Remembrance Sunday 2017/Britexit year

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Remembrance Sunday 2017/Britexit year

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Remembrance Sunday 2017/Britexit year  - First Seychelles President  Sir James Mancham In Britain, France those soldiers name added to the Commemoration

‘Lest we forget’

Remembrance Sunday has been observed every Sunday nearest to the Armistice Day, on November 11, for more than 10 years and this year was no different.
It is held to commemorate and pay homage to the Seychellois soldiers and personnel within the British army who fell during the First World War, in 1914-1918, and the subsequent Second World War, in 1939-1945.
Yesterday’s programme began with a Remembrance Day service presided by Reverend Daniel Kallee at the St Paul’s Cathedral, whereby the congregation sang and gave praises for the bravery of soldiers and peace on Earth.
Rev. Kallee leading the service at the St Paul’s CathedralIn attendance were the Minister for Family Affairs Jeanne Simeon, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Pillay, British High Commissioner Caron Röshler, the ex-servicemen of the Tobruk Club, as well as Nick Walmsley, a British Warrant Officer (WO) based in Kenya, Nairobi.
Harry Anacoura, an ex-serviceman who was awarded the British Empire Medal for his 20 years of service, gave a speech encouraging people to strive to keep alive the memory of those who served.
He concluded with the Kohima Epitaph which states: “When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.”
As the mass ended with the final hymn “Onward, Christian soldiers”, the activities moved to the Mont Fleuri cemetery for the laying of wreaths and flowers on the cenotaph.
Leading the gathering in laying the wreaths and saluting the sacrifices of the fallen was High Commissioner Röshler, followed by Vice-President Vincent Meriton; French ambassador Lionel Majesté-Larrouy, Indian High Commissioner Dr Ausaf Sayeed, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Wavel Ramkalawan, among various others.
“Many of these soldiers [whose names appear on the cenotaph] died in May and June 1917; the youngest only 17 years old. So this year is the centenary of their sacrifice and next year, in November 2018, we will mark the centenary of the end of the First World War,” Mrs Röshler stated as she addressed invitees.

She made reference to 76 war graves located in the Mont Fleuri cemetery, many of which are scattered among the grave of civilians, and invited those who were interested to join her later to visit and lay flowers on these graves.
Mrs Röshler added that the representative of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who visited the Seychelles a few weeks ago, also discovered the grave of a Muslim artillery soldier who fought in the Second World War.
“His presence reminds us that in great times of crisis, people of different religious faiths have fought together for a common cause.”
Another highlight of the activity included the reunion of Roy Fonseka and Sergeant Major Francisco Altaminaro, now retired, who met 55 years ago in 1982 during the Falklands war.
Back then Mr Fonseka formed part of the British Army while Sergeant Major Altaminaro fought for Argentina, and by those circumstances they were enemies.
High Commissioner Röshler stated that the Sergeant’s presence at the Remembrance Sunday demonstrated the spirit of reconciliation and gave a tiny insight into the realities of war.
Although not a fluent speaker of the English language, the Argentinean soldier gave a moving speech on the horrors of war and the need for peace, love and understanding.
“In this war, under horrible circumstance, I met Roy. That day we both had the same mission: to kill our enemy. Fortunately this did not happen and 55 years later we are here celebrating life,” he stated.
The ceremony ended with the exchanges of gifts by the two reunited soldiers and guests were invited for refreshments at the Tobruk Club.


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