The James Michel Foundation’s Board of Trustees meet

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The James Michel Foundation’s Board of Trustees meet

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:06 pm

The James Michel Foundation’s Board of Trustees meet

The Board of Trustees of The James Michel Foundation met on November 3 at its headquarters at the Espace building.
The founder and executive chairman, former President James Michel, chaired the meeting.
Members considered and approved the five-year strategic plan of the foundation setting out the strategic objectives, actions and deliverables, together with the five-year budget.
Members reviewed a report on the implementation of the foundation’s programmes for the last six months and noted with satisfaction the effectiveness with which social media are being harnessed by the foundation to promote the Blue Economy concept, sensitise people to climate change and promote environmental protection and sustainable development.
Members also noted with satisfaction the active engagement of former President Michel in high level international conferences and the visibility and exposure that his participation in such international gatherings have generated for the foundation and the Blue Economy concept.
Members resolved that the focus of the foundation should remain the promotion and advocacy of the Blue Economy concept, environmental protection and climate change, pending the wider accessibility to funds.


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