Mikhail Gorbachev in the days of putsch.

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Mikhail Gorbachev in the days of putsch. Empty Mikhail Gorbachev in the days of putsch.

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Mikhail Gorbachev in the days of putsch.

Михаил Горбачев в дни путча.
18 августа 1991 года - Заточение.
Первый день домашнего ареста.
Ровно 26 лет назад Михаил Горбачев отверг ультиматум путчистов и был взят под домашний арест.:...
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Mikhail Gorbachev in the days of putsch.
August 18, 1991-confinement.
First day of house arrest.

Exactly 26 years ago, Mikhail Gorbachev rejected the ultimatum of coup and was taken under house arrest.:

16.35. Disconnection of all systems and connections at the "Dawn" facility.

From the certificate of the senior technician, switch "Mukhalatka" T. Vikulinoy:
- I was just about to join gorbachev with his assistant shakhnazarovym - all of a sudden, there were government liaison officers behind my back. Now, they say we shut down the link. I said, " I just told gorbachev I'm putting him on the phone. It's awkward now to not connect ". as soon as the conversation with the shakhnazarovym is over, the link is missing. The following should have been with Mikhail Sergeyevichem Gorbachev to speak to the chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus Dementey But the officers... they already held the switchboard... advised him to put the phone down and no longer bother the president...
Stepankov v. Mr.., is a conspiracy. M.: Univ, ogiz, 1992.- 320 PP.

16.50. The head of personal security of the president, major-GENERAL KGB MEDVEDEV, reported on the arrival of a group of senior officials from the country's top leadership to meet with м.с.горбачевым in the composition of C., varennikova v. And., baklanov. D., boldina v. In., plekhanova of

From the interrogation of M.S. Gorbachev:

I got ripped off by the head of personal security. He came to me with the news that a group of comrades came. I asked what kind of a visit that wasn't agreed with me? How are these people here, because security has no right to miss them? Says they're plekhanov and boldin, head of the President's office. I see medvedev's condition is unusual. All right, I say let them wait. I'm taking the phone to call kryuchkovu, find out what this mission is. Strange: I'm leaving tomorrow, and there's some band. The phone doesn't work, I take the other one.
It's not working. All checked, I take a red phone, and he's dead. 50...
Stepankov v. G., lisov

As agreed at the site site on 18 August 1991, at 13 a.m. 02 p.m. A group of conspiracy members - baklanov, Boldin, varennikov and shenin - on the minister of defence of the Soviet Union, yazovym aircraft tu-154 (Flight 85605) flew from the military military airfield to Crimea to bring to the president of the Soviet Union the

They were involved in the plot of the KGB HEAD OF THE KGB security service and the chief of the special maintenance and technical office for the KGB OF THE USSR GENERALS. <... >

On 22 August 1991, immediately following the events, one of the first interrogations of he d. T., by telling the investigators the following:

"... we were dissatisfied that after the signing of the draft treaty the union would fall apart and the Confederation would emerge. On the 17th, it was decided that I'd send a plane, they'RE 5 people who were assigned, going to chkalovskoye by 17, and then flying to gorbachev. The rest of the questions were hooks. Fly, baklanov, varennikov, boldin and plekhanov. Plekhanov flew as a man who knows better than the rest of the security system... the hooks ordered him to change the entire security system there... the other people flew there. This was mentioned by the hooks in the discussion on Saturday <... >

Security had to be changed to isolate the president. Disconnect the link and then act ". (T. 99, l. 5).

Witnesses ignashkin in. In., maslov s. G., korzinkin v. H., nazimkin a. A., safonov a. With., svintsov yu. H., working in the 18th office of the kgb security service, showed that on 18 August 1991, at 11-12 hours, they received instructions from the prompt on-duty to prepare for departure by carrying weapons. <... > (T) 35, 121, 127, 138, 145, 154, 167)

The Government of the USSR is confirmed by the government of the Soviet Union in order to obtain a communication from the president of the USSR. In 14.40 there was a team of if of all kinds of communications at the dawn sun. "South", San. "lower oreanda" in 16.30 The team came from the head of the kgb security service, Lieutenant General Plekhanova Yu. C ". the date on August 18, 1991 And The Signatures of all specialists in the communications group. (T. 43, L. D. 63)

This order was sent by witness to the investigation and explained that "... "... we wrote order no. 1, and all five signed it. This is the order I kept and hand it over to the investigating authorities..." (T. 43, L. 43)

The complete disconnection of the "Dawn" site <... > confirmed by a combination of evidence collected during the investigation. <... > in particular, the as a witness engineer of the 21th division oops poverin в.ю. told:

"... at 16 hours on target 882 came with the parusnikovym neal <... > and puzanov <... > 16 10 10 minutes I had to open the cabinets. I did the order order. At 16 hours. 30 p.m. Neal became a pulling stems on "the dawn", he pulled them out all in a row, and the spetssvyazʹ with chernyayevym, medvedev, personal security, etc.

<... > all shutdown has occurred from 16 hours 30 minutes to 17 hours, and all types of communication have been disabled during this period..." <... > (T). 45, l. 77-78) <... >

In this way, not only all the links with the "Dawn" have been shut down, but all the government liaison phones in the surrounding sanatoriums and part of the city, which provided additional guarantees for the isolation of the president and excluded information from close to gorbachev. <... > (T) 43, l. 44) <... >

In this way, conditions were created for the president of the Soviet Union to be involved in a conspiracy to take any countermeasures. (except for the mata that gorbachev sent to the conspirators. Red. ) <... > (T) 5, L. 37)

Closure of the "Dawn"

<... >Gotovya activities on the isolation of M.S. Gorbachev, hooks in advance directed the chief of the Directorate-General of the KGB border forces, kalinichenko и.я., to strengthen the security regime in the area of the At the same time, the hooks ordered that all units of the border, which were protecting the near approaches to the "Dawn" facility, were fully subordinated to plekhanovu and generalovu

As a witness, the Chief Executive Officer, border kalinichenko и.я., explained:

"... August 18, 1991 < > 12 hours <... > Hooks <... > have given me an order <... > to give instructions to the simferopolʹskomu border patrol and the balaklavskoy brigade of the border troops to enhance the external guard of the rest of the Soviet Union's rest (chuckles) In doing so, it is particularly important that they are obliged to carry out all the instructions for the protection of the defence only by Lieutenant General Plekhanova and his deputy major general generalova ". <... > (T). 38, l. 28-35

<... > Immediately upon arrival in Crimea, plekhanov and the generals began to implement plans to isolate the president at the "Dawn" facility, as the witness danilenko v.p. explained that <... > arrived with the generalovym security officer ignashkin v. He showed that the generals still at the airfield gave him a team when he was coming to the house to provide additional posts from his staff near the main gate. <... > (T) 35, l. 121-123) <... >

Witness Tolstoy explained:

"... the first order to change the security regime, I received from plekhanova in front of the President's residence. Plekhanov gave me an order to get out of the car, put an additional reinforcement on one security guard at the gate and no one from the site. It was said by the plekhanovym clearly and unequivocally - " the entrance to the object free from the object ". " President Plekhanovym did not say a word, but no exceptions were allowed. It was said to them, "don't let anyone out". 36, l. 37-41).

16.50-17.00. Had a quick conversation with the family.

From the diary of р.м.горбачевой:

M.S. and r.m. gorbachevy in the forosskoy residence of the president of the USSR " no adventure, no bargain I will not go. I won't succumb to any threats, blackmail ". paused. Added: " but we can all be expensive. Everyone, the whole family. We have to be prepared for everything..."
They called the kids. I asked for tea. Galina Afrikanovna is a cook. He didn't have to drink it, of course. Told Irina and anatolia about what happened. They found out that a few minutes ago in the house of silence radio and stopped working on TV. Central
M.S. and r.m. gorbachevy in the forosskoy residence of the president of the USSR
The front door, which is unknown, is worth plekhanov. He said, " where is mikhail? He said, " I don't know. Apparently, I ".
The children and I supported Mikhail Sergeyevich, his decision. Our opinion was, "we will be with you".

From an interview with the daughter of gorbachevykh Irina Gorbachevoy-Virganskoy Editor of the radio station "freedom" B. Tolʹtsu:

We were downstairs, the bedroom and the President's office were upstairs, and my mom called us. And I was walking and telling her downstairs, " Mom, wait, I'm right here, we got something on the phone and the tv..." and she said, " come here, come here..."
Vladimir Tolʹts:
- Mikhail Sergeyevich already told her what happened?
Irina Gorbachev:
He told her, and they called us. For Him, I know that he has been informed that the delegation has arrived. And he picked up the phone because he didn't invite anyone, and this is the residence of the president of the USSR, where he wouldn't be able to show up, so he picked up the phone to clarify what it was, and it turned out, He checked all the phones, they were all turned off.

He said these people were here shenin, baklanov, Boldin, plekhanov, varennikov. He said that since the connection is off, it's already obvious, they're in the territory without his invitation and his knowledge that it looks like some kind of isolation. Apparently, they're going to make some demands. Whatever it is, he understands that we're here with the kids, with the family, but he won't agree to anything until he's given an opportunity to contact the outside world.

17.30-17.40-м.с.горбачев accepted "conspirators".

From the memories of м.с.горбачева:

Working Cabinet at the forosskoy residence of the president of the USSR. By inviting me to the office, I asked what mission came. Baklanov reported that the emergency committee had been set up. The country is going to crash, other measures won't save, I have to sign an emergency ordinance. In fact, we came with ultimatum. Later, when I was talking to the investigator, I found out that they had a harvested for my signature.
Baklanov listed the composition of the gkchp, including the lukyanova. He said yeltsin was arrested, while he was well, he would be arrested on the way (from Almaty, where he returned to Moscow). Toropya Events, the conspirators obviously wanted this way to let me know that they had already taken control of the situation and no way back.
A shot from the BBC's second Russian revolution, all of them were the people I put up with and who betrayed me now. I categorically rejected their harassment, stated that no decrees would be signed.
- you and those who sent you are concerned about the situation? But I know the situation in the country as well as you do, and it bothers me as much as you do. Do you think you need adequate measures? That's what I think. The most important of them is the signing of a new union treaty. The Council's meeting on 21 August is scheduled to discuss the implementation of economic reform. You can see all the salvation in emergency. I don't agree with that. Let us convene the supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Congress of people's deputies, since part of the guide has doubts about the political course. Let's discuss and decide. But to act only within the framework of the constitution, the law. It's not acceptable to me. What you're trying to do is hell with you, but it could end with great blood. It was not the people who put up with your dictatorship, with the loss of freedom, all that was extracted in these years.
My argument was followed by reasoning's reasoning, "caring" about my health, which is de-much for the intense years of restructuring.
- you don't want to sign the order for a state of emergency, give your powers to yanayevu. And he said, " relax, we'll do " dirty work ", and then you can come back. I, of course, rejected this heinous proposal.
- then resign, - said.
- don't count on it. You criminals will answer for your adventure! This conversation is over. We said good-bye. When they were leaving, they couldn't hold back, and they were cursed ' in Russian.
Gorbachev reformed life and reforms. CL. 2. th.: Publishing Company News "", 1995. C. 555-581.

18.30. The Chief of security, м.с.горбачева medvedev, was on his way to the airfield airfield and later flew to Moscow together with a group of parties participants.

19.30. Airfield Airfield, aircraft with " flew to Moscow

19.40. Airfield Airfield, blocked by cars machines.

Forosskaya residence of President Ссср19. 30-20.30. Airfield Airfield, varennikov held a meeting with commanders of military districts: Kiev - General Colonel Chechevatovym, prikarpatskim - general Colonel Head, North-Caucasus - General Colonel Shustko, Commander of the energy fleet - khronopulo, The Chief of the missile forces and artillery of the army of the USSR, a marshal of the artillery of mikhalkinym, said that the state had introduced a state of emergency and that " due to deteriorating health conditions Gorbachev's duties to the president go to gennady yanayevu (from the interrogation materials of the general prosecutor).

More information and ==publications with the personal protection of the president of the USSR HERE: http://ed-glezin.livejournal.com/862114.html


1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt

Comment - What if 26 years ago President Gorbachev had not been duped/betrayed by those he had trusted from the West, Invested his faith and Goodwill - he had been able to put through the alternative Economic vision/system to work along side that SIROP program and changing COMECON - the world would have been a very different place today and so too the USA and Europe. What about the Gulf Region and the major Arab situation today. Then Sir James Mancham and President FA Rene and my high responsibility and that SIROP program - then President Mitterrand, in Germany, Italy the respective PM and other politicians. Forget Britain then Lady Thatcher and the super messy Britexit. The Balkan - Yugoslavia war and breakup it would have been very different The first Gulf war started 15/1/91 was in part objective to torpedo that SIROP program and create a vacuum unstable dynamic/synergy, President Saddam Hussein had been very blind not to see the Trap they had been set for him and his country/Nation,  that SIROP program had already been left in custody in Angers Loire with the SVP and Vatican knowledge of its contents, the French government and the US government, the Russian since we had been in contact with them in London, the South African - Seychelles exile community still in Britain > The important question to ask had the putsch succeeded in then Russia,  would President FA Rene still have announced the return of Multiparty in Sechelles Seychelles - those who stress it was the Commonwealth Conference which influenced and compelled President FA Rene to go for Multiparty - those who knew Seychelles real politic - he did not take his cue /advice from the Commonwealth.  There were other factors of relevancy and importance how our exile/refugees faction worked, monitored and reacted in Europe and across the world - one other important factor was the Yugoslav War - President FA Rene had been very proud of their political and economic concept/politic, model beside they were None Aligned Nation - the USA, Britain , France Italy, South Africa knew/were aware of the impact relation to Seychelles /FA Rene politic and yet that terrible Truth Commission of Seychelles how they wish to approach,  as if we were educated under a Bridge somewhere in Seychelles whoever that Teacher was.

Soviet–Afghan War Again some of the linking issues with that SIROP program, the USA, France, Britain Germany, Italy knowledge and those at UN in South Africa and yet those darn coconuts Heads of politicians in Seychelles how they wish the issues to be presented at/in the Truth Commission,

The Northern Ireland conflict - President FA Rene government had close link and network connection with some of the faction some  of the major issues with our exile/refugee politic and again that SIROP program input/role.

Gulf War

Yugoslav Wars

Much closer home the Sri Lankan civil wars - those who came to Britain and Europe for exile how we worked,networked and imput in their issues and again that SIROP program impact Everybody choose to forget and sweep under the carpet

African continental conflicts wars 1991 - some of those associated with Seychelles  and our exile refugee and again those who choose to forget and ignore an painting a very different picture

Linking Latin American conflicts to Seychelles those form the CIA who knew and the White House and again them darn coconuts Heads what they want to bring up at that Truth commission

In Asian region/Pacific, region, the Timor debacle and Seychelles, the Philippine debacle and Seychelles - close mainland debacles - super boffins we are in that Seychelles

Seychelles- Can Go Back To One Party State - Seychelles Reality

President France-Albert René announced a return to the multiparty system of government at an Extraordinary Congress of the Seychelles People's Progressive Front on December 4, 1991. On December 27, 1991 the Constitution of Seychelles was amended by the Seychelles People's Assembly to allow for the registration of political parties.


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