“Spain continues to be present on a national level”

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“Spain continues to be present on a national level” Empty “Spain continues to be present on a national level”

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Wednesday 11 October 2017
Maritime Security
“Spain continues to be present on a national level”
Ongoing Seychelles- European Union maritime security discussions highlight the long lasting presence and support of Spain in Seychelles’ waters to promote economic development, free trade, and tourism.
by S. Marivel
Tomorrow marks Spain’s national day and their BAM type vessel "RAYO" P-42 is in our waters on this occasion.
The vessel which docked at the Ports in Victoria over the weekend will be conducting operations in the Indian Ocean until December 2017.
During Monday night’s cocktail reception to welcome dignitaries onboard the vessel, speeches from various ambassadors and representatives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs highlights the fact that despite the diminishing presence of Spanish missions and vessels to Seychelles’ waters, Spain continues to be present on a national level.
“Spain has been around since 2008 when maritime security was first talked about,” Foreign Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs Claude Morel stated during the reception onboard vessel "RAYO" P-42.
In addition to showing support in the fight against piracy to keep danger off the coast of Somalia at bay, experts from Spain have been deployed regularly to provide training to the Ports in Victoria on the subject of ports security.
Discussions also took place yesterday with the EU on how to reinforce this collaboration further.
BAM type vessel "RAYO" P-42, was scheduled to become the next representative of the Spanish Navy and our interests in Somali waters and Horn of Africa, for almost 6 months.
The BAM "RAYO" (P-42) has completed missions of a military nature relating to the control of the sea against asymmetric threats or conventional small missions, mainly in low-intensity scenarios by developing presence of tasks (deterrence) and sea surveillance (prevention), as well as missions limited to neutralization framed in the current scenarios of Sea Safety.



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