NEOM mega $500 billions development construction to start in 10 years time.

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NEOM mega $500 billions development construction to start in 10 years time.  Empty NEOM mega $500 billions development construction to start in 10 years time.

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NEOM mega $500 billions development construction to start in 10 years time.

We had wanted to make this a private message

Just take a look at that Gulf and Arab region SIROP we have created and the dynamic/synergy impacts - those impacted their reactions - we will not enter into details here. In-spite of the world events and the world citizens supposed having learnt a very great deal - modern communication and science - knowledge.

In Seycheklels and we are aware the impacting issues and the debate in the National Assemnbly, the police reactionand the greater pubpic.

I had been requested to write my view based upon that SIROP program the important impacting issues of that NEOM 500 billions mega city project spanning across into Egypt - the foundation is to be laid in 10 years time.

When those look at the possibility of that SIROP program the state of then world Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean the Americas, china, USSR and the COMECON - the intellectualism and mind function capacity - those who were shocked including Military leaders and politicians of the complexity and future development associated with that program - many said it was mad, unpractical and unimplementable - from the Economic concept to the very many global projects and changes anticipated would drive and make happen - Much more important those who argued this would impact the world environment and ecosystem and other dynamics, it will require other parameters of human communication and interactions the small  minority who understood and supported it. For  those from the Church.

In Seychelles and the Region it was mayhem safe for Mauritius with the Queen as the Head.

Yet there have been so many giant development those who believe you create a new city and its building you can and will influence the mind set and many aspect of its dwellers and society - the state of our world and society.

Time and time have said that we had refused to included  the Gulf nations and Arab workings to the SIROP portal there have been so many deceptions, lies and utter distortions. Particularly what led/caused the modern Muslin to develop the belief and faith practice they have and the impacts - at the core of that Program those who knew and were aware issues the average world citizens would never understand- yet we talk of democracy.

The debacle of that NEOM city is being wrongly approached - the real debacle is about CERN the amount of money spent and the alternative energy development that SIROP program had envisaged and those we involved and what has happened - the kind of society and functionality that was envisaged. Yet with NEOM those who are pursuing the vision of very alternative energy source to drive and power that city and it is very strange it has not been the west as one would have been expected it has been the Arab and Muslim nations. It is a might challenge - this is not just erecting buildings we are talking of impacting dynamic which will influence the world world including the Vatican. We had worked that SIROP program with a number of Spiritual leaders of the Arab and Muslim world - the sudden talk of moderate Muslim in the Gulf region. The total media lies and crap and garbage. Those intending to build that NEOM mega city ought o be reminded. We had been warned when we undertook the challenge will this not go to your head and you want to take over the world it did not because that was not out intention. This NEOM concept and development ought  not to be just the dream and vision of a couple of individuals from the Gulf Region.

Hence we wrote with that SIROP program we developed the discipline and science to include and interlink the whole world in the process and the outcome until the politicians got crazy and the big bankers got ruthless. What ensued.  

As we write this brief issue the pictures of the Spanish function and then 1987 European Royal functionality we collaborated , we got them involved and we go them to impute and contribute again the many who opposed this working approach.

Today very unlike 1986/87 the availability of communication platform and knowledge/information sharing.

Geo-economics of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project


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