Lefevre was sent to Seychelles by Mancham and was caught red-handed

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Lefevre was sent to Seychelles by Mancham and was caught red-handed Empty Lefevre was sent to Seychelles by Mancham and was caught red-handed

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Paul B Chow
November 15, 2011 ·
November 15, 1979 I was detained by the police at the written instruction of Albert Rene for an indefinite period without charge or trial along with over 100 other Seychellois compatriots including Gerard Hoarau. The next day Rene imposed a dusk to dawn curfew. I have no idea what excuse he gave for that.
On arrival at the prison, we found a European gentleman in the prison yard whose name was Alfred Lefevre a well known mercenary, the second in command to Bob Denard, who had earlier taken over the Comoros Island. Lefevre was a friend of Bob Nodyn (so he told us) –also a mercenary and had come to Seychelles at the latter’s invitation. Nodyn was in charge of the personal security of Albert Rene, and the creator of the presidential guard at l’Exile – the home of Rene at Sans Soucis. It transpired that it was mistake for Lefevre to have been there when we arrived or to have been given the opportunity to speak to us. On the state controlled radio Seychelles the story was that Lefevre was sent to Seychelles by Mancham and was caught red-handed. Lefevre said he had no idea when he would be allowed to go back home.

We were held incommunicado without access to legal representation neither was our relatives allowed to visit us throughout the time of our detention. Even the bishops were denied access to see us. We were held at the Union Vale prison which had been emptied of inmates and turned into a military camp under the control of occupying Tanzanian troops.

We were locked up three or four persons to a cell from 6pm until 6 a.m. However, lights were kept on in all the cells throughout the night and throughout our time in detention, which according to the International Convention against Torture is a form of torture (Ok I only knew it was torture since Guantanamo. Does it mean Albert Rene is guilty of a crime against humanity?). Although we were given food from Maxim’s Take-away at the beginning, this was quickly stopped and we were put on prison ration, which was 2 pieces of fried karang, bouillon bred and rice twice a day, with a mug of tea & 2 slices of bread in the morning. As a treat we were allowed a couple of fresh chillies each.

Gerard being a football coach quickly put us on an exercise regime for 3 hours a day, six days a week. Sunday was reserved for prayers with each one in turn reading the gospel. We were allowed books and newspapers and since I had the bookshop we had all the magazines and UK Sunday newspapers. The long nights in the cells with lights on were passed playing cards, dominoes etc. I even learnt how to play chess and majong. After awhile one developed a regular sleeping pattern – which in my case meant simply turning over at 9.30 and go to sleep.

In January 1980 we were visited by a young Kenyan lawyer by the name Amos Wako, who was allowed to speak with only a few detainees. We understood he was sent by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). To date I have no idea what Mr Wako reported to the ICRC, but he went on to become the Attorney General of Kenya. Gerard Hoarau and I, along with 11 of the original detainees remained in detention until 29th July 1980.

The condition for our release was that Gerard and I were leave the country. I was taken to State House to be interviewed by the Minister of State in the President’s office a guy by the name of Ogilvy Berlouis with a self appointed title of Colonel. When I asked why I should leave my country, he replied that my life was in danger. And from whom, I asked unless it’s from him. He said it was from the people.

Whereas Gerard was kept under house arrest until he left the country two days later, I was allowed to move freely for 72 hours. Lucy and I left Seychelles for the UK on 1st August 1980 via Kenya, for uncertain life in enforced exile.


Comment - Seychelles government was well involved with Oil barter/transshipment, the Cartel, those who knew of the issues in Vienna and we had joined Prof Dr Hofmann IMI and granted the Charter for the Indian Ocean -That was the year beside working for SGS/Controll Co Vienna - undertook a research Project by UNIDO, the Dr M Ferrari, Mr Ah Moye, then Mr David Thomas and Mr Robert Grandcourt - in Vienna Dr Karl Pisce Seychelles Consul. With the help and support of Dr D Rakotopare from Madagascar beside a number of leading personalities including Dr Prof Micheal Hofmann - the South African Embassy in Vienna/Intelligence Service, discussed it with the US Embassy in Vienna, the Israeli embassy, Austria Trade Ministry for Kenya East Africa, the Head CEO of SGS/Control Co Vienna - provided a copy to Mr Gerhard Fritscher of All Round Gsmbh, the Head of Creditanstalt Bank Vienna, Dkf Sepp Rainer of FB Finanze, Dr Alfred Sokol then Minister for Tourism in Vienna   - In my Job Interview with two of Austrian leading Consultant Astro Plan and  the other the leading Gulf/Arab/Libya Consultant Engineer,  Beside Dr Ditrich Vogrin Inter Office  " Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center" This was taken and used as the ground work for the COI.  Those from SADC who opposed the research. British Intelligence knew of the Research and its contents, as did the USA, USSR and China, Australia, Kenya, India, Iran   and France. After the situation/issues got messy we discussed with with one of the Officials of APA Vienna, there was a Strategic Study Office in Vienna also. Their counterpart in London International Institute for Strategic Studies later 1981 and the Queen Favorite Research Institute Chatham House.


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