its impact on many aspects of global functionality and climate development and environment issues - they were very taboo topics and challenging the police, many authorities and other institutions reactions. Those who dared and decided to wade in back in 1986/87 on this topic then climate and environment events. After 10 years of monitoring the impacts of that SIROP we began developing discipline to understand and monitor the phenomena hence when 10 years after the initiation of that SIROP program we began making the statement we believed in alternative science and factors impacting the phenomena of climate change.

This brief statement is about the climate situation in France currently - we have recorded and addressed when the had be violent weather conditions in France over the many years and the associated complex high management thematic that have been applied by a number of factors positive and negative leading to these and yet the publish experts reports, conclusion and statements and broadcasts.

The above said there have been instance where we have intervened in such a way to influence weather and climate development in France its impacts and effects. Meaning when we had wanted to proves to the scientist community or a given group of power
ful entities managing given issues and discipline affecting a given weather development and their outcome. Using science argument after a number of such intervention one acquire a given knowledge and how this knowledge can be used and managed.

Come the era of President Francois Hollande - we addressed his Office a number of communication on this topic - as is the norm in global, politic how as Head of state he choose to use this knowledge and information. Leading in part to his major Climate initiative two years ago. We will be brief they were not inclusive. There were gaps some of the arguments we put forward not taken on board and included.

We are not versed enough how the French NGO work this topic compared to the British NGO, their role in helping to formulate national and European policy on this topic. However we have been concerned for a long time at/of their inability to study, research and evaluate other factors the scientists and experts of France a coming forward with. "Any White House occupant will tell you that SIROP program is not just any piece of shite" polite put. There are very many issues which have never been explained and made public. The greater reason we have pressed and argued for a UN or EU Reporting impute/help for the past 20 years in case we are accused of gross negligence.

Given the refusal of the French scientist and European scientists - using the argument that we have acquired due experience and knowledge of how alternative discipline, thematic and dynamics is affecting an impacting current French weather climate - as and when we have impute directly. Many in France have been freaked out by the media we will be plain their is a major problematic in France between the media and proper knowledge this is affecting and impacting vast strand of France working. We have time and time stressed that build in that SIROP program we have inbeded/build in highly sophisticated French complex Arcadian and sophisticated discipline and dynamic the average person would not grasp and understand they would have to spend some time doing high studies to grasp such functionality so when the French media and scientist attempt to explain to them the way they are it is not correct/right.

For this reason we had/have been stressing that the French government of President Francois Hollande engage as did President F Mitterrand give the among of information and knowledge of this program to revamp as they say, help rewrite this program taking into account and consideration of current development and world workings , region and Benchmarks - the position of his government. Sir James Mancham had been very aware of these thematic and his approach - in promoting and working our Secheles Seychelles national and regional /European and world issues. In Seychelles you have a number of young educated who have been trained to understand and work these topics by the UN Benchmark, African Union and EU instance and yet they are inadequate. The approach - equally important what we have termed and coin interlinking dynamic management meaning however a small nation if they have knowledge of scientific development which can influence France weather and climate it is their duty and responsibility to come forward instead. Climate changes had its challenges and problematic is almost a Mafia mega business meanwhile.

We now have a new government in France and President Macron is very committed to climate change and is associated challenges and they are very important. We could have taken the time to list a number of important national issues it impact and affects and beyond form a high Interdisciplinary Management prospective. We cannot do this here.

We can do something very simple why do not the French government/Scientific community challenge us allow us to impute for a given time under their monitor and control and watch and study the impacts and effect then publish their findings. Normally such article would be circulated to the many leading media publication we will not wast our time and energy. The alternative allow the current abnormality to reign and keep giving the public corrupted information on climate change and what is destroying their lives and country. By the way we know of a number of normal human beings how meanwhile have developed their scientific arguments and Marketing them on a global scale make very vast fortunes and becoming famous - we are not arguing for this. Had they know or should they know the knowledge we have acquired their approach and benchmark.

The below provides a listing of all registered multi-stakeholders partnerships initiatives operating in this country -France

Climate Initiatives Platform

Manual on strategies and actions to mitigate climate change

Climate” Action Plan - AFD

climate action plan of hue city - ISET-International

The Grassroots and Citizenship projects

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