PHA declares public health emergency in the country

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PHA declares public health emergency in the country

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:19 am

PHA declares public health emergency in the country


The Public Health Authority (PHA), the Health Care Agency (HCA) in collaboration with the police department are setting up a special clinic at the Seychelles Police Academy to accommodate people with drug withdrawal symptons.
With the high number of people coming at the Seychelles Hospital with heroin withdrawal symptoms since last week, the Ministry of Health has requisitioned the Police Academy through the Public Health Act, to treat those people suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
The clinic will be fully operational from Thursday.
Those patients must first go to the Seychelles Hospital after which they will be transferred to the special clinic at the Police Academy depending on their health condition.
Since Friday the Ministry of Health has recorded around 40 cases of people with heroin withdrawal symptoms.
The setting up of this special clinic was announced yesterday afternoon at the Police Academy at Pointe Larue by the chief executive (CEO) of the HCA, Dr Danny Louange, the Public Health Commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon and the consultant in charge of mental health services Dr Daniella Malulu.
Dr Louange stated that the large number of people coming at the Seychelles Hospital with withdrawal symptoms is “quite alarming”.
“Our aim is to provide medical care to the public. Since last week we have had many severe cases of heroin withdrawal symptoms. It is an emergency situation. Since the past four days, we have also admitted patients, and it is putting pressure at the casualty. So through the Public Health Act, we were able to requisition the Police Academy to set up a special clinic to treat those patients for five days, by providing them with the special treatment to reduce their addiction,” he said.
On his side Dr Gedeon said it is their duty to monitor health issues in the country.
“Recently we have had many people coming at the hospital with withdrawal symptoms, due to the lack of drugs in the country. We have intensified our work to provide the necessary treatment for those suffering with withdrawal. We will be providing those patients with all the medication they need, to tackle such disease that is currently destroying our country. We are currently preparing the facilities to accommodate those patients from Thursday,” he said.
Dr Malulu pointed out that since the last two weeks many more patients have been coming forward to seek for help at the wellness centre for diverse reasons.
“Every patient seeking for help must come at the wellness clinic where they will be treated, and we will decide which treatment they need to follow. If they have severe withdrawal symptoms they will be sent at the special clinic for further treatment,” she said.
There will also be a special treatment for patients with minor symptoms, which they will have at the hospital and continue their healing at home. Health personnel will keep close tabs on them.
Such treatment will cost around R12 million per month for four hundred patients.


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